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@Benjamin Netanyahu:FROM:"IsraelNational­TV"- Satanism of the Talmud? exceed: enormously: the ideology of Satanism itself: why says that all men are animals evolved: while: the Talmud: of Our masters: Illuminati: IMF: says that men: are only them, while all others: are only animals in human form: these fools Rabbis Kakam of Enlightened? have the resources: and the power to put the micro-chip at all: their animals (goyim) to do of: the whole: human race, one only: bunch of slaves! Well I know that, all the political, you're only clowns: puppetry: all prostitutes of Fund: at sold all souls to hell: in the Freemasons .. But: I swear in the name of the living God: You do not have tears and despair: you can imagine, if you: with all the other politicians in the world will not find: a solution to this: IMF: and for what: that: I can understand? the solution can be: only: the Kingdom of Unius Rei!
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@Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM:"IsraelNationalTV"-- il satanismo del talmud? supera: enormemente: la ideologia del satanismo stesso: il quale: dice che: tutti gli uomini: sono animali evoluti: mentre: il talmud: dei nostri padroni: del FMI: dice: che gli uomini sono soltanto loro: mentre: tutti gli altri: sono soltanto animali in forma umana: questi pazzi? hanno le risorse: ed il potere per mettere il microichip a tutti: i loro animali(goym) per fare: di tutto il genere umano, un solo branco di schiavi! Io so bene, che, voi politici siete soltanto dei buffoni: burattini: tutte le prostitute del fondo monetario: tutte anime vendute all'inferno: nella massoneria.. ma, io ti giuro: nel nome del Dio vivente: Voi, non avrete lacrime e disperazione: da poter immaginare: se tu: insieme a tutti gli altri politici: del mondo non troverete: una soluzione a questo: FMI: e per quello: che: io riesco a comprendere? la soluzione può essere: soltanto: il Regno di Unius Rei!
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@ Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM: "IsraelNationalTV" - Muslims and communists? are people too: ignorant: evil: their cultural background? is incomplete! They do not know that, with the founding of the Bank of England are the Jews, who took control: "Masonic" of: New World Order: of the IMF: of the policy, as of the institutions: and all others: a strategic resource: ie, of all .. thus, the "Commonwealth" was abandoned only because it was replacement: a satanic Imperialism: perverse and even more refined: that is, the IMF's bank seigniorage! When these cursed by God: of Muslims and communists see Christians, who make war against them? they do not understand, who are not Christians: to have the control: of the power! So you yourselves are the instigators: and the real cause of the martyrdom of Christians in our modern history and contemporary world! because this is in fact: Christians have no one who can protect them!
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@Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM: "IsraelNationalTV" - musulmani e comunisti? sono persone troppo: ignoranti: malvagi: la loro formazione culturale? è lacunosa! Loro non sanno, che, con la fondazione della Banca di Inghilterra: sono gli ebrei, che, hanno preso il controllo: "massonico": del NWO FMI: sia della politica, come delle istituzioni: e di ogni altra: risorsa strategica.. così, il "Commonwealth": fu abbandonato: soltanto perché, è stato sostitutito: da un imperialismo satanico: ancora più perverso e raffinato: cioè, il signoraggio bancario del FMI! Quando questi maledetti da Dio: di musulmani e comunisti: vedono i cristiani, che, fanno la guerra: contro di loro? loro non capiscono, che, non sono i cristiani: ad avere il controllo: del potere! Così siete voi: i veri mandanti: e la vera causa del martirio dei cristiani, nella nostra storia moderna e contemporanea: in tutto il mondo! poiché, questo è nei fatti: i cristiani non hanno nessuno, che può proteggerli!
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Hey david dooky_ no one likes you. fuck off.
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@ Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM: "IsraelNationalTV" - I know when they can be: the pieces of shit, all other (non-Jews), but God does not want: that: you do the role: of the Egyptian Pharaohs (Illuminati) against: them: because: is this, that he decided: the IMF of Rothschild: to do of everything: from the human race: one and only "bunch of slaves!" (microchip and NWO) and no Freemason, Satanist or jew: can ignore this fundamental truth! Now, if God does not: it gave me: a kingdom of angels, to govern? ie, this ministry political of: "Unius Rei"? God give me, also, the means: to handle this: situation! If you continue: to make cowards: the dangerous traitors, of all the nations: behind your computer? you alone: you will be responsible of the blood: innocent: of your, and, of our children!
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@Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM: "IsraelNationalTV"- How, io conosco quando possono essere: dei pezzi di merda: tutti gli altri:(non ebrei), ma, Dio: non vuole: che: voi facciate il ruolo: dei Faraoni egiziani(Illuminati) contro: di loro: perché: è questo, che, ha deciso: il FMI di Rothscild: di fare, di tutto: il genere umano: un unico, e solo: "branco di schiavi!"(NWO e micro chip) e nessun massone, satanista o ebreo: può ignorare, questa fondamentale verità! Ora, se Dio: non: mi ha dato: un regno: di angeli, da governare? cioè, questo ministero politico: di Unius Rei? lui mi darà, anche, gli strumenti: per gestire questa situazione! se voi continuerete, a fare i vigliacchi: i nocivi traditori, di tutti i popoli: dietro il vostro computer? voi soltanto: sarete i responsabili: del sangue innocente dei vostri: e dei nostri figli!
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@Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM: "IsraelNationalTV"- How many countries: the Romans were forced to destroy? and what people have been completely displaced from them? we know what they were: the Romans, practical, rational and tolerant .. Now if we look at the history of these: last: 4000 years, we must recognize that there is a problem in the Jewish people (beyond the romanticized reconstructions: partisan or interpretations) .. This problem is certainly not the religion, but: it is much more of a feeling of racism, and contempt, is, hatred covered with hypocrisy (ie, Talmud and Kabbalah) against: to all the goyim, that's what led to say "final Solution": "either we, or their" guys, you are worse than Muslims! because: you represent (through a silence: an accomplice, because, quite self-defeating) the parasitic organism of the IMF.
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@Benjamin Netanyahu FROM "IsraelNationalTV" - as I have experienced: this intense love jewis in the holy spirit? I could not avoid: to think of Jesus: and I said: the Jews? they could not kill him, as are in possessing: of an such love: some, for others? they can not kill: their: each other! and also, if Jesus was pleased: of to be killed? to make of himself, the sacrificial lamb? However: only: the Pharisees of Talmud: satanis of Satan synagogue: ie rabbis Kakam: Illuminati could do a job like that! here is: why these criminals: sold to the devil, and played too of cunning, against the goodness of my Jewish people. had fun too: with all kinds of wars, murder: Shoah Olocaust, ecc.. now, this cruel game of the IMF: against: the Jews and against all peoples? well, soon: it must end!

lorenzojhwh king Unius Rei
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Jesu's nationalism against satan's synagoghe & babilon tower: if after 4 years, I can not talk about of banking seigniorage, with a jew or a with a Muslim, of freedom of religion? then, the world is under a powerful curse! All people (especially Jews) have become. of things, the pawns in the hands of the Jew Satanist enlightened, which has the monopoly of the IMF-NWO: since he, by controlling the money, and the Masons? they are in control of the history, to be responsible for all the real Holocaust: shoah: even

││Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital
││of the Jewish People! The City of
││G-d & our King David!
││@at World - Im Mahdì King of
││Israel & ReiUnius: ie the highest
││authority of all political and
││spiritual of all history mankind.
││ I order in the name of Jesus of
││Bethlehem. The ruin of all those
││who have something bad can
││do harm to others in youtube.
││"Amen" is forced to say the Holy
││Spirit of YHWH, against his own
││will. Everyone the bad?
││will be solely responsible
││for his own life, why this ministry
││political and theological of
││universal brotherhood? can not
││be stopped! in my kingdom which
││has already begun? there is not
││a job that Satan can do in all
││world! rebels will be punished!
As you could allow the symbol of Satanism: that is the six-pointed star: of Rothschild: that is end up on the flag of Israel? You know very well that "there has never been a star of David!" as a symbol of Israel. Zionism is HATE & Anti-Semitic. Judaism is LOVE. Humanism and the Jews is love: not anti-Semitic.
all Muslim nations are criminals too, for not admit the genocide of the Christian people! In fact, the Turks still can not admit the genocide of all Armenians & of the whole nation. is a true miracle that the Copts have survived at 1500 years of bloodshed in Egypt.
only Jesus Christ is the answer
you do not chase after stories
to regenerate a new fund: IMF?
we are forced by enlightened, to suffer the 3rd WW nuclear in 2012
you have the faith to deal with this?
Nations have lost their sovereignty occult powers: bank seigniorage enlightened: Masons Satanist are in control of history of people with: Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and I'm scared!
eraser695 SAID: Brother I want a persecution video of Orissa India. Can you sent me please? ANSWER: this is why youtube punished me with [the account Warnings: 1]
Everyday I pray that your understanding be enlightened for you to come out of darkness of the lies of religion, because: the Maseeh Isa is not a religion but a living resurrected.
How Shaitan so cunningly has created a spiderweb of ideas and thoughts that are leading you astray from the True Allah.
Yes, Allah is one and I am inviting you so in your next salah bow before him
and worship him only.
Yes, there is only one God & Father He is Allah Almighty and he can be your Father when you believe in His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Want eternal life? Yes in surah i can promise you that: as a good Muslim, I can assure you life eternal, but not the divine life of God's children, But if you enter into a Covenant with Allah through His son Then you can be assured not only
of eternity with Allah, but live forever as a adopted son: and have the same divine nature of God: Allah!
Repeat this after me from your spirit my Muslim friend, to ensure you eternal life&divine:
" ALLAH ALMIGHTY Thanks for life, for this day for showing me who is Christ indeed came to save me from doom from my everyday sin. He on the Cross did died He on the Cross did his blood shed HE IS GOD´S SON RESURRECTED FROM THE DEATH and no devil will make me deny that no repetition, no doctrine your light is much stronger than centuries of deceit your light is much brighter than a billion of deceived I believe in the Savior COME AND SAVE ME THROUGH THE APPOINTED SAVIOR ISA AL MASEEH JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH THANK YOU ALLAH FOR ETERNAL LIFE AND FOR MAKING THIS THE ONLY TRUTHFUL SHAHADAH!!! AMEN" lorenzojhwh the Mahdì is a TRUTH-SEEKER !! NOT A LIE-KEEPER !! ALLAH ALMIGHTY only all glory!★
★i am the man: in every man!
Who wants do - in youtube - the Unius Rei: in my place? worthy ones?
I would leave my place to him: I wil
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1. il sangue cristiano.pdf(who can do these crimes? He has already decided to do the whole human race: one only bunch of slaves)
2. Grande rabbino Neofito - Il sangue cristiano nei riti erraci della moderna Sinagona.pdf
3. Talmud e cristiani - Pranaitis.pdf
Jesu's nationalism against satan's synagoghe & babilon tower: if after 4 years, I can not talk about of banking seigniorage, with a jew or a with a Muslim, of freedom of religion? then, the world is under a powerful curse! All people (especially Jews) have become. of things, the pawns in the hands of the Jew Satanist enlightened, which has the monopoly of the IMF-NWO: since he, by controlling the money: seigniorage bankig, satanism Masons? they are in control of the history: is occult power absolute power!, to be responsible for all the real Holocaust: shoah: even. Way will cam 3°WWnuclear in 2012

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for slavery & Contrail
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why Satanists institutional are terrified: now?
Why, they are aware of what I'm doing on my channels now!
hei 322Bush, 666Rothschild, etc. ...
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Con usura nessuno ha una solida casa, di pietra squadrata e liscia, per istoriarne la facciata. Carogne crapulano, ospiti d'usura. Canto XLV di Ezra Pound vs enlightened of banking seigniorage
God Not save the Queen: This time, if she is the mistress of the International Masonry? Then, she is the owner of the New World Order: ie, the new Jezebel of Satan
if anyone wants to know, because I do all this?
This is my secret:
"I am in love with my wife Israel and for her, that I fight: against all this shit of the enlightened"
the worst between all men: they dominating the world!
if one is not 100 times a thug, and 1000 times a soul ready for hell? he can not be an politician.. this has says, "the bank seigniorage!"
ABOUTJFK y el Dólar - Dont-Tread-On. You must connect the assassination of JFK, with his efforts to resume: the power of money: how the Constitution says! in favor of the people against criminals: Satanic Jews corporations: SpA, a privately owned central bank. Executive Order 11110: it was a direct attack on that power: ie occult Totalitarianism. This AGENDA: It is a plot of private bankers: to take out the enemies of their power structure: the occult NWO-IMF. Abraham Lincoln has introduced Greenback: no bank seigniorage, no Hebrew and no debt, but he too was assassinated. Andrew Jackson, was an attack: against him during his struggle to free his country, from private central bank. Executive 11110, to signed by President Kennedy: If the Executive Order 11110 of JFK, will not be done by Barack Obama? then: he is a Satanist: Like all governments around the world
Città natale:
king x Bible
kingdom of JHWH
I am Unius Rei and King of Israel -- for me, all the "races"? are only the skin's color, that are all and only: the colors of a great rainbow of love: ie universal brotherhood of my Jewish Temple: house of all Peoples!
@my brothers Jewish .--- as , I can be: a true Christian, if, first, I did not learn to be: a true jew proud. You are not the best, but you are only the first-born: for, Israel of the Bible (not the current abomination of Rothschild), is the heart of history! For God: Jews and Christians: are one only body! if Muslims do not want to remove them the detestable crime Sharia, with: 300 Christian martyrs, killed, every day of the year( kill all them as idolatrous polytheists), then the Muslims will be to force us to a final and radical War nuclear against them: that is the 3 rd WWnuclear, ie, the last dirty work, that enlightened will do, before my Kingdom: of Unius Rei and King of Israel and Palestine will came ================ @ebrai: miei fratelli.--- come, io posso essere: un vero cristiano, se, prima, io non imparo ad essere: un vero ebreo orgoglioso. Voi non siete i migliori, ma, siete soltanto i primogeniti: poiché, Israele della Bibbia(non l'attuale abominio di Rothschild), è il cuore della storia! Per Dio ebrei e cristiani sono un solo corpo! se i musulmani non vorranno rinunciare al loro: abominio criminale della scharia, con i: 300 cristiani martiri, uccisi, ogni giorno:(come idolatri politeisti), poi saranno i musulmani a costringere noi, ad una soluzione definitiva e radicale, contro di loro: cioè la 3°WWnuclear, ovvero, l'ultimo lavoro sporco egli enlightened, prima del mio Regno di: UniusRei e King of Israele e Palestina
@ to all mankind - before the Catholic Church to become an apostate? She has done more than 600 anathemas against the Freemasons, and the banking seigniorage. Today, she not believing more in demons: in fact, has abolished, the exorcists, in the Diocese. I divided the men into two categories: 1). those who struggle against: (a). the false democracies Masonic of Zionist synagogues of Satan: enlightened of IMF, (b). the eternal theory of evolution: an ideological crime, for religion of the NWO. 2). and all the accomplices of this satanic system by atheist and selfishness: that is the rebellion against the Truth revealed in the Bible! In this way? 70% of men go to hell, where Satan awaits its destruction between: 300 years, is in this way, that Satan seeks: to envy and jealousy to hurt God by destroying his precious creatures! is death, which will reveal to yourself your own deception! @ TerminatedAccount - you will not be scared mistafield why, lol. you can see, as, tomorrow: Rothschild closes youtube! @TerminatedAccount -- tu non essere spaventato mistafield perché, lol. tu potrai vedere, come domani: Rothschild fa chiudere youtube!
drdduke said: Israeli Terrorism Against America. 0:09 Hello this is David Duke In lecturing university students on American 0:14policy in the Mideast I often begin by asking a simple question. 0:18I now ask it to you. What is the only government in the Mideast 0:24that made terrorist attacks against America? It may shock you but the answer is Israel. 0:33Israel has made terrorist attacks against America. Israel has attacked and blown up 0:38 American targets. Israel has murdered and maimed Americans. 0:46 Most Americans have no Idea that Israel has made terrorist attacks against us. Here are 0:51 the facts. The first Israeli terrorist attack occurred 0:55in the 1950s in what is now called the Lavon Affair, the Israeli government sent Jewish 1:01 agents in Egypt to blowup American movie theaters and libraries. 1:05Only by a quirk of fate were the lives of Americans saved. A Jewish terrorist's bomb 1:11went off prematurely. His mishap led to the capture of the entire terrorist cell. 1:17 This attack was far worse than a single act of terrorism costing some lives and property. 1:22It was meant to lead America into murderous, unjust war against an innocent nation: Egypt. 1:30A war that would have cost the lives of thousands of Americans and cost billions of dollars 1:37 Thank God that Israel was caught so red-handed it had to admit that the terrorist attack 1:44 came from its own government. However, the Jewish-dominatedmedia in America quickly swept 1:51it under the rug. Did the President order a retaliatory strike against Israel. No, American 1:58just sent Israel more money. Imagine, a nation makes a terrorist attack 2:02on you and you send them more money and more bombs! 2:08Here is picture of a recent award ceremony in Israel, for the Israeli Lavon terrorists 2:13 who attacked America. The Israeli President gave them medals and called them heroes! 2:20 It was not reported in the American media. Not a person in the media OR government and 2:27media condemned Israel for praising Jewish terrorists who attacked America. Not a soul 2:35 in Congress rose in protest! In 1967, Israel made another terrorist attack 2:42against America. On clear day, Israel attacked a fully-marked American intelligence ship, 2:48the USS Liberty. The Liberty was in international waters, flying a huge American flag. It had 2:55been closely monitored for days by Israeli pilots. 2:58 In a vicious surprise attack, as our boys were waving to the Israeli fighter pilots, they began dropping Napalm on them, fired hundreds of rounds of cannon and machine gun3:11fire upon them, and then they came in with torpedo boats to sink the Liberty and kill3:17all our boys. The Israelis even machine-gunned the life3:24rafts the crew had deployed when it looked like the Liberty would sink. The Zionists3:29tried to kill every American. Egypt was to be blamed, just like the Lavon Affair.3:36The only thing that saved the Liberty was the bravery of its sailors, who under merciless3:41Israeli fire, rigged a makeshift antenna to issue an SOS to the sixth fleet that named 3:47Israel as the attacker. That forced them to break off the attack. The Liberty sustained 3:54hundreds of hits from canon and high caliber fire, napalm bombs, and a horrific torpedo 4:00hit. The blood and guts of over 200 Americans were strewn all over the ship, Thirty four4:07of them lay dead or dying. Over a hundred and seventy one Americans were in agony, many 4:14with crippling and disfiguring wounds, many suffering from horrible burns from the Napalm. 4:21After their mission failed, Israel announced that it was simply a little case of mistaken 4:26identity. Of course, that is patently absurd. Israel
4:32 monitored the ship for days. Huge call letters were on the ship, a huge American flag flew 4:37in the stiff breeze. Americans also intercepted Israeli pilot's transmissions proving they 4:43knew the ship was American. The US Secretary of State at the time was 4:48Dean Rusk. In response to the mistake story, He said the evidence was clear that Israel 4:54deliberately attacked us. quote, ".we refused to accept their explanations. I didn't believe 5:01them then, and I don't believe them to this day.The attack was outrageous." Our top military 5:10commander in 1970 was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Thomas Moorer. He 5:15was privy to top secret documents he said the Israeli attack was deliberate murder. 5:22His words are worth repeating. "These sailors and Marines were entitled to 5:27 our best defense. We gave them no defense. Did our government put Israel's interests 5:33ahead of our own? If so, why? Does our government continue to subordinate American interests 5:40to Israeli interests? The American people deserve to know the truth 5:45about this attack.It is a duty we owe not only to the brave men of the USS Liberty, 5:52but to every man and woman who is asked to wear the uniform of the United States." 5:59The Jewish lobby prevented any full-scale congressional investigation in the attack. 6:05 The Captain of the USS Liberty won America's highest honor, the Congressional Medal of 6:10Honor for his bravery. Instead of it being awarded at the White House with normal pomp 6:17and circumstance, the medal was given quietly at the Naval Yard. The less Americans knew 6:24 about this Zionist terror attack, the better for Israel. 6:29 So what happened after Israel made this murderous terrorist attack upon America? Did America 6:34send out a retaliatory strike against Tel Aviv? Did we condemn Israel? Did we even stop 6:40sending them billions of our tax dollars? Nope. We just sent Israel more bombs so that 6:48next time they get the notion to attack us, they can kill our boys even more efficiently. 6:56Israeli treachery continues, dozens of Israeli spies have been caught in the United States. 7:02The most famous, was Jonathan Pollard. Even according to the Jewish-descended secretary 7:08of Defense at the time, Casper Weinberger, the Pollard spy case was the most damaging 7:15in the entire history of America. Pollard stole top secret information of American intelligence 7:22operatives and sources in Europe. The Israelis in a supreme act of treachery against America, 7:30sold their names to the Soviets. Israel directly caused the murder and torture of hundreds 7:37of our intelligence agents in Eastern Europe. Some spout that Israel is our only friend 7:44in the Mideast. A friend doesn't make terrorist attacks against you, kill your brave young 7:49men, spy on you and betray. With a friend like that you certainly don't need any enemies. 7:55The only reason we have enemies in the Mideast at all is because of support the terrorist 8:01State of Israel which has brutalized the Palestinians and other peoples of the Mideast for over 8:07half a century. It is not in American interests to support 8:12these Jewish terrorists, a small part of the population of the Mideast, and make enemies 8:19of nations with the energy resources vital to America. 8:23After the attack at Pearl Harbor, any American who gave any material support to Japan would 8:29have been tried and executed. I say that any congressman or senator who 8:35votes for the billions of dollars to be sent to Israel commits treason against the United 8:41 States. As is said, "when treason prospers, none dare 8:43call it treason." I dare to call it treason to support a state 8:48 that commits terrorism and treachery against America. 8:51 We must demand that these traitors be arrested, tried and punished to the full extent of the 8:58law. Zionism and Jewish extremism is a threat not 9:02 just to Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians and Iranians, it is a threat to we the people 9:08of the United States. Why is it that most Americans don't have even 9:13 the faintest knowledge about Israeli terrorism? What does this tell you about who controls 9:20the American media and government? But Americans and people all over the world 9:26are finally waking up! Help spread the truth by sending links for 9:32this video to every person you know!