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. brothers! I have my divine nature, and my perfect and dynamic perpetual: sanctification: for mercy: of Jesus of Bethlehem, the Christ! However, I as Toaf? we are Zionists for the kingdom of Israel! is this great love that I have given up: removed: my identity: Nationality: Religion! What you see me? is only a shell! I have become: truly, the heart of the world: the universal brotherhood! has arrived: for you: time to eliminate from your symbol is the Star of Satan that: is the IMF! The work that: I'm doing, "Christian blood: in Jewish rites": "as a substitute for the sacrifices of the Temple!" is the my work: the most painful work of my life .. but I do not want publish it: on your page so that: the whole world to know: what: I have decided: of not to move against you, no charge: and not any condemnation!

about my mystical?

@ComunitaEbraicaRoma - even your fathers believed that the seigniorage banking and Freemasonry: NWO: IMF, etc. .. was not their problem and that Rothschild: He seemed like a good boy with his star: on the flag of Israel .. but, if I remember correctly? then. that story did not end well! You have: never heard of the "acceleration of history?". was applied to the French Revolution? because nobody would have imagined that carnage! but nothing is in comparison to the 3 rd WW Nuclear! Rothschild and Rochefeller? they do not mourn: for all of us: or: for the destruction of Israel, that: it has become an impediment: to realize their direct rule: against all mankind! I have the faith to stop them, but I will not .. 1. why: I already know: how it will end! 2. because this lousy world do not like: no to me: and nor: to YHWH.
[Chosen people?] is for to serve all peoples! not for to master! bad swearing? cursed? these Jews have made of God a racist like them
popolo eletto? è per servire! non è per comandare! bestemmiando? bestemmiando? questi ebrei hanno fatto di Dio: un razzista come loro!
[from the Talmud of rabbis: and their Bible of Satan] JEW WHO KILLS A CHRISTIAN COMMITS NO SIN, BUT OFFERS: acceptable sacrifice to God: said: Sepher Or Israel (177B);VI. AFTER THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM, THE ONLY SACRIFICE: NEEDED: IS THE MURDER OF CHRISTIANS(human sacrifice): In Zohar (III 227b) The Zohar (II, 43a), THOSE WHO KILL CHRISTIANS HAVE A PLACE: HIGH IN THE SKY: In the Zohar (1.38 b, and 39a) VIII. JEWS SHOULD NEVER CEASE to exterminate GOIM; SHOULD NEVER LEAVE: IN PEACE AND SHOULD NEVER SUBMIT TO THEM. In Hilkhoth Akum (X, 1); IX. ALL JEWS HAVE TO JOIN: TOGETHER: FOR kill and destroy the traitors; THAT ARE IN THE MIDST OF THEM: In Choschen Hammischpat (338.16): X. NO FESTIVAL, NO MATTER HOW SOLEMN, can prevent: DECAPITATION OF A CHRISTIAN: In Pesachim (49b); XI. THE ONLY PURPOSE: TO ALL ACTIONS AND PRAYERS OF THE JEWS: MUST BE TO DESTROY THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION;ecc.. ecc..(about a hundred other quotes) THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ALL ACTIONS AND PRAYERS OF THE JEWS MUST BE IS TO DESTROY THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION; In Schabbath (118a): And again: "Cut off the hope of the unjust; ago that all heretics (Christians) perish immediately; uproot, break, and destroy the Proud Kingdom(Church); quick to make all peoples: subjects to us: in our days (seigniorage banking of the IMF-NWO).. "Exactly at the same time, that" of Rome, the Pope, who, instead pray with love, and he orders all around the world to pray: (not killing) for all "heretics" and those who are "lost". but, you have to choose the freedom! that is, your monetary sovereignty! [The infamous pact: between Saudi Arabia and enlightened: for the destruction of Christian civilization(democracy) and for the destruction of Palestine, in this way through Freemasonry, Satanism, multinational, corporations, bank seigniorage: the enlightened jews: take control of the West, while the Saudis take control of all Muslim Nations. but that's the thing: Rothschild 666 and Bush 322: ie Satanists of NWO IMF FED BCE FMI ECB? they do not share anything with anyone! Dear Sir: I HAVE KNOWN THAT THE Ministry of Education: is about to publish a work about the Talmud, but, I wondered, if he will publish, also with the satanism: racism: human sacrifice to Satan, ecc.. that talmud has: as: given the banking seigniorage (SOURCE DR. Giacinto Auriti: scientist of AQUILA UNIVERSITY, ETC ..) in the hands of these extremist Jewish bankers: as prophesied in Dante's Divine Comedy: ie, the "Illuminati"
@muslims -- yes! Allah is God JHWH! I love too holy Islam, I love the Mosques: etc. .. because there is a perfect plan of God: for my Holy Islam: ie universal brotherhood: ie: religion perfect for adoration: cult so: if Muslims renounce at Sharia and: Islamic imperialism? I can do them very good! Because this is my agenda!
@88tuner --- yes! Jesus is LORD! we are on the eve of a momentous event: both good (the kingdom of unius Rei): as evil (3 ° WWnuclear)! If my work has successful? the world will continue for another 300 years (before the Last Judgement), but if I fail? Then the Messiah returns much sooner! So, I'm undecided: I do not know if it is better for me, win or lose! God wants me to have to win .. but, I will would lose!

@rishlakish1 -- ComunitaEbraicaRoma - The world can not see God: YHWH: HIS MAKER: but, so he know: of to go with Satan .. IMF FED ECB NWO: Freemasonry: all his secret societies: corporations: etc. .. means to generate their own self-destruction: in the hell and his 3° WW nuclear in 2012! Therefore, the world is in disarray, and in him there is not may be: " the truth"! but, two things the world can see: and understand: 1. "Love" 2. "power"! that's why, I will be: King of Israel and Palestine and unius REI: in fact, I am the universal brotherhood! I was the junk:((flea market)) that gave me: a ram's horn .... so, I am now: I have also my Shaofar! Sure, it was traumatic: for clean and pierce it!: like this: I have practiced with the flexible: a side cut: Sure, now only blows (but, my the district? LOL. said: thank you!) .. but this for my faith is more than enough ... shalom boys

@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma - why all this great evil throughout the world? because some bastard is going around: to say that God is: both the source of the good: but, is also the source of evil: that is: Satanism: of reincarnation, and racism! But, God is not a Moloch: or Marduk, that: it creates the man, because: he needs a slave, but because he needs friendship to share love, here's why: he was stepping down at the same level of the His Creature: Abraham! and tell with him: on issues of strategic nature .. even though Abraham has learned to walk by faith: so perfect:

over the his 90 years: he was often deeply troubled: of the silence of God, like us! Now, anyone could have devised: a story like this? to say, is the result of man's fantasy? Because Abraham belongs to history as the people of the Hittites disputed: is why, the Bible is right about: the evaluation of historical events! here's why: all those that persecute Christians? they claimed for themselves: of to be the children of the devil!

@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma - about my mystical? I am the negation of every form of mysticism: and of every form: of prophecy: because I'm too rational! If only I had been: a believer? Someone could have successfully against me! But, I can not be faced or defeated! So, my relationship with God is perceptive or intuitive: it's like: we two are one body: so: if a member of the body: it expresses a need: then the whole body: he knows! If God gives me an insight? and then I will not write it now? I risk to forget: for all this insight .. this makes me greatly responsible for .. because: I know: that: everything I write is very special .. it is as if the men can still continue to see the Face of God (which are no longer worthy): through of Me!