if Muslims are really intelligent

http//  Dear Starring e Friends a I love Italy (Ali), the prediction a a landslide victory of Islamic to Ennahda in Tunisia is hailed by the West as the rise the era of substantive democracy World Arabic and specifically the compatibility between Islam and on democracy. I do not think, thus lay and above the women secular Tunisia than most that worried knowing good and directly the reality of fundamentalism Islam. Me too I am extremely worried. How was born, Islam it is revealed violent and conflict both her inside both respect the world outside. Dall'avvicendamento of caliphates after the death of Muhammad up the seizure of power to Khomeini in Iran in 1979 of the Taliban in Afghanistan in 1996, Muslim that have won power they have not never abandoned peacefully. The peaceful alternation of power, core democracy, does not belong the reality of Islam because it consider such as depositary the only truth of Allah and shall mean any Alternative inevitably apartment to enemies of Islam . We Western Location so slaves the ideology of relativism, doing good and Islamically correct that, in order to not offend Susceptibility of Islamic, we have quit use both the reason  refusing to enter the merits of content the Qur'an and of artworks to Mohammed, both to saying the healthy self-love and our legitimate interest. Even more serious is the fact that us Westerners there pay to do as guarantors in a democracy who Substance of elections, such as If elections substance it is out the democracy and not to be simply a instrument of democracy. Continue to commit the error of confused formal democracy the substantial democracy, that can not do without the sharing of values absolute e Universal the sanctity of life, the dignity of the person and the freedoms to choose. We have finished for accomplices and connived with Brothers Muslims, legitimacy and encouraging their advent the power, in order to have in return their help to contain and beat terrorists Islamic related Al Qaeda to groups Jihadists and Salafis. Location in the first row in approving and applaud to Brothers Muslims that have won the elections in Tunisia, representing them such as emblematic of a process that everywhere in the World Arabic will emancipation the people thanks to democracy. But if, everywhere the result will be successful tremendous of Brothers Muslims, as well as emerge in Tunisia, it means that we are fallen in the trap imagine that the elections it is this that substantiated and exhausts democracy. When i Brothers Muslims conquer i full power, will change the Constitution by imposing the sharia, and the State Islamic. Then eventually also democracy because there you will be better opposition. In strict, than of rules the elections i Brothers Muslims will ask end to democracy. How did Hitler and Mussolini, such as have made i dictators everywhere in the world. The difference is that if the reference it is the Qur'an, a text that to them, consider the same to God himself, therefore, not negotiable. For them, the Koran is not negotiable, this that establishes may also be imposed gradually, little dosage as a medicine to digest, but without ever, betray him. We Instead, we have totally Deleted the notion to values non-negotiable, everything is relative, including our lives, our dignity and our freedom. fundamental Christian values the symbol of the crucifix is By fact we have chosen to votarci suicide.. designed as a Rochefelle(fake christian marrano) Rabbi Kakam of the Synagogue of Satan ECB FED NWO IMF Grove boemian abduction NEVER FORGET✈▌KILLER Satanist hei, 322 Bush, 666 Rothschild,etc.. Because this year, You Also not invite me at your "cremation of care" of Ritual Of The Bohemian Grove. Islam = Sharia Law. Don't day it cannot happen. Sharia is the sacred law of Islam. Muslims believe Sharia is derived from two primary Sources of Islamic law, namely the revelations set forth in the Qur'an, and the sayings of Muhammad.
mkatz2395 said We are God's chosen people; Jesus was a Jew; and he is your God. Enough said fuck off--ANSWER-- that's why the Jews are the gods enlightened of the all "goyim"? is why it is right for us to be slaves of the banking seigniorage!
[from the Talmud of rabbis their Bible of Satan]

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 @ israelnationalTV - MY DEAR: A "GUY" called me, YESTERDAY! he said to me: "you see Beppe Grillo? he takes a lot of money every year simply to say nothing more, about banking seigniorage: incidentally: the choice between death or receive a lot of money, you who would done? ".. - ANSWER - lol. but it is, precisely: this: the problem of the Illuminati: "I am immortal!" and everyone knows: that: an immortal life: it can not be bought! fuck Rothschild: I have not entered into Freemasonry: how would you have wanted! - how could it enter into the kingdom of God, one man who, though knowing: of banking seigniorage: does not mention it: for to be accomplice of all: their crime immense? That is the one who makes himself an accomplice of the Masonic(322) system(666) of the synagogue: of Satan(god owl grove), the IMF ECB FED NWO(aliens abduction).. God does not know: what to do with: all your religious crap: WHY, GOD He is infinite justice! The happy: Chanukah or Hanukah: indicates what has been: extraordinary: the Jewish people and all the sufferings that: he had to endure, to defend the faith in the one: the true God: the Jews have always been: also the first victims of the Illuminati: 666 (Satanism), 322 (Freemasonry), ie, Kakam Rabbis: Illuminati IMF: and, they completely ignore: about the existence of a secret: Talmud, that says non-Jews (goyim) "are animals in human form", created by God to be exploited: through the"debt: public":Fed: the"bank seigniorage": IMF, which is why, they always have kidnapped Christian children: and have them put to death: so in mode atrocious to remember: the martyrdom of Jesus Christ and the blood of these children (lambs) are do still today, many religious rituals secret. nine candles are good: but, not are good a menorah with nine arms, because it is an abomination! the super Illuminati kakam Rabbis of IMF-World Order? are dickheads! first: 1. they are the accomplices of the IMF: then: 2. they put the star: of Satan: on the flag: of Israel! 3. Then, they make a menorah with nine arms: horror! 4. Then, make the desecration of the Bible through the Talmud: 5. lol. and then become they get nasty, cynical racist and evil, lol. because God does not speak with them! 6. are saying: "we have deceived so well all peoples through the masonry, institutions, FED ECB IMF. trilateral bildenberg, etc. .." God will no longer be able to make a new holocaust: against us and all peoples! These are the mad ones: that they have: to our lives: in their hands!
@ehi, dickheads satanist Rothschild 666: and 322 Bush --- our lives are always in danger, until they will not be exterminated, all Muslim nations .. "Magdi Allam" (a man like Gandhi) he is not forced, perhaps: for to live under armed escort: to have decided to be a Christian? yes ok! at the war against Iran! yes ok! at the 3 rd WW nuclear: against the Quran of Satan!
 danshyu said : I dunno, if Russians are so upset about American missile defense system. Why not deploy their own missile defense system? Nobody's nuke will work anymore, everybody's now happy, yeah? -- ANSWER-- because the Russians do not have all the money that Rothschild has stolen TO all the peoples through seigniorage banking: ie IMF .. thus, their lives are in danger! the only solution, desperate for them, remains to send of the killers, to kill these Jewish bankers of Illuminati!
 [Islam Triumphant]: juntas red(comunist): open the doors to the mosques to: Magdi Cristiano Allam. If: the solid front and lateral: of: multiculturalism globalized by: strong powers: the speculative finance:IMF NWO: satan synagogue: that: idolize: the god of money, passing: by: Barack Obama: The Emperor of the West decadent victim of its debts: but: unable to regenerate itself: it has lost its soul, blinded to the zealous performers: ideology and satisfied: crumbs from: to: power among: which: in Italy stands out: the axis-communist catholic: that: he had the understanding: between: Tettamanzi and Pisapia: an event: eloquent, has succeeded: in their aim: to: legitimize politically radical Islamists, in the Middle East: paving: their advent: the power: once: who: will be dissolved: the blanket mystifying: the so-called "Arab Spring"
@az99920-- if Muslims are really intelligent? they must achieve:an true: freedom of religion .. But: this does not exist in any Muslim nation: why: Jews Satanists (enlightened of IMF NWO: ie, the true synagogue of Satan) have commanded to destroy: Christianity! this: it seemed good: for: the Muslims (that: it is just that: they have always, wanted to do, for to obey, at the Koran or for convenience), but this is the truth: Satanists Jews: they can be defeated: only, if all religions: if all peoples: are able to make: a since alliance! against the IMF!