rabby are enlightened

This is a demonstration: the Talmud can not be: the Word of God! Unfortunately:

[[This is a demonstration: the Talmud can not be: the Word of God! Unfortunately: all the Rabbis of the world (Illuminati) are no longer able to: get out of this tunnel: alone! This is an abyss of crime, craziness! because: with their absolute silence, at to my every request of dialogue in these 4 years: they have shown: to me of believing in this shit: of the Talmud, ie: that we Christians and all peoples: we were made by God, like animals in human form: to be exploited by the Jews! While, the Jews will be killed: as, men, because their scribes and Pharisees of rabbis: "enlightened": masters of the IMF-New World Order, have spread: purposely: all forms of: sin: idolatry: Immorality: etc. .. all those sins, concerning: the penalty of death: as said the Torah! but, in particular: what: that for them is important: is the destruction of Israel: that it would be: an impediment: for the reduction: in slavery of all mankind: that is: to achieve: this after: 3° WW Nuclear! Now: if: these Rabbis: of "Illuminati": they were not: the masters of the IMF-World Order: masters of Freemasonry? that is masters, of all: occult powers: that: is beyond the control of government? Then, they would not, also, the power: fatal: of to do die the nations, as they always have do: of the French Revolution, in on, and how, even: foresaw: Dante Alighieri in 1200! then, for all: these: evil religious: ie: for circumstances of the Talmud? we would just by laugh! but, this is obvious: there is nothing to laugh about! Since the 3rd WW Nuclear is already programmed: at the end of 2012! "Jesus here: In the book: Toldoth Jeschu, is presented: as: SORCERER AND WIZARD"]]: "And Jesus said: It is not true, That, Isaiah: and: David, my ancestors, prophesied: about: me? .. . and: I will sit at the right hand of God, such as you can see: with: your eyes. but you, Judas: you will not neever: get to that height. Then Jesus said: the High name of God : [(YHWH):over and over: again]: and: as: he said this: do: came, there came a wind, That, and took him to up: between, in the earth: and: in the sky [as if, through the name of god, can act out demons]. Also, Judas said the name of God: and: in like manner: he was taken by the wind. In this way: they both floated: in the air to the amazement of onlookers. Then Judas, saying of: new the divine name, took Jesus: and: pushed him down to: the land. but Jesus sought of: do the same: to: Judah: and: thus they fought: one: against each. And when Judas saw, that: no: he could have win: on the arts of: Jesus, he urinated on him, and both have become unclean fell: to earth: and even: they could of: use the Divine name again until: no: yes were washed. " [[I do not know, if those rabbis, That, they believe: a: such craziness: they can receive the more our hatred: our pity. At another point: the same: the book: it is said: that, in the house of the Sanctuary: Once upon a stone, That, the Patriarch Jacob anointed with oil:. On this stone were engraved the letters of the tetragrammaton, That, the name "Yahweh", and: if any man: he could learn them: he could destroy the world. .. etc. .. [[Now, That, anyone can have: with the Lord God: a personal relationship: in his faith? He could never speak: in this absurd way .. because anyone can know God because of this racism, cruelty and hypocrisy that is: why, the same idea: of the chosen people: if you can bring in, if not properly understood: namely, in a distorted consciousness that is: selfishness or the desire of predation! So who does not know God. then, he has to do the Kabbalah: to think this indecent things against God: as the fact that: there may be, something of magic in the name of God! Here's why: if we do not purify the Judaism: by the Talmud satanic? Then, everything will be destroyed under this war .. but: is this: why, I am the Messiah jew: Unius REI: and the King of Israel and Palestine: if anyone will trust me .. since, there is little time for hope!

@ az99920 - my brother:

- rabby are enlightened! These days, I have worked with: very hard: about: a secret document, that is in the comments: of my "mrUniversalMetaphysc" because: for Rabbis? Talmud is more important: that Torah(blasphemy apostasy)! is why, all mankind is in danger of imminent destruction, as the Talmud says that God created all men, like animals in human form to be exploited by the Jews: IMF-World Order! Unfortunately, the silence of: "aspiaino: ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342"? plead guilty all the rabbis: for to be accomplices: of this murderous agenda against all the Nations! is why, have decided to destroy completely: even the State of Israel. this will be evident if you want to study this document: in:
do not be afraid of malware: or viruses, why, there is no: it is just a red herring: of our system: the banking system of Jewish and Masonic of seigniorage banking transfert, which dominates against all us