Talmud: Pharisees

@ IsraelNationalTV -

@ IsraelNationalTV - not only: the Middle East,
but also all the nations of the world:
they will give me, a special power of attorney:
if they want to: successfully overcome:
all the problems: that: necessarily: they must bring: at 3 ° nuclear WW .. because: Babylon tower: NWO, Freemasonry: IMF 666 and 322? they have underground bases: with a space technology .. why: Even if every form of life was lost: on the planet? they think they can re-colonize the planet, as a new creation: for Satan.
If the Prophet Elijah killed all those people? is because there was no chance to save: none of them! But Elijah forgave the people who had sinned!
If you wanted to pay me I would re-write your message so it looks and sounds right and isn't impossible to read. XD -- ANSWER-- lol. you must be a strange gay (SuperParody: Rick Perry "Strong"): [/watch?v=mrKAyOyHRzQ] if, you want to deny, to yourself the right to vote .. Perhaps it is because: you think you do not know how to vote right? but the right to vote: in a false democracy of the Masonic bank seigniorage? is a right ridiculous, because: rabbi IMF: masonic banking seigniorage: why, they know, how to manipulate the consensus here is: why:do not need to rig the elections as they did with: Jonh Kerry 322! but, I HAVE SOLD ALL MY FARM: and I had to do, even a mortgage: to get this ministry in youtube. Certainly, my messages are not including: without the power of the Holy Spirit that makes them understand .. but, this is not for all: .... lol. is obvious: you can understand them: too! and this? is more than enough for me! and is also more than enough for you, to be condemned to hell
@SAMI91Z -- no! there is no sovereignty in the Nations: in fact: there are Bildenberg Trilateral, etc. .. all Nations today are NWO: 322 & 666: ie masonic: seigniorage banking, Because you and all: will die in 3 rd WW nuclear.. 1.) Economic downfall; 2.) Homelessness;
3.) War in Middle East; 4.) Dealing with overspending;
5.) Nationalized Healthcare; 6.) Unemployment;
7.) Nationalization of Banks (lol. if Jew Illuminati do not kill Ron Paul before, as they did with Kennedy). Really any of those may have made for a good commercial... why is for Ron Paul 2012 all the way!
the real enemies of all mankind?
are all Jews: that: they are all over the world, to do the evil: and things evil: against all peoples: through:: bestiality, Freemasonry: Satanism and bank seigniorage, etc. .. and every other abomination! What? is smaller the territory of Israel? But this is not a problem for me .. we can take: the entire desert of Saudi Arabian, which is us, by right: as: is the site of the true Mount Sinai! and across the region that goes from the river Tigris to the Nile river: because: It is unbelievable, the level of civilization: equality, justice, peace, wealth and happiness for all my subjects? I do not need: of do violence to anyone! shalom. +. salam. Blessings too
fuck Rothschild and his 3°WW nuclear


1/2.Giosué [23.11] @ IsraelNationalTV - Take great care, for your life, to love the Lord your God: [12] Because, if you do apostasy (Talmud:Pharisees) ... [13] then, you know, that ... you will be expelled and you will be gone from this: good land(3°WW nuclear): which the Lord your God has given you. - ANSWER-> curse! speak ill of Israel (even if: it is an abomination Masonic founded by Satanists of the IMF: the Rothschilds, etc. .. and if: Israel, unfortunately, it's like: all the other false democracies: of the banking seigniorage): for a Christian like me? is like cutting off one my arm! why: also: we Christians are Israel! how many: religious movement: has Judaism? many! So why this hate absurd: of the synagogue of Satan (Illuminati: Pharisees): Against the Christians from the beginning?

2/2.Giosué [23.11] we are all sons of Adam and Noah? So why: Rabbi: Ovadia Yosef: ie, Pharisees: can say that: Christians are animals in human form? What lies beneath: all this? evitente is: the Jewish lobby: 666 of 322: IMF: they stole the symbols of Judaism and Christianity: still, as well go against the Satanists? It's like going against yourself! However, also if, this story: horrible: of the Talmud: is more over: 3000 years, dating back to the roots of the Jewish religion, that, he went almost immediately corrupt: because of apostasy of racist: of quet oral tractions: which then were incorporated in the Talmud? However, we should not be afraid of the truth and we should not be afraid to amputate cancer: first, that it leads to death around of the entire body: ie: of any human being. for do luciferian Grove cult: ie New Tower Babel: of NWO

1/2.Giosué [23,11] @IsraelNationalTV -- Abbiate gran cura, per la vostra vita, di amare il Signore vostro Dio. [12] Perché, se, voi fate apostasia (Talmud: Farisei) ... [13] allora, sappiate, che, ... voi sarete periti: e sarete scomparsi(3°WW nuclear): da questo: buon Paese: che: il Signore vostro Dio: vi ha dato. --ANSWER-> maledizione! parlare male di Israele? (anche se: lui è un abominio massonico: fondato dai satanisti del FMI: di Rothschild, ecc.. anche se: è come: tutte: le altre false democrazie: del signoraggio bancario): per un cristiano? è come tagliarsi un braccio! perché: anche noi cristiani siamo Israele! Quanti movimenti religiosi ha l'ebraismo? tanti! allora, perché questo odio assurdo: della sinagoga di satana(Illuminati: Farisei): contro: i cristiani fin dal principio?

2/2.Giosué [23,11] non siamo tutti: i figli di Adamo e di Noé? allora, perché: rabbi: Ovadia Yosef: può dire: che: i cristiani sono: "animali in forma umana?" cosa c'è sotto: a questa affermazione? che, risvolto, ha questa affermazione: nel FMI: che: è di proprietà ebraica? è evitente: le lobby ebraiche: 666; 322: del FMI: hanno rubato: i simboli dell'ebraismo e del cristianesimo: così andare contro i satanisti? è come andare contro noi stessi! Comunque, anche se, questa storia: orribile: del talmud ha più di 3000 anni: per risale alle radici stesse: della religone ebraica: che andò quasi subito corrotta: a motivo di queste: trazioni orali razzistiche: che poi sono confluite nella Apostasia: del Talmud? tuttavia, noi non dovremmo avere paura: della verità: e non dovremmo avere paura di amputare il cancro: prima, che, esso porti alla morte tutto intero l'organismo.

--- Testimony from Capture of Nazi Criminal Displayed in the Knesset?
ok! everything perfect: it is right to stop and punish all: the criminals!
but, when it is realized: the capture of criminals: Illuminati: Kakam: Rothschild murderers: and: everyone of the synagogue of Satan, ie, the IMF of banking seigniorage: robbed against all peoples through the masonry: ie all the satanists: of the New World Order: ie, the Satanists: 666 and 322, that: they put, also, their star of Satan: on the flag: of Israel.. they are also always the same: that, they did kill: the Kennedys... ecc.. ecc..
but, for do this, perhaps, you would expect, that, has ended the 3 rd WW Nuclear?
But this is precisely the problem: "if there will be: the 3 ° WW nuclear? then, will not will more exist: the State of Israel!"