Temple of Jerusalem


@VoteDeadSea - now, you will understand: who I am, and who are the enlightened, but, perhaps, all this for you, is not a surprise .. I hope that when this one: 3 ° WW nuclear is over: you will be prepared to worship Lucifer!
@Ladies and Gentlemen: This is how they think the masters of the world! all this can be read from you: on my page! Since: Zionists Enlightened are these: to have the control of the NWO-IMF: this time, when everything will be destroyed and all will die: you finally understand who were the real designers: of any burnt offering or Shoah: against: my people Israel!
by: 30/Mar/2008: my "lorenzojhwh" through 6 hours of work for each day of the year: I have today: Sunday, November 13: 2011: I have shown: 1. the scientific substantiation: of all the accusations of Jesus Christ of Bethlehem: against: the scribes and Pharisees! 2. in which mortal threat to their satanic: Talmud was forced to live the precious seed of Abraham, that is, my people Israel in the last 2500 years! Today? Israel, along with all other nations are in: immediate and imminent: danger of destruction: because these crazy: the enlightened rabbis: they are the owners: IMF-New World Order, namely: the International Masonic system: the bank seigniorage here because: the 3 rd WW nuclear is inevitable! Only a Satanist could say that I am an anti-Semite! Nothing is more frightening: the silence of the rabbis of all: the world on this topic!
@aspiaino: @ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 .-- Today: Sunday at 8.05 hours: the [13: November 2012] and one of my three priests: he asked me: "what you think: this financial crisis?" and: this is very strange because I have always lived: in a absolute institutional isolation! and: also: for all the questions made ​​by me: at my priests?: I never received an answer: culturally valid! -ANSWER- I said: this depression is physiologically: essential before one new World War: for if they do not kill many people: and if there are not massive destruction, that is for forcing the need for a credit for the reconstruction ? Then, the IMF can not be renewed: as was understood: by Ezra Poud ..
@strangeventswatcher - YOU'RE FOLLOWING, my WORK ON MY CHANNEL? this channel has become too important because of my work about the Talmud .. Today it has become clear: not all rabbis are "illuminati": but certainly, all enlightened, they are all Rabbis! soon: very soon, perhaps today! I will go away: definitely from this my channel, prevents this, but you will not have trouble finding me in another one of my other channel: where: I'll move with my work! [[non avere paura oggi: se tu non vuoi vedere morire: i tuoi figli domani]]
@ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342. is obvious: there are: holy rabbis among: you, who cry and beg God every day to see my day (the Jewish Messiah of Mercy): for out of all this satanism, of the Talmud, to see done all: the hopes and all the prophecies of blessing over Israel: because: "Truly, truly: I tell you, no racist can enter the kingdom of God and if you do not work: my authority: for to raise: my Kingdom of Israel, all you'll see your children: as, die in 2013. "In fact, you blaspheme: forever and again: the name of Holy God, when you believe in the Talmud, which says, "all Christians are animals in human form: chickens, and then say that God created the GOIM: for your: seigniorage banking of IMF: for any exploitation of all peoples .. etc.. but: how can it be of sound mind: a man who believes: to all the bullshit of the Koran or the Talmud?
because Christianity is the truth, while everything else is a lie? Why: only Christianity knows: why: Some angels have made ​​a rebellion to be become demons .. all the others? make a detestable crime: blasfemy and apostasy: since. for thinking, that God has created also: even the evil or impure things, or animals in human form as GOIM (cf:. talmud) now I understand: 1. because you do not want to talk with me and 2. because you are the curse of Israel for its destruction! is the satanic Talmud, which has made ​​you: satanists! So, you forget, that God made only: terrestrial paradise: and only a part of it is deteriorated, because of the treachery of men .. But God did not want the current state of our planet! When Moses went up only: Mount "Sinai" alone? to none of the people were allowed, not even to touch the feet of the mountain! and none (of all people) would have tried: the great terror of these moment! Now, who has not lost: the simplicity of a child, he would know: easily: as, God: YHWH has intended only and solely entrust the word of God to Moses and not at the Talmud satanic .. and in fact, YHWH has sent many prophets to say: stop ! to making money at interest, it is something: of objectively: an abomination .. as if to say that, the verse in the Torah: to make money at interest against GOIM? I do not have dictated, but it was an operation of the racism of the priests of the Temple of Jerusalem!