VATICAN has not served or dodge


We Need to protect the Children. The Government doesn't want your child to have a Happy meal but I haven't heard anyone talk about Protecting the Children from Sickos...The Children are the Future and need to be Protected!!!
The Children Are Our Future!
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@Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM:"IsraelNational­TV"- Satanism of the Talmud? exceed: enormously: the ideology of Satanism itself: why says that all men are animals evolved: while: the Talmud: of Our masters: Illuminati: IMF: says that men: are only them, while all others: are only animals in human form: these fools Rabbis Kakam of Enlightened? have the resources: and the power to put the micro-chip at all: their animals (goyim) to do of: the whole: human race, one only: bunch of slaves! Well I know that, all the political, you're only clowns: puppetry: all prostitutes of Fund: at sold all souls to hell: in the Freemasons .. But: I swear in the name of the living God: You do not have tears and despair: you can imagine, if you: with all the other politicians in the world will not find: a solution to this: IMF: and for what: that: I can understand? the solution can be: only: the Kingdom of Unius Rei! - Muslims and communists? are people too: ignorant: evil: their cultural background? is incomplete! They do not know that, with the founding of the Bank of England are the Jews, who took control: "Masonic" of: New World Order: of the IMF: of the policy, as of the institutions: and all others: a strategic resource: ie, of all .. thus, the "Commonwealth" was abandoned only because it was replacement: a satanic Imperialism: perverse and even more refined: that is, the IMF's bank seigniorage! When these cursed by God: of Muslims and communists see Christians, who make war against them? they do not understand, who are not Christians: to have the control: of the power! So you yourselves are the instigators: and the real cause of the martyrdom of Christians in our modern history and contemporary world! because this is in fact: Christians have no one who can protect them! I know when they can be: the pieces of shit, all other (non-Jews), but God does not want: that: you do the role: of the Egyptian Pharaohs (Illuminati) against: them: because: is this, that he decided: the IMF of Rothschild: to do of everything: from the human race: one and only "bunch of slaves!" (microchip and NWO) and no Freemason, Satanist or jew: can ignore this fundamental truth! Now, if God does not: it gave me: a kingdom of angels, to govern? ie, this ministry political of: "Unius Rei"? God give me, also, the means: to handle this: situation! If you continue: to make cowards: the dangerous traitors, of all the nations: behind your computer? you alone: you will be responsible of the blood: innocent: of your, and, of our children! How many countries: the Romans were forced to destroy? and what people have been completely displaced from them? we know what they were: the Romans, practical, rational and tolerant .. Now if we look at the history of these: last: 4000 years, we must recognize that there is a problem in the Jewish people (beyond the romanticized reconstructions: partisan or interpretations) .. This problem is certainly not the religion, but: it is much more of a feeling of racism, and contempt, is, hatred covered with hypocrisy (ie, Talmud and Kabbalah) against: to all the goyim, that's what led to say "final Solution": "either we, or their" guys, you are worse than Muslims! because: you represent (through a silence: an accomplice, because, quite self-defeating) the parasitic organism of the IMF. this evening, for the first time in my life: the Holy Spirit has made ​​you feel to me the great love that there is: in the people of the Jews: that is, one: for others: it is a love that: is so great: they become very tolerant, almost complicit: that is, as a love among of women .. for the first time in my life: I have heard: myself, in the midst of this: Jewish love: it was not something collective: or generic, but it was a specific love: a love only my own, just only: for me. as well: my stream of love: very was specific: that is right for everyone of you!  as I have experienced: this intense love jewis in the holy spirit? I could not avoid: to think of Jesus: and I said: the Jews? they could not kill him, as are in possessing: of an such love: some, for others? they can not kill: their: each other! and also, if Jesus was pleased: of to be killed? to make of himself, the sacrificial lamb? However: only: the Pharisees of Talmud: of Satan synagogue: ie rabbis Kakam: Illuminati could do a job like that! here is: why these criminals: sold to the devil, and played too of cunning, against the goodness of my Jewish people. had fun too: with all kinds of wars, murder: Shoah Holocaust, ecc.. now, this cruel game of the IMF: against: the Jews and against all peoples? well, soon: it must end!

VATICAN has not served or dodge

[[PRESIDENT RON PAUL 2012]]Commento al tuo video: Rick Perry Intimidate Ron Paul During IMF FMI FED BCE NWO WW talmud illuminati
americanIDOLfan11111 SAID: When Ron Paul becomes president.. he wont even need a secret service.. because he will be the first president that regular civilians will jump in front of a bullet for... and we would bitch slap Rick Perry...
BetyarPali SAID: Ron Paul is the only intelligent, honest and truly patriotic candidate. The other candidates are dishonest, morally corrupt agents of special interests. America needs Ron Paul to be President. --ANSWER-- BUT, the rich like this system: of the Masonic banking seigniorage system (666,322 in the grove of owl god: ie, baal: IMF), they have no fear of God's justice, that will make their all guilty: disastrously of all: of 3 world wars: because: it is precisely in this forthcoming: this 3 ° WW nuclear: that they will all die! If there not had been: the IMF? There not would be: Hitler and there would have been: no: Holocaust: why is the racism of these: rabbis cursed: Illuminati: is The eternal curse: of my people Israel.
[[New Zealand Dollar]] Does anyone realize that were on the brink of financial collapse?? Do you know that the American dollar is at this point imaginary money?? America will be a 3rd world country by the next election if we dont stop the machine now!! It's our constitutional duty to stand up and stop the Government when it oversteps its bounds! according to the constitution, The reason for the federal government is to protect our individual liberty..Thats it! Bring the power back to the people! Ron Paul 2012! If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson
@ youtube - we hope that even for these: Presidential election: of Ron Paul: ie, "campaign: 2012": there are no electoral fraud: as we were been: for "poor" Kerry, because he had did the dirty things, with Bush, in their Masonic sect: 322: "skull and bones"? Then he had to keep quiet and had to accept the decision of Freemasonry: that had not chosen him to be president of the U.S.! WHY EVERYONE WHO: that: do not report THE CURRENT MASONIC SYSTEM OF BANKING seigniorage: 666 322: Seigniorage of IMF FED ECB EU NWO WW: atheists are, in fact, all followed the path of hell: and for them the fact of be very religious, will be only for a worsening of their condition!
@TheWhyareyouracist jews and muslims, ecc..? if they want to survive? they must have to trust me! no, I DO NOT HAVE tHE POWER, OF SAVE tHEIR LIVES: if they do not want to renounce: at sharia and to the Talmud! because they are two Satanism irreconcilable: no form of imperialism: is in my universal brotherhood!
LIBERTYALONE SAID: YA WHY SHOULD WE AUDIT THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL NON-FEDERAL ANTI-AMERICAN PRIVATE BANKING CARTEL WHO HAS A MONOPOLY ON OUR MONOPOLY MONEY? MAKES NO SENSE I TELLS YA .. JUST DONT MAKES NO SENSE. --ANSWER- banking seigniorage: the IMF, is the greatest crime: of the story! So you can not talk about this, because all politicians are criminals and accomplices: of the masonic Jewish usurocracy!
MultiSamsoon SAID: Christian Sonia hijacking India for her vatican masters. --ANSWER-- bad India, Coward Indu hinduist kill poor innocent Christian martyrs Orissa dalit. WHY YOY ARE BAD: GANDHI NOT HAS YOUR ANSWER: NO! VATICAN has not served or dodge: YOU ARE THE ONLY SON OF THE DEVIL!
[[Horror sharia] Eritrea is the country: with the most: the prisoners of conscience, 40 000, and: it: Country: Africa: with the most: as Christians, 3,000, mostly evangelicals, imprisoned: because of the faith: in containers of iron. in depression: the: and Danakil: tortured. Without: the West: rises: a single voice of protest. the nation: Muslim less: bad? is Turkey .. In fact, Christians do not suffer in Turkey: more: for they are: practically: extinct!