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♰AMEN♛ ME­­­­NE TECHEL PERES you shall wash it with your blood: in Jesus's name!

@RACIST ZIONIST ISLAMIST Masons elite leader & all accomplices of the IMF-NWO


AND-->♥I thank God for the success of my & His: univeral political ministry. &. universal secular theology, ie the metaphysics of natural law, the last hope of mankind before the Satanic Empire or enlightned x NWO will been completed. my list has passed the 7000 friends, so I can no longer write to you, but those who are interested in reading my articles? they can read my comments on my channel or on my websites. shalom + salam = love x you & yours [✙♥]Celestial Jerusaleml, if there is someone who is not full of shit? at him is requested to take action! All Governments are de-legitimized as a result of bank seigniorage, millions of Masons & Consultants of the NWO-IMF: all parasites will end in front of a firing squad, as Was at time of the French Revolution. Executed by a revolutionary tribunal popular for high treason to the Constitution.♥ CSPBCSSMLND SMDVRSNS MVSM QLIVB ♥. We are all equals and brothers. 160000christianma­rtyrs.blogsp­

1/5[friends] my goal in youtube: is to make return at me: all sovereign rights of seigniorage banking, that enlightened have stolen to us, in violation of the Constitution, as they stole all peoples, through conspiracies for complicity of Masons: that are Our: political elite ruling classes & all leader that God has sink in hell! In this way, I may give money to all states, never again, one person, all over the planet, it will be forced to pay taxes, or will die of hunger. So it will be broken the curse that sees the rich that go to war to kill the poor and the poor that do revolutions for to kill the rich. only Jesus Christ is the answer, you do not chase after stories, to regenerate a new fund: IMF? we are forced by enlightened, to suffer the 3rd WW nuclear in 2012, you have the faith to deal with this?

2/5[friends]sorry, but I do not use this form:"friends"to collect friends. Quiet, between us two is all perfect! thanks for the privilege you have given me: to have asked to be my the friend. I am happy. for me: I'm totally rational, ie, in me there is nothing of "Regions or mystical or charismatic", I'm a layman: a cultural project rationale of the universal brotherhood: the metaphysics of the natural law or decalogue of Moses[1). Justice: do not do evil; 2). truth: do not lie; philosophically these universal principles are the destruction of relativism and evidence of a unifying principle, that is God] that's why my authority is a dignity more big than any other authority that exists under the sky. it returns the nice and intimate with every man, why is can regenerate the contents existential and religious or political motivations of all the human race,

3/5[friends]which could also become a universal political project, ie the ReiUnius. In fact the whole human race is in grave and imminent danger to the 3rd WWnuclear, ie NWO-IMF, etc. .. My good brother: I AM Christian OFFICIALLY. But, as Mahdì i am also a muslim. I am King of Israel: and i am jew also, ecc.... I am "Rei Unius" and I have all fullness of the Holy Spirit, for to be at above every religion and every institution: infact, I have the charisma of all. My name is LORENZO i live in ITALY, i have 50 years old. I am a theologian. You do not have to worry, if you'll be removed from the list of my friends. because I am writing to 6000 addresses, so all my friends are been loaded on a file. why I make the sending by this my 5 channels: - lorenzojhwh - humanumgenus - ShalomGerusalemme - CreationReal - UniusRei

4/5[friends]it is essential that you immediately remove the filter on the mail. Or, you quickly, you go to give your friendship, immediately, to other channels. In fact, when I see it that i be has been blocked? then remove the your name from the file: of mail-list, and you will not be able to receive my mail. that's how many are removed from my mail-list. God loves you. God bless you. I hope that our friendship can do of good to you. Every man is my brother! I am the universal brotherhood! I'm not a religious I might even be an atheist. But the spiritual man can not be subjected to review by anyone. However, my opinion remains forever, because I am pure rationality of the metaphysics that is the natural law. therefore, every man on the planet is subject at to my authority and my opinion is law: why I am love.

5/5[friends]You will not be able to kick against the goad me. if you're a good man who wants to do good? You'll be my best friend! All institutions and religions? today are ambiguous! but I'm not for anarchy, but to make everyone better and to improve everything. I am a political universal. My eyes are too pure to be closed to any injustice that is do on all over the world I believe that all religions (especially Judaism) and all governments: are the fingers of the hand of God, to crush Satan who is the IMF of the NWO -American Jewish lobby: are they who have the monopoly and control of all things, that is the bank seigniorage. My power spiritual and political, is a power that comes from the Jewish Temple, since every being of this planet is subject to love, then all are subject to me: I am the ReiUnius
I am not the religion!
I am the universal brotherhood
I'm happy even if you're an honest atheist

This world has changed! but the world It can no longer be what it is today!

@rrmbgpym --> I'm wondering how the lobby of Jewish enlightened: that is, those of bank seigniorage, I have threatened to death by criminals in my area, so late! is clear: "thay have underestimated me. " But how can they expect me to give in to their intimidation? After they hve made the gesture with his hand: "we'll shoot you", then followed me, around, my house, saying, "we know where you live". This world has changed! but the world It can no longer be what it is today!

@rrmbgpym --> io sono meravigliato di come le lobby ebraiche degli enlightened: cioè quelli del signoraggio bancario, mi abbiano minacciato di morte, attraverso dei criminali della mia zona, così in ritardo! è evidente: "loro mi hanno sottovalutato". Ma come possono sperare che io ceda alle loro intimidazioni? Dopo avermi fatto il gesto con la mano: "noi ti spariamo", poi mi hanno seguito vicino a casa mia, per dire: "noi sappiamo dove abiti". Questo mondo deve cambiare! Non può più essere quello che è oggi!

@511Leader -> Dear, it is very serious for the pacific coexistence, between all the people that Saudi Arabia has misused for political purposes: namely for the conquest imperialist of world, of a holy religion of God: Islam. who could not get over the centuries, its theological evolution, but I can work for this: on behalf of all Muslims. I'm sorry, if i did not get to respond earlier to your questions. But I went to my school, and I came back right now. but, criminals have threatened to kill me in the street, and then followed me home for to intimidate me. this is the way of acting of the Jews! like any other totalitarian system like yours: the intimidation!
But I have no fear of most of those who want to fight me against, for being paid for this, because I have God's protection!

@511Leader -> but what hope you have, that I should not must rail against you and against the Koran, if we donate the religious freedom for all Muslims in Europe and U.S.
but you do persecuted Christians and not recognize their, this freedom of religion that we recognize at you?
but if my conduct make hurts you: you will not be too worried for this, because soon the Zionist bank seigniorage will kill me!


Hi my friend

I am very impressed with your
You are a man a believer in God and this is very important

So I want to argue with you in matters of religious
And also perceptions of Islam and Muslims and Arab countries ..

We are friends, so I'm on and you are
Saying any question ..

But above all
You are a Christian
Is your nationality Israeli patrols?
Why live in Israel?

Dear I want you to speak English British

Because I did not understand all the previous messages

[Saudi Arabia]511Leader :)Hi my friend. I am very impressed with your. You are a man a believer in God and this is very important... ** So I want to argue with you in matters of religious.. And also perceptions of Islam and Muslims and Arab countries .. We are friends, so I'm on and you are: Saying any question .. But above all:  You are a Christian. Is your nationality Israeli patrols? Why live in Israel? Dear I want you to speak English British.. because I did not understand all the previous messages --CONCLUSION --> AT SOME POINT? he is so ashamed of his king: that: he had abbandorare this site: and the relationship with me, but he was an honest person!


@Communists-> Who among you is so quite a beast, to explain to me why you continue to harass and kill Christians who do not have a sharia by bring ? in this world that is sold at that jew pig of the IMF-NWO: ie, seigniorage banking? right now, I have despised the Lord God Almighty (which he is absolutely innocent of all this), for all those who do violence to the innocent Christians all over the world! What? Satanists, communists and Muslims, they chided me because I can not seem to be a good Christian! Then is try to be you, of good Christians, if you believe of can be so much more good than me! Of course, who do violence to the Christians? in 2012 will be forced to drink your urine and eat human flesh: if before, I will not be been able to kill you all with my curses
IN THIS MOMENT: 40,000 Christians are in lagher of North Korea! Christians have their Holocaust, with 1400 years of Islam, and with 200 years of communism. 50 million Christians are the innocent martyrs in the twentieth century. . Christians are the true communist for hard-working, humble, honest, peaceful, and obedient. How can you not be a monster to sleep peacefully in your bed? What is your work of justice, that could be considered by God? What is the relationship between true Islam or communism, which are glorious, with this monstrosity? If there is a God in heaven? Very soon all of you, you will have drink your own urine, and you will have eat human flesh to be able to feed yourself! DRINK YOUR POISON MADE BY YOURSELF!

arma strategica e segreta degli enlightened in 3°WWnuclear: gli alieni

arma strategica e segreta degli enlightened in 3°WWnuclear: gli alieni
CONCLUSIONE: poiché gli alieni sono demoni, soltanto i cristiani autentici, possono essere immuni da loro, ecco perché noi assistiamo ad una campagna così vioenta contro il cristianesimo: infatti, sono gli enlightened che, in questa fase, in chiave anti-cristiana, stanno diffondendo l'Islam
*1. Gli alieni sono il "GOLEM" EBRAICO, ovvero quegli angeli, che ribellatisi a Dio, furono trasformati in demoni, e furono privati anche del loro corpo angelico.
*2. pertanto, hanno ottenuto dagli enlightened, un corpo modificato geneticamente, che entra in simbiosi con i loro dischi volanti.
*3. è evidente: come creature soprannaturali hanno raggiunto immediatamente il massimo della tecnologia.
*4. si sono sviluppati in 7 razze, di corpi, diversi, per diverse funzioni, ma 3 razze, quelle superiori(arcangeli cherubini serafini), sono rimaste totalmente spirituali.
*5. non hanno sviluppato un modo riproduttivo autonomo: soltanto per tormentare gli esseri umani. MA possono riprodurre i loro corpi in modo illimitato.
*6. gli alieni rappresentano, un vero esercito a disposizione dei satanisti americani.
*7. come gestire un combattimento aereo con veivoli che posso gestire velocità superiori ai 20.000 Km/h e con quella tecnologia? impossibile!
*8. ecco perché tutte le testate nucleari intercontinentali, potrebbero essere fermate facilmente, se l'obiettivo degli enlightened non fosse quello di ridurre il genere umnao a 500. milioni di persone di schiavi.
*9. tuttavia è stato possibile 20 anni fa l'abbattimento di alcuni dischi volanti, poiché i demoni rimangono ipnotizzati di fronte ai cristiani che sono il tempio dello Spirito Santo. Ovviamente, io non sto parlando dei cristiani che conobbe Maometto, i quali erano eretici ariani al 90%, e non parlo neanche dei cristiani attuali, i quali sono eretici modernisti al 90%, ma parlo dei cristiani biblici fondamentalisti come me, che hanno attivato la loro vita divina, sapendo vivere per fede e non più per religione. Pertanto nella nostra struttura mentale, noi siamo assolutamente razionali come atei.
*10. è possibile comprenere cosa sia il vero cristianesimo: dai martiri che voi uccidete e dai miei commenti.
*11. è indispensabile portare sotto terra, tutte le strutture strategiche e anche molti insediamenti, poiché non soltanto la esplosione di molte atomiche brucerà l'ossigeno, ma saranno usati, rapidamente, su scala mondiale enormi quantitativi di armi chimiche e batteriologiche, pertanto, i rifugi devono essere indipendenti/autonomi, per la produzione interna di ossigeno.
*12. ecco perché un demone più piccolo(comunismo nazismo islamismo, ecc..), non può vincere il demone più grande(sionismo & enlightened), pertanto i combattimenti aerei contro gli americani e contri gli israeliani e gli alieni: possono essere vinti soltanto da piloti cristiani: attivi spiritualmente. Ecco perché i musulmani non potranno mai vincere nessuna guerra contro Israele.
*13. ecco perché tutti quelli che un tempo erano musulmani e comunisti sono destinati a diventare cristiani: perchè questa 3°WWnuclear come ogni guerra, ma più di ogni altra guerra, sarà combattuta sul piano spirituale!
*14. Quanti milioni di alieni ibernati voi potete immaginare disseminati nei pianeti del sistema solare?
*15. a motivo dello Spirito Santo che è presente in un cristiano e solamente in un cristiano: gli alieni non posso neanche avvicinarsi a lui, poiché, il cristiano dal punto di vista dei demoni/alieni è come un campo magnetico che li disintegra!
UnisRei3 (1 sett. fa)
1/4 [Kim Jong Il] I knew that one day the Holy Spirit would have invited me to talk to you [19-01-2011ore23, 50 Bari Italy] When your grandson will place your son on the altar of the worship? Then your family will become, the more ridiculous than the polytheism of the history of mankind! Even if: 1. Many Christians, every day, are killed in your: "camp of concentration", 2. your government is the most shocking of the entire planet. However, you are the more dignified, to be a real government, since all the other governments that are in the NWO of banking seigniorage, they are all false, for be their good actors & satanists, all directed by enlightened Jews US bankester for the death of their own people. In the world, is the Net Work of jew: it say that you shoot like a madman at the border for no reason, but I know that you get continuous provocations.

2/4 [Kim Jong Il] I know everything for a pure & rational faculty which is called: the metaphysics of natural law and universal brotherhood, I am ReiUnius: that is the greatest of all Kings: and the only ruler of the whole planet, which will give 50 years of peace to all, before the advent of the Messiah between 300 years when the miserable situation of this planet will end. Jesus said, "if you become the master of the world, but after you lose your soul? what use is he?". That's why your father: "kim II sung" is in hell of fire, suffering, infinite despair: in a way so terrible that it is not possible to understand: its a situation that is hopeless. It is not in your best interest to go to him! you can continue to suppress all religious organizations, why Christia nity "true" is not a religious organization,

3/4 [Kim Jong Il] but a friendship with God who transmits his true divine nature to all: to be called the Christian: "sons of God". God can not be known with the physical senses, but if I were to tell you, he did not exist, I would I lie to you. But I'm not like other Christians, who need to pray or have a cult, because the union that I have with God is permanent. He lives in me. So my way of thinking or reasoning is precisely that of an atheist perfect: in appearance. I decided to give you the greatest honor to you, you will be the first person that I will baptize, so not only you but all your subjects, you become all as sons of God, in faith, to sit on the same throne of God together to all Koreans Nord.

4/4 [Kim Jong Il] ie, the happiest people on earth: one people of God. Great is for God's children any prosperity, even the economic prosperity for all. I'm sure, "this can never be a danger to your community, communism or the stability of the kingdom". Because the inner well-being, does not damage the policy. You, on the contrary, you can close your mouth and permanently humiliate, all your enemies with this determination for be you in true life. the energy that is in me? can build and demolish everything in the world: for I have shown to you, the my authority to talk to you like to a brother. Dear Friend; Following the path of the prophets, you express a concern with the downtrodden. This is the nature of the servants of God. Always they are engaged in His service with full attention. We are never alone, as He resides within the heart of us all.

UnisRei3 (20 ore fa)
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@workergirls ---> The aliens belong to the world of the occult.
that are the demons that have had a body (GOLEM Jewish), another Jewish wickedness. therefore, have flying saucers and they have a veritable army of space. Americans have a secret weapon. But as the demons that jew has made a body?
they are extremely vulnerable to me, as qulsiasi against a Christian who is conscious of being a child of God, that is to be in his body, a temple for the Holy Spirit of God. That's why enlightened, seeking to destroy faith in men, in order to give effect to this weapon, in the forthcoming World War. i know that you are a man
I do not like anything about what is in this world. Perhaps I would be in a camp of North Korea, and be tortured, and then go out immediately from my body to be with the Lord. I'm not unhappy with something and are not ambitious, but if I can do a job that might be useful: I will happy, because I realized that 2 / 3 of all mankind are lost for God, that is to go in the 'hell. That's why it was unveiled, my secret: why so much of my work! I work to save souls for God, but I have no interest in religion. I seek only the morality, so the atheists are perfect for me. I'm metaphysics: 1. do not lie (truth) 2. not doing wrong (justice). Since these concepts are universal and absolute, they also represent the 1st demonstration of the existence of God is why I am invincible because I'm extraordinarily simple. In fact, I won all the intellectual battles that I have supported all these years in youtube
1/2 I am the UniusRei: ie the greatest of all the kings of the human race & of all history. If the muslim country will not give freedom of religion, together to North Korea and China? I can not stop this 3 rd WWnuclear, because as I said earlier: "the only ReiUnius" can unite the opposites: irreconcilable: that the universal brotherhood. Why I do not look to politics, but I look at things from the perspective of God and for God there is no difference between men, For God and me, the men are really all the same.
2/2 I am the UniusRei: Because we men are being made all the image and likeness of God, to ourselves, a gift of love for everyone else. I for faith, I can give orders to the angels and demons, and it is this that makes me a dangerous man! but for a fair and honest man? I can be alone, her brother! Since I can not ever lie? So, I not admit, that someone could lie to me, or would be unfair on me, because I am not able to give twice the same trust, at a man. I have been made so by God, therefore, my dignity is the largest. I was made perfect
1/2[Kim Jong II] Therefore, if there is incompatibility with religion for you, there is no incompatibility with the Christians as such: for you. If he is crazy enough to believe himself a god? So, it is right to exterminate all criatiani! But honestly, I do not think that exists in the world, a man so deranged! Because I know all: "I know that North Korea receives provocations. " but our media say Kim Jong II, is a madman who shoots wildly at the border and without reason. But I know that what they are capable of do, the Satanists American Jews.
2/2[Kim Jong II] In fact I am the only hope of avoiding this already programmed 3 °WWnuclear, for I am the only one in the world to have the metaphysics that is not a supernatural power, but a rational option speculative because of the special purity of my conscience. That's why a loving God? not can hiding himself by me! by all men,perhaps. but HE could not hide himself from me, even if he wanted, because he is justice. I am a man: "unius" in the history of mankind. I know well my position in the history of all mankind. but, I'm just a very ordinary man. I'm not bad!
@workergirls --> God can not have with anyone a report permanent, through the physical senses. because God is the Spirit pure and holy. From this point of view: I can admit that a communist state, he should persecute all religions. But Jesus is a historical character, which can not be denied! is risen, therefore, through faith, Christianity is, in truth, not a religion (which could reduce the levels of sovereignty of a communist government), but it is a relationship of love and legality, "That does not interfere with politics, because the only thing God wants is the same thing that a communist government wants, morality and happiness of his subjects.
@workergirls ---> You are in North Korea?
I am ReiUnius: ie universal brotherhood.
so for me socialism or communism is great: even. I works to make to all Nation, any strong autodeterminazionale National
against Zionism of enlightened of IMF-NWO
against all the false democracies that are in reality the NWO Masonry of Jewish world bank
What I do not understand is "why you continue to kill Christians? Although they may be communists and patriots to the top"
Dimostrazione storica dell'uomo Gesù: e dei suoi scopi dichiarati.
Zeitgeist deve essere un massone illuminato da lucifero, totalmente fraudolento, per giungere a negare l'esistenza storica dell'uomo Gesù.
Oltre ai Vangeli, che in se stessi, sono documenti storicamente attendibili, noi abbiamo, la dimostrazione della esistenza storica di Gesù di Betlemme by:
1). fonti giudaiche: Giuseppe Flavio(37 d.C.) in ["Antichità Giudaiche"20, 197-203].
2). 64d.C. ci fu il devastante Incendio di Roma, di cui Nerone calunniò i cristiani, per avere il pretesto di ucciderli in massa.
3).fonti rabbiniche "talmud Babilonese" (70 d.C), in [Sanhedrin 43a: of Jesus said:"lo si appese nella vigilia di Pasqua"]. 3). fonti romane:
[A] 112d.C. Il Governatore della Bitinia Plinio il Giovane, in "episole", him scrive all'Imperatore Traiano.
[B] 117d.C. Tacito descrive il martirio dei Cristiani(64d.C.), accusati da Erode dell'incendio di Roma,
[C] 117d.C. parla Svetonio, in "vita di Claudio".
4). 117d.C. i vangeli apocrifi
5). 220d.C. I Padri della Chiesa, ecc.. Sulla esistenza storica dell'uomo Gesù, in campo accademico, noi abbiamo più prove che per qualsiasi altro personaggio del passato fino alla storia moderna!
questo articolo dimostra come tutte le religioni organizzate sono fuorvianti per comprendere il vero concetto e la vera natura di Dio.
1/4[YHWH in Genesis? is not the same YHWH of Numbers!] If the Bible or the Koran had been made entirely from God would be called "Holy Bible" or "Holy Quran", but not in case they are called "sacred Bible" or "sacred Koran". How many things the priests of the temple Jerusalem have attributed to Moses in Thorà and how many things some Muslims have attributed to Muhammad in the Koran? Certainly both of these texts were written by different people and in different times! You can imagine: that God Said to Moses: "I am so angry, for the way: the jews have offended me, in the desert, that I decided to give their 600 commandments, so the less intelligent Jews, become religious (the scribes and Pharisees with Talmud): ie all cynical, hypocritical and racist,
2/4[YHWH in Genesis? is not the same YHWH of Numbers!] while Jews smarter, to be become Satanist &: super Satanists of Enlighten: ie seigniorage of IMF_NWO of banking-masonry. "Of these usurious lenders and bankers of enlightened: has talk about Dante Alighieri [born in Florence in 1265] in the" Divine Comedy-"Paradise V" SAID: "Men are, and not as silly sheep, so that 'the Jew among you, not laugh! -> Dante Alighieri: more: you have the Old & New Testament, you have 'Pastor of the Church (Pope) at to your guide, this will suffice for your salvation (from mortal danger Hebrew). If evil greed (corruption - secret societies) more you cry, men are, and not as silly sheep, so that 'the Jew among you may not laugh!
3/4[YHWH in Genesis? is not the same YHWH of Numbers!] Do not let that as fools lambs, That leaves the milk of his mother (sound doctrine of the Catholic Church), and simple and, if that leads at his corrupt and sinful pleasure! (more errors of heretical doctrines, artfully constructed by Jew for to demolish Christianity). "These enlightened of jews, ruin and destroy the entire human race from to be corrupting Christianity: through the heresy of modernism and the Freemasons and also as true directors (hidden) in the world (the real creators and owners of each institution) for to make: 3 world wars , and destroy a Muslim nation: at a time: one at a time, to consolidate more and more, their power of Satan over all the human race ..
4 / 4 [YHWH in Genesis? is not the same YHWH of Numbers!] For when the whole world will become one only Satanism of: Zionism and sharia, then I'll enjoy to destroy all mankind. This is ridiculous! it is clear that these racist priests of the temple in Jerusalem, greedy for power management of power, have permanently corrupted the Jewish religion. In the book "numbers" YHWH behaves like damn the demon of Allah, in fact, would put a man to death, only because he dared to collect firewood, on the Sabbath. Now, if I have to help the Jews to regain its original inspiration, because I can not do help, for all the other religions? In contrast, Hell will be your home forever!
perversione ebraica e nascita degli enlightened
Ma la maledetta stirpe degli scribi e farisei, con il loro satanico Talmud, that is nato, ai piedi di Satana Marduk in Babilonia, non solo loro avevano irrimediabilmente rovinato l'ebraismo di Mosé con la loro eresia, ma avevano condannato Israele, ad ogni fallimento e dominazione straniera. Pertanto, dalla deportazione in Babilonia, si avranno collettivamente, continui periodi di crisi, fino alla dominazione romana.
Infatti, JHWH non poteva soggiornare con la sua gloria in mezzo a tali vipere ebraiche: e tuttavia, JHWH non mancava di soccorrere il popolo innocente, attraverso dei liberatori. Gesù di Betlemme, si inserisce, nelle più vive attese profetizzate, at Israele(Ger.31,31-34; Ez.36,22-28; Zc9,9-10), cioè la attesa, di un Regno orientato a Dio, per una nuova Alleanza, poiché è evidente a tutti che, dare circa 600 comandamenti, da parte di Dio, può essere soltanto un atto ostile: segno di assoluta malvagità.
che ora posso essere soltanto io, il "ReiUnius", se qualcuno ha voglia di non vivere la 3°WWnuclear. Pertanto, l'attuale religione ebraica può essere soltanto una eresia, una truffa, fondata sul razzismo di perfetto satanismo: il Talmud.
solo Lui può cambiare le persone da: "lupi rapaci", a "docili pecore". Rifletti e leggi la Parola di Dio, e troverai le risposte che Dio ci da per combattere; insieme a Lui, e vincere con Lui.-- ANSWER-> OK, PREGHIAMO INSIEME!

jew SAID:

jew SAID: How fortunate 99.9% of westerners are dumbass morons who don't realize what every JEW boy: already knows - JEWS OWN your governments (through it, your armed forces), JEWS OWN your banks (through them, your money), and JEWS OWN your media (through it, your MINDS). We, Jews, are the master race. we've been running business. All Gentiles will worship at our feet and serve, else be disposed of. Every major events in the whole world in the past 500 years - was meticulously premeditated and schemed by us Jews, for the purpose of achieving our objective - WORLD DOMINATION. We brought empires to their knees; crowned kings and then cast them off when no longer useful; we condemned presidents to die for foolishly not co-operating; we threw nations, religions and movements at each other's throats to weaken them, we invented new forms of government to keep you on a tight leash, obedient and ignorant; we exterminated whole civilizations and races. Your only option is servitude and obedience. Be our lackeys. You are to think whatever we tell you to think, hate whoever we tell you to hate, fight our wars, bleed for us, and wipe our hairy Jew asses. Be useful. Then maybe, just maybe, we'll allow you to live. Maybe we'll even let you keep your jobs and your houses. Adapt to serve us. Resistance is futile - we are the JEWS. our 2011 years of merciless war against Christianity: it is close to the final solution! We have created Freemasonry and we gave a body to the demons, ie aliens: your worst nightmare!

R:@friend --> I'm happy to see you:

forever uniteds with jesu' and nationalism against satan's synagoghe and babilon tower
@satanist--> you will die this year and then go and kiss the cock of Satan who is a gay: you do not deserve to live! Before you judge? you should investigate the whole my series! Only an evil man may request the proof of the existence of God, is like saying: "You show: demonstrate to me, to have thirsty, but you say:"Of course I'm thirsty, you give me the water, that I drink it! ". It is not fool all of this? You see a table? Then you do not need to believe that there is a joiner, you have certainty that there is a carpenter! The "scientists"- "atheists" (there are two contradictory terms) say: "the universe is the product of " intelligent design "as for the simple calculation of probability, this is a really impossible to be carried out spontaneously: the life" . They say that is "intelligent design", but are ashamed to say, "God, YHWH, " but God will be ashamed of them on the Day of Judgement. ✙CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB is virus deadly AMEN "Drink your poisons made by yourself"✙

Table of Emerald]?

miracula Rei Unius" -- hallelujah- Glory to God! Jesus said, "you have heard? the "old saying": eye for eye, tooth for tooth, but I tell you ..." These racist of: Zionists, Hindus(the satanic lie of reincarnation) and Muslims, do not know God, and thus, their could not have had a evolution, in fact, all they miserable believe, That the concept of neighbor is a concept relegated, at their religion OR their race! Absurd, ridiculous IS impressive, considering like 2000 years of Christianity, for these "primitive" & "rough"? Not has had no civilization! Indeed, they are That often, are to carrying, at the ruin, all the whole human race. Here's why: I am a proud Catholic Christian and I love Benedict XVI. Good Sunday to all! hallelujah - Glory to God! Jesus is Lord!
YouTube would be better if they had driven all the prostitutes and Satanists: horror porno halloween ecc.. houseoffear/ houseofpain x incitement to suicide and the destruction of our youth! This youtube sucks! But YouTube is still disgusting for me!
@ to all, @ 1. competition; @ 2. contest; @ 3. concourse: ReiUnius only: it can be the King of Israel, which brings peace: all over the world, it is only him: who can build the Jewish temple: legally.
@ to all, @ 1. competition; @ 2. contest; @ 3. concourse: for all the users of YouTube to reveal the mystery of ["Emerald Tablet": that Was Written, for Our Day, in order: to Prevent the extinction of mankind]; who wins this contest? and then he'll will UniusRei for be able to Be: That will save all the human race: from extinction: Already scheduled for the: 3rd WWnuclear by: IMF-NWO.
AntiGravityLazer SAID: The ones who created Zionism-ENLIGHTENED, Masonry, Satanism are ALL Jewish. You Have Been doing EVIL Jews, These crimes since Ancient Times. It dates back to Babylon Where You Learned The Knowledge: of the Brain and started, Hypnotizing people: and destroying Nations. The Bible-Quran + Logic says "Jews = Satans" and Satans must be dead. your 16 million minority: Is Killing Billions: Every year of people. --ANSWER- what you say is very bad! because all people are innocent! Just for that, you've said, you has should understand that were: Satanists enlightened Jews, to design the Holocaust, not Hitler, because all politicians are just puppets in their hands! I am King of Israel & Mahdì!
I am Procuràtor Unìus Rèi: ie universal brotherhood= shalom + salam = love
Miracula Rei Unius or IMF-NWO-3°WWnuclear?
[1/2 "Super Saiyan" or lorenzojhwh?] I am the professor Lorenzo Scarola, a theologian, a man all too normal, that is, a man totally rational, which he believes to have a relationship with God, I am so normal and human, that I have nothing of supernatural or charismatic! But, someone might say: "You are a liar too, no one, until now, has done what you did!" [lol. I am so advanced, lol. I am forced to make me the questions alone] - ANSWER -- Eih, man, slow down! That power, which has been shown in me, that is metaphysics (philosophy of being or mystical rational) is not mine, but is of the my ministry policy, that this is the gift that God gave to me. In fact, everyone knows that every ministry can only be a gift from God! I'm sorry for atheists, lol. if they have different psychological problems, Why atheists have decided to have a strong & hard faith, to believe in negative, that have a lot of faith for belive in the not EXISTING of God: I understand that for atheists: lol. I should seem to them, as a "Super Saiyan". and I am sure of this: they prefer to believe in lorenzojhwh as a "Super Saiyan", lol. rather than having to admit the existence of God!
« Verum, sine mendacio certum et verissimum, quod est inferius, est sicut quod est superius, et quod est superius, est sicut quod est inferius: ad perpetranda miracula rei unius. Et sicut omnes res fuerunt ab uno, mediatione unius; sic omnes res natae fuerunt ab hac una re, adaptatione. Pater eius est sol, mater eius luna; portauit illud ventus in ventre suo: nutrix eius terra est. Pater omnis telesmi totius mundi est hic. Vis eius integra est, si versa fuerit in terram. Separabis terram ab igne, subtile a spisso, suaviter cum magno ingenio. Ascendit a terra in coelum, iterumque descendit in terram, et recipit vim superiorum et inferiorum. Sic habebis gloriam totius mundi. Ideo fugiat a te omnis obscuritas. Hic est totius fortitudinis fortitudo fortis; quia vincet omnem rem subtilem, omnemque solidam penetrabit. Sic mundus creatus est. Hinc erunt adaptationes mirabiles, quarum modus hic est. Itaque vocatus sum Hermes Trismegistus, habens tres partes philosophiæ totius mundi. Completum est quod dixi de operatione solis. »
@ youtube -> it was you that have burned my: 15 video this morning: by 93 to 108? . Sun February 20, 2011 3:18:44 PT | | Failed (unable to convert video file). but yesterday were destroyed: the video also 269, 260, 263, 189? have been lost! | Failed (unable to convert video file). What's happening? again yesterday: Failed (unable to convert video file): This is a massacre! also all the videos from 243 to 257 have not been converted: they were been lost! ??????????????????????????????­­­??
@youtube --> I have lost in total: 34 videos and two days of work

[appeal to all mankind] the enlightened to give up monetary sovereignty-NWO, spontaneously, that would give up to the 3rd WWnuclear, it is essential to regenerate a new round money, this money of Satan and the "debt public", it Based to request of need, to do credit due to rebuilding for destruction of war, that has giving rise to the demand for bank credit. Only, if they arise, some to be, ReiUnius. One who can show that the riddle of [Table of Emerald]? he is the ReiUnius! it is essential that candidates declare themselves spontaneously on this page: for solving the riddle

@ MitchZer0II -> instead of pretending to be a bully in an attempt impossible, to discredit my ministry. In fact, God has thought my ministry in order to fortify it, for every attack / opposition against him. you shows of resolve, rather, the riddle of the [Emerald Tablet]. shows you, to be worthy of being the ReiUnius. Since only the King of Israel can bring peace to Palestine, and throughout the world, saving it, from the next nuclear holocaust. Since this is my truth: "I'd be happy to give this enormous responsibility, to someone who proves to be more suitable than me!"

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    [Saudi Arabia]511Leader :)Hi my friend. I am very impressed with your. You are a man a believer in God and this is very important... ** So I want to argue with you in matters of religious.. And also perceptions of Islam and Muslims and Arab countries .. We are friends, so I'm on and you are: Saying any question .. But above all: You are a Christian. Is your nationality Israeli patrols? Why live in Israel? Dear I want you to speak English British.. because I did not understand all the previous messages --CONCLUSION --> AT SOME POINT? he is so ashamed of his king: that: he had abbandorare this site: and the relationship with me, but he was an honest person!
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    TIME TO SAY GOODBYE to YouTube? With the new channel design in 2 days I think for many that is so..... musical tribute on my channel!
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    KingxKingdom said: God has a personal relationship of love: with me God has a personal relationship of love: With You I am NOT PROBLEM: What to KNOW HE Thinks of Me
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    is Tombstone: masonic system of banking seigniorage
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