ultimate weapon: ALIENS

R:@friend --> I'm happy to see you:

ok.little time and jewtube block also to in italy is the holocaust-day.political italians have make a hard law against who denies shoa.for those i say to you the time is short.i salute you my friend and save your new account.scese me for my bad english

[Rei Unius]

[Rei Unius] honestly I do not believe to be against anyone in this world.
if someone is not against all other

[Rei Unius] onestamente: io non credo di essere contro qualcuno in questo mondo.
se qualcuno non è contro tutti gli altri

1 / 2. Hi Lorenzo, How Have You Been Lately? What is the Most High One Saying to You? shalom .-- ANSWER -> [news revelation] @to all.-> Christian martyrs not have a solidarity by all those who want their religion, nationality, ideology as (one to be against other), that is, imperialism, to conquer the world. The most striking phenomenon is that the Indian government, the structure of which it is founded on slavery of 5000: social classes, motivated by the lie of reincarnation. Therefore, Christianity was destabilizing a society so satanic, and opposed to the principles of tolerance of Hinduism.

2 / 2. it is thanks to the Masons, that Christianity has managed to be only one religion and not a social-ideological. Or this world will be free, fast, & as soon as possible, of any ideology and imperialism (absolutely opposed to God's nature) or enlightened, destroy, very soon, through the 3rd WWnuclear, the whole human race. You have compassion on the Jews, protect them from the next holocaust, that the enlightened have planned against them! The Jews are the most frightened, in fact, can talk in youtube, only the agents of Mossad. I can not believe they are all racists, not to speak of seigniorage banking with us.

12/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS]

1/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] the 3°WWnuclear is indispensable, for hide the true/real responsibility of the collapse of the IMF; ie seigniorage banking of World Bank and for: refine their NWO. All the religions and all the comunists will killed: definitely, while, rise the age of the satanism, for the perfect enslavement of all the mankind, indeed, the micro-chip, or very-chip, or 666: is already ready! also: if the enlightened are jews, is own against: the jews, the their hate greater: for the final destruction of the seed of Adramo, and against the projects of God, ie, God would blessinhgs all the mankind. the enlightened are in the same position of invisible gods: against us & mankind, here because, the true/real designers of the Shoah, are own enlightened, why all the political and Governments are as, puppets in their hands: the their is a supernatural power: the same power of Satan!

2/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] What is the weapon strategic of the enlightened of US, in the: imminent 3°WWnuclear? the aliens obviously! the aliens have already demonstrated of be able intercept, too easily, the missiles intercontinentali and the their technology would, in overwhelming superiority, however useless, why the American-israeli in the: airspace, are currently can not be beaten: to reason of their satanism, that is higher: or of more higher of satanism other! moreover, satanist US not are christian and their fight against: troops marked by the curse, for have pursued on a global scale the: Christians, for have killing the: Christians to milioni, Christians that are persecuted, still without a real justification.. In this article, I will analyze, the because, only pilots, only pilots, with functions exorcism can win in a dogfight, against: 1.aliens; 2.American and israeli!

3/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] the aliens are the: demons of ever, to which the enlightened jew of IMF-NWO, has provided a genetic body Amended: their "GOLEM", ie Kabbala, therefore, only Christians Authenticity: and not: poisoned by the heresy of modernism-evolutionism, only their may be the: best pilots of caccia, for: the victory, in reference to control of the airspace. here because, Communists and Muslims, in a war against: the Satanists American: are almost always doomed to be of the losers, the why is not substantially their technology, but is satanism, why the satanismo of the American, is a satanism of higher grade/level, to each other satanism: as, is satanism comunism & Islamism. why both of these ideologies, they kill the: Christians: innocent. no one should have doubts on foundation satanic of these ideologies: as, on the higher truth of Christianity, on other truths.

4/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] here because, we are witnessing, to a bitter hatred, of the Zionists against Christianity through all their monopolies: Net Work: seigniorage banking, Governments that is, all that they have stolen from us, that is all! indeed, are the enlightened: ie lobby Jewish, ie IMF-NWO, ie World Bank: that: in this phase, as anti-Christian, are spreading also: l'Islam. all for destroyed the true/real faith Christian. are centuries that: enlightened are effectively managed to infiltrate in the: Catholic Church for make his corruption, by his dinternal for damage at the Heritage of the faith. *1. the aliens are the: "GOLEM" JEWISH, or of those angels, that: the haves lost: Their angelic body in their attempt of revolt against: God..why God has decided to give at man the his same divine nature. indeed, in Jesus Christ(he is true/real God, and true/real man):

5/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] this operation was feasible, and the Angels (superhuman) would have had to bow before men, that has been rendered more ontologically superior of them: is why the man they could be made divine: in faith. here because, Some angels and men (Hindus, Muslims jew Communists, ie the killers of Christians), envious and jealous: They did the rebellion against: God, and Were Transformed into demons, and they were deprived also: of Their angelic body.. *2. therefore, the demons: Have had by enlightened a genetically modified body, for enter into symbiosis with their flying saucers.. *3. is clear: as creatures "land" supernatural, The Aliens Have reached immediately, the: most of the technological development, However, because own, are aware of the divine nature of the true Christians, Their not can have the hope of be against to me, as to any true Christian.

6/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] indeed, I am the temple of the Holy Spirit, as a any other true/real Christian. *4. aliens are developed in 6 races, of different bodies, for: several specific functions, But 3 types: the upper (archangels seraphim cherubim), are left entirely spiritual. *5. Have developed a reproductive self: but they love to torment the humans. But, are can play in an unlimited: Their bodies: equally, as the head lice. *6.the aliens are, in true/real secret army of the American Satanists. Because their goal this time is not only, to win a war, but for submit definitely all mankind. but for achieve this objective, it must be destroyed, the true/real Christian faith, that is namely prior to Vatican II. *7. as, to win a dogfight, with freighter that: can handle speeds in excess of 20,000 km/h and his technology? a technical point of? impossible!

7/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] *8. here because, all the intercontinental nuclear warheads, could easily be stopped, if the goal of the enlightened, not was that to kill to mankind, for have only 500 million people, ie, of slaves.. *9. tHowever, is was possible 20 years ago, the killing of some flying saucers, why the: demons remain hypnotized paralyzed in front of the Christians, why their are: "temple of Holy Spirit". obviously, I am not speaking of the Christians that knew Muhammad, why their were Arian heretics at 90%, and I am not even speaking of the Christians today, the which are modernist heretics at 90%,But I speak of the biblical fundamentalist Christians as me, that they have activated the divine life, they know how to live for: faith their personal relationship with God, regardless of religion. Therefore, in our mental structure,

8/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] we are fully rational, as atheists, and we are not characterized by fanaticism and mental of dullsess that is typical of all the religious men, to Any of religion. why the Demon of the religion, of every religion, is opposed to the believer's personal relationship with God. *10. Is it possible to understand, what is the: true Christianity: the martyrs, that you kill, as, by my comments. *11. is indispensable to bring all the structures strategic: in underground and also: all the human settlements: in underground,why not only the explosion of many atomic bombs, the oxygen will burn, But Will used, quickly, on a global scale, huge quantities of chemical and bacteriological weapons, Therefore, the shelters must be independent and autonomous from the surface, for the domestic production of oxygen.

9/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] * 12. because you are a little devil: (Nazism, communism, Islamism, etc. ..), not: it can win the: more great demon, ie Zionism of enlightened: that is the Satanism more large, therefore, the air combat against: the American, Israeli and aliens: they can be won, only by pilots Christians spiritual activities. here because, the Muslims can never win a War Against Israel. *13. here because, all those that kill Christians, as: Muslims and Communists, are intended to be very respectful and protective for them and to recognize the right to freedom of religion.. why the: true Christianity not: is a phenomenon of mass, as is communism or Islam... But it can only be a predilection on the part of God. the aliens are a curse, fit/suit your wickedness, this is a nightmare that you deserve to live

10/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS]Those That God decides of not elect to Christianity? Their not: they can never understand thing is the Christianity! Only the Christians, That exceed the size of the religious, only their may have the comprehension of the management aware of his divine nature, that: only could give superiority, on the looming threat against: all the sinful mankind. Defending the: mankind, against: this supernatural threat of the Satanists (American of the Jewish loggy of enlightened) and their aliens. is a task/mission that only the true/real christins may perform. if Muslims and Communists want to overcome this huge threat that: will be from airspace? if they want to win: air combat against: aliens and Satanists(jews & American), their have indispensable need of putting in Their combat aircraft,

11/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] those Christians that: are biblical fundamentalists like me. I say this, with competence, having demonstrated to be of exorcist of success in all of youtube. indeed, than that: I have done in youtube? not: it could never have been possible only by a man.. the imminent 3°WWnuclear, as, each war, but more of each other war, but, will be fought & won, first on the spiritual-supernatural, and after the field of battle! but, why the enemy is too smart! if is aware of to win in combat against: the pilots true Christians: then, he not will begin the war, knowing of not being able to have the victory.. *14. How many millions of hibernating aliens, you can imagine, that: are scattered in all the: the planets of the solar system? *15.enlightened are ready operating, in fact they have all their structures below that is in the underground tunnels

12/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] outskool100 SAID: and jezus doesnt exist --ANSWER-> Jesus did not exist, because it says Marx? but Marx was jew, jew as was Stalin(although Marxism is a creation of the enlightened: it is an integral part of an old project for the destroy of christianity)! As a man Jesus that he died on the cross, as he had claimed to be the Messiah? He can not be denied historically! the said this and the can prove it! you will die this year along with that other murderess of [Kim Jong Il]. Indeed, I curse you in the name of Jesus! [CONCLUSION] 1°phase: to distribute the Bible to all.. 2°phase: Look on What boy is sits the Holy Spirit; 3° bring this young man to an awareness of the nature of the divine and its potential through the study of the my comments and of the teachings of Benny Hinn, etc. ...

@youtube -->

miracula Rei Unius" -- hallelujah- Glory to God! Jesus said, "you have heard? the "old saying": eye for eye, tooth for tooth, but I tell you ..." These racist of: Zionists, Hindus(the satanic lie of reincarnation) and Muslims, do not know God, and thus, their could not have had a evolution, in fact, all they miserable believe, That the concept of neighbor is a concept relegated, at their religion OR their race! Absurd, ridiculous IS impressive, considering like 2000 years of Christianity, for these "primitive" & "rough"? Not has had no civilization! Indeed, they are That often, are to carrying, at the ruin, all the whole human race. Here's why: I am a proud Catholic Christian and I love Benedict XVI. Good Sunday to all! hallelujah - Glory to God! Jesus is Lord!
YouTube would be better if they had driven all the prostitutes and Satanists: horror porno halloween ecc.. houseoffear/ houseofpain x incitement to suicide and the destruction of our youth! This youtube sucks! But YouTube is still disgusting for me!
@ to all, @ 1. competition; @ 2. contest; @ 3. concourse: ReiUnius only: it can be the King of Israel, which brings peace: all over the world, it is only him: who can build the Jewish temple: legally.
@ to all, @ 1. competition; @ 2. contest; @ 3. concourse: for all the users of YouTube to reveal the mystery of ["Emerald Tablet": that Was Written, for Our Day, in order: to Prevent the extinction of mankind]; who wins this contest? and then he'll will UniusRei for be able to Be: That will save all the human race: from extinction: Already scheduled for the: 3rd WWnuclear by: IMF-NWO.
AntiGravityLazer SAID: The ones who created Zionism-ENLIGHTENED, Masonry, Satanism are ALL Jewish. You Have Been doing EVIL Jews, These crimes since Ancient Times. It dates back to Babylon Where You Learned The Knowledge: of the Brain and started, Hypnotizing people: and destroying Nations. The Bible-Quran + Logic says "Jews = Satans" and Satans must be dead. your 16 million minority: Is Killing Billions: Every year of people. --ANSWER- what you say is very bad! because all people are innocent! Just for that, you've said, you has should understand that were: Satanists enlightened Jews, to design the Holocaust, not Hitler, because all politicians are just puppets in their hands! I am King of Israel & Mahdì!
I am Procuràtor Unìus Rèi: ie universal brotherhood= shalom + salam = love
Miracula Rei Unius or IMF-NWO-3°WWnuclear?
[1/2 "Super Saiyan" or lorenzojhwh?] I am the professor Lorenzo Scarola, a theologian, a man all too normal, that is, a man totally rational, which he believes to have a relationship with God, I am so normal and human, that I have nothing of supernatural or charismatic! But, someone might say: "You are a liar too, no one, until now, has done what you did!" [lol. I am so advanced, lol. I am forced to make me the questions alone] - ANSWER -- Eih, man, slow down! That power, which has been shown in me, that is metaphysics (philosophy of being or mystical rational) is not mine, but is of the my ministry policy, that this is the gift that God gave to me. In fact, everyone knows that every ministry can only be a gift from God! I'm sorry for atheists, lol. if they have different psychological problems, Why atheists have decided to have a strong & hard faith, to believe in negative, that have a lot of faith for belive in the not EXISTING of God: I understand that for atheists: lol. I should seem to them, as a "Super Saiyan". and I am sure of this: they prefer to believe in lorenzojhwh as a "Super Saiyan", lol. rather than having to admit the existence of God!
« Verum, sine mendacio certum et verissimum, quod est inferius, est sicut quod est superius, et quod est superius, est sicut quod est inferius: ad perpetranda miracula rei unius. Et sicut omnes res fuerunt ab uno, mediatione unius; sic omnes res natae fuerunt ab hac una re, adaptatione. Pater eius est sol, mater eius luna; portauit illud ventus in ventre suo: nutrix eius terra est. Pater omnis telesmi totius mundi est hic. Vis eius integra est, si versa fuerit in terram. Separabis terram ab igne, subtile a spisso, suaviter cum magno ingenio. Ascendit a terra in coelum, iterumque descendit in terram, et recipit vim superiorum et inferiorum. Sic habebis gloriam totius mundi. Ideo fugiat a te omnis obscuritas. Hic est totius fortitudinis fortitudo fortis; quia vincet omnem rem subtilem, omnemque solidam penetrabit. Sic mundus creatus est. Hinc erunt adaptationes mirabiles, quarum modus hic est. Itaque vocatus sum Hermes Trismegistus, habens tres partes philosophiæ totius mundi. Completum est quod dixi de operatione solis. »
@ youtube -> it was you that have burned my: 15 video this morning: by 93 to 108? . Sun February 20, 2011 3:18:44 PT | | Failed (unable to convert video file). but yesterday were destroyed: the video also 269, 260, 263, 189? have been lost! | Failed (unable to convert video file). What's happening? again yesterday: Failed (unable to convert video file): This is a massacre! also all the videos from 243 to 257 have not been converted: they were been lost! ??????????????????????????????­­­??
@youtube --> I have lost in total: 34 videos and two days of work

[appeal to all mankind] the enlightened to give up monetary sovereignty-NWO, spontaneously, that would give up to the 3rd WWnuclear, it is essential to regenerate a new round money, this money of Satan and the "debt public", it Based to request of need, to do credit due to rebuilding for destruction of war, that has giving rise to the demand for bank credit. Only, if they arise, some to be, ReiUnius. One who can show that the riddle of [Table of Emerald]? he is the ReiUnius! it is essential that candidates declare themselves spontaneously on this page: for solving the riddle

@ MitchZer0II -> instead of pretending to be a bully in an attempt impossible, to discredit my ministry. In fact, God has thought my ministry in order to fortify it, for every attack / opposition against him. you shows of resolve, rather, the riddle of the [Emerald Tablet]. shows you, to be worthy of being the ReiUnius. Since only the King of Israel can bring peace to Palestine, and throughout the world, saving it, from the next nuclear holocaust. Since this is my truth: "I'd be happy to give this enormous responsibility, to someone who proves to be more suitable than me!"

♰AMEN♛ ME­­­­NE TECHEL PERES you shall wash it with your blood: in Jesus's name!

@RACIST ZIONIST ISLAMIST Masons elite leader & all accomplices of the IMF-NWO

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    TIME TO SAY GOODBYE to YouTube? With the new channel design in 2 days I think for many that is so..... musical tribute on my channel!
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    KingxKingdom said: God has a personal relationship of love: with me God has a personal relationship of love: With You I am NOT PROBLEM: What to KNOW HE Thinks of Me
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    is Tombstone: masonic system of banking seigniorage
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    @ youtube google Satanists -> come out forth: from behind your computer: coward of a coward! in that sect a Masonic: swore you went too? --> vieni fuori: da dietro il tuo computer: codardo di un vigliacco! un quale setta massonica sei andato a giurare anche tu?
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    CIA IMF: @youtube satanists google --> jews gay: 7 Marzo fuck.

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    Synnek1 posted a comment 2 hours ago lier lol ...>;-) - ANSWER-> why you say that: google and youtube are not cursed Masons: too: also them? Maybe you're one of them? .. -ANSWER-> perché tu dici: che: google e youtube: non sono dei maledetti massoni: anche loro? forse tu sei uno di loro?
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    @IcefireofSnowClan --> subterranean cities? are ready: is prepare: the extinction of every form of life on the planet ... you all have less than two years of life
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    IcefireofSnowClan --> But it is precisely what the IMF wants: namely to reduce the democratic features of youtube ma, è proprio quello che il FMI vuole: cioè ridurre la funzionalità democratica di youtube
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    Man, getting stupid Google to listen is like trying to make conversation with a rock......... I already made a ZippCast account to prepare for that HORRIBLE day
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    i am Unius REI and king of Israel the only hope for mankind

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[China] -> the money? is not a commodity: how say in the academics: university, namely, the Masons: traitors! but is a conventional element: namely, spiritual element: ie, the Satanism: ideological and practical: the banking seigniorage: stolen by the rabbis Pharisees: of IMF. that's what: has deprived of sovereignty: all Peoples! like this: Satanists do not: they can take: the control of the planet: if: first they would not "purify" the surface of the planet itself! you must prepare the killer for Rothschild, etc. .. there is not: another solution!
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@boy girl: guy: -->before: that you can belong: at any religion? you must first learn: to be a man! when: you have learned: to be a man? Then, you'll understand: that: you can: not: belong: to a religion, but to God alone! boy .. Girl: Man: Woman: you have many problems? this is obvious: "you not have know God: personally! but if you did not know: God personally? you have failed: the purpose: of your life! God makes: no: distinction of persons, if you'll be honest: as, has speak to Abraham? he will speak to you: also: of course!
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Ciao amico, felice di conoscerti, mi sono iscritto.
Un saluto dall'Italia Cattolica.
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@JHWH --> ✰.TERRIBILIS  EST LOCUS ISTE HIC DOMUS DEI EST IANUA CAELI ✰ ((❤)). I am UniusRei & Mahdì that is king of Israel
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@24199312 ie mistafield --> CIA shit.. burns: your entire kingdom of satan .. everything falls to pieces!

I know: what does is this: ridiculous suspicion: that: the Catholic Church is Satanist? The Illuminati is a group of IMF trying: to bring: the downfall: in the Catholic Church, and in the World: secret services: corporations: freemansory, Wiccans, occultists .. all shits. my kingdom is built on universal brotherhood and still stands: on the principle of freedom. I am the: unius monarchy. Finally, it's "AN Legality of the monarchy: all for freedom and the truth,, not" occult A monarchy: as NWO-IMF ".
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@enlightened Masons, Satanists, governments, elite, Jewish lobby, Zionist, sharia, predators and children of the devil, they read me, and they know very well me all very good! They were all happy to suck: the blood: of the people. but this is before, that, I came to remember their, all the cries of the hell. I am Unius REI: all rebels: will all be punished: in a mode severe, even with death!
SATANISTS consider: Satan an equally: powerful power: that is: not evil, but the representation: of a fun-loving: and indulgent life, while in reality it is the worst cancer: they do not have a future: no, in mode individual: no, in mode social! when you failed? What you do for good for the State? criminal parasite?
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@IHateNEWLAYOUT --- lol. you had been punished: for your words bad: those against me! But, I was sure: came: to come out: again! now? you not: abuse of my goodness, now, otherwise? I make put to you: back in detention! tu eri stato punito: per le tue parolacce: dette contro me! ma, io ero sicuro: di poterti fare sboccare: di nuovo! adesso? tu non approfitare: della mia bontà: adesso, altrimenti? io faccio mettere te: di nuovo in punizione!
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@ Benedict XVI -> friend. lol. i hope: that: everyone: that: are angry: against me?: take the heart attack! strong!
six-pointed star: on flags of Israle? six-six-six: sex: sex: sex? lol. 666 Rothschild star? pointed: of IMF: star on my holy Israel? has never been the star of David! in fact, is the star of Rothschild ... He Did not make: it through the first part. Go watch Esoteric Agenda. And refute that shit. ONLY the Zionists: could invent the slander: of "Christian Nazis" or That Jesus: the jew: Is The Enemy Of His Jews. Anti-Semitism: as, zionism? only one Satanism: is!
if you fail to believe: to my love and my respect for you and for everyone: you? I can not do anything to save your lives!

se, voi non riuscite a credere: al mio amore: e al mio rispetto per voi: e per ognuno: di voi? io non posso fare nulla: per salvare la votra vita!
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@ To all: Governments, Politicians, Religions, freemasons, industrial, Jews, notaries, leaders, elites, all rich - :: What do they want: fake enlightened Jews: rabbis kakam, of the true: synagogue of satan, for: seigniorage banking? do harm to all the peoples: so people will hurt : against you: and then: 666 322 Illuminati? they laugh over all: for they make: the gods invisible: and we all, take in the ass! will a lot of blood flow: If you do not find this: solution: of unius Rei: for new IMF

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[23/08/11] BELZATAN1 said: SIAMO QUA DA MILLENNI: OR SONO...E CE NE STAREMO: ALTRETTANTI..FINO A QUANDO: LE ORDE DEI VOSTRI ANGELI: NoN SARANNO CACCIATI IN CULO: ANCHE: DAL PARADISO...E SARà NOSTRO: PURE QUELLO. MESSA(satanica) PER TE COGLIONE CRISTIANO.. ecc.. ! --ANSWER-->lol. la tua messa? mi ha aiutato parecchio! quando: me ne fai un'altra? è strano però: sentire dire queste cose: da chi dichiara di essere un ateo!
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♚MENE♛TECHEL♛PERES♚]★Jehovah★-­rapha (the Lord who heals)
[♚MENE♛TECHEL♛PERES♚]★Jehovah★­-Nissi (The Lord Our Banner)
[♚MENE♛TECHEL♛PERES♚]★Jehovah★­-Shalom (The Lord Our Peace)
[♚MENE♛TECHEL♛PERES♚]★Jehovah★­-ra-ah (the Lord my shepherd)
[♚MENE♛TECHEL♛PERES♚]★Jehovah★­-shammad (the Lord is present)
[♚MENE♛TECHEL♛PERES♚]★Jehovah★­-Elohim (the Lord God)
El Elyon (the Most High God)
Adonai (our master)
El Olam (Everlasting God)
El Shaddai (Almighty God, Who Gives me my strength)
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@ Archangel777Catholic -> Satanists believe: that: because, Jesus died on the cross, we too: Christians, we are the predestined victims: of their violence: of all, they know nothing: of power: of force: 1. power of love: and, 2. power of the sword! Satanist refused: Jesus Christ: that is dead to them, and now, sit risen: at the right hand: of His Father: YHWH: for them? Then, will: their moment: of dying in an infinite destruction: why, the fruit of sin is always death!

@apocalisse 21,5 --> 666 sex sex sex
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[Open letter: to Saudi Arabia] if: we have been loved: of an everlasting love: by God: that: he has created us all: in his wonderful: image and likeness: the unique and one only: marvelous: the family of mankind? that: importance may have: where were you born?: your religion? or anything else? if: then: your religion: prevents: this love of ours? So: you're no longer: the son of Abraham, thou art the son of Satan! se: noi siamo stati amati: di un amore eterno: da Dio: che: ha creato tutti noi: a sua meravigliosa immagine e somiglianza: la unica: e meravigliosa: famiglia del genere umano? che: importanza: può avere: dove sei nato?: la tua religione? o tutto il resto? se: poi: la tua religione impedisce: questo nostro amore? allora: tu non sei più: il figlio di Abramo: tu sei il figlio di satana!
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Commento al tuo video: ISRAEL the BIGGEST TERRORIST STATE jblcva said:@humanumgenus Blame it all on the Jews. Typical... There are good and bad in all races of people. But nobody in history has been persecuted throughout time like the descendants of Jacob (Israel) Satan will once again purge many. He knows the end of this current evl age is upon us.. -- answer-> I am the king of Israel and Palestine: every life is precious to me! only: I can kill: the Palestinians: You? no!

Bless Be Name of The LORD: JHWH
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[India? the most criminal country in the world!] you have spat: on the tomb of Gandhi! [Inde? ! le pays le plus criminel dans le monde] que vous avez craché: sur la tombe de Gandhi! [भारत? गांधी की कब्र पर दुनिया में सबसे आपराधिक देश] तुम विवाद है! [India? ! el país más criminal del mundo] que ha escupido: en la tumba de Gandhi! [India? il più criminale paese del mondo!] voi avete sputato sulla tomba di Gandhi!
humanumgenus (1 sett. fa)
[Open letter: to Saudi Arabia] does not exist in me, any, form: of: selfishness or: greed or ambition .. I am only: a: hermit in the desert! Satanists? gave up: stop: two years ago to look for: in me a weakness! non esiste: in me nessuna forma: di: egoismo: o di: avidità: o di: ambizione.. io sono soltanto: un: eremita: nel deserto! i satanisti? hanno rinunciato: due anni fa: a cercare: in me: un lato debole! [رسالة مفتوحة: إلى المملكة العربية السعودية] لا وجود لها في نفسي، بأي شكل من الأشكال،: من: الأنانية أو: الطمع أو الطموح .. أنا فقط: أ: ناسك في الصحراء! عبدة الشيطان؟ تخلى: STOP: قبل عامين للبحث عن: في لي نقطة ضعف!
humanumgenus (1 sett. fa)
Commento al tuo video: Satanic Hindu & Indian government of criminals Where God Weeps Orissa India
LoudBinay said: The crimes have happened due to freedom of speech and freedom to religion... which uneducated people are not ready for. What the hell is wrong with you (Christians)??? if you wanna teach people... go ahead. If you wanna feed people.. go ahead. If you wanna improve their lives... go ahead dude... but why ask them to convert and poison their minds about Hindu's / muslim practices, etc. I am a Hindu Brahmin, but I often visit church as I like it... Yes I do ... but I hate the propagation bit... AMEN. -ANSWER-> YOU ARE A PREDATOR DEMON! a parasite: on the working: of poor: facts as your slaves: Untouchables: pariah! go in the hell : [India? the most criminal country in the world!] you have spat: on the tomb of Gandhi!
humanumgenus (1 sett. fa)
[Open letter: to Saudi Arabia] when I love? I love you with all: My heart! in this way: God has done me: the my being: of Unius REi! since: God has loved each: of us: with an everlasting love!
[Lettre ouverte: à l'Arabie Saoudite], quand je t'aime? Je t'aime avec tout: Mon cœur! de cette manière: Dieu m'a fait: le mon être: des unius REi! depuis: Dieu a aimé chacun: de nous: d'un amour éternel!
[رسالة مفتوحة: إلى المملكة العربية السعودية] عندما أحبك؟ أحبك مع كل شيء: قلبي! في هذا السبيل: والله لم يفعل لي: كوني: من Unius REI! منذ: لقد أحب الله كل: واحد منا: مع الحب الأبدي!
humanumgenus (1 sett. fa)
666 Illuminati @ kakam rabbis of IMF: synagogue of satan - you resign! If this ugly story of the IMF: I do not close it: peacefully? would be closed anyway: in a dramatic way! God has said: "Enough." now you can say no, but tomorrow When you see your children: as day? You can no longer? Say "yes"!
@death666nemesis -- that: dignity or respect is in satan? You're an abomination! che: dignità o rispetto c'è in satana? tu sei un abominio! --Objet :AMEN. Alleluia I have done the wrong to all those criminals who toppled the cross ♰♰ CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB ♰"Drink your poisons made by yourself"♰
@ kailia666 - boy, you have rejected: those who he wanted to suffer: for you: ie: to pay for all: your sins! Now?, you will have to suffer all: what: that is your responsibility: the hell

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Lorenzojhwh King x Kingdom
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Jesu's nationalism against satan's synagoghe & babilon tower
││Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital
││of the Jewish People! The City of
││G-d & our King David!
││@at World - Im Mahdì King of
││Israel & ReiUnius: ie the highest
││authority of all political and
││spiritual of all history mankind.
││ I order in the name of Jesus of
││Bethlehem. The ruin of all those
││who have something bad can
││do harm to others in youtube.
││"Amen" is forced to say the Holy
││Spirit of YHWH, against his own
││will. Everyone the bad?
││will be solely responsible
││for his own life, why this ministry
││political and theological of
││universal brotherhood? can not
││be stopped! in my kingdom which
││has already begun? there is not
││a job that Satan can do in all
││world! rebels will be punished!
I swear in the name of Jesus: I swear by the living YHWH of Abraham, who: 1.enlightened; 2.lobby Jewish; 3.massoneria: will pay for this crime, with the Lives of Their Children. Who can say now that lorenzojhwh not have the legal right to kill?
*♰*1° the 332 Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament.
*♰*Revelation which speaks of: micro chip, modern weapons and the Internet. * I has tied the foot of the cross of Christ: all the demons and the men of this damn planet by sin! .✙
♛[[the end]] the money? is more than a symbolic element "is spiritual!": but the Jews, Satanists, the "Illuminati or enlightened, and Compay Rothschild666, Bush322". have made a "merchandise" (so, who we are become "commodity" means, "enslaved" all whole human race! see: EzraPound and Giacinto Auriti .. That's why, from the French Revolution (through the invention of the "Assigned") they have control of the world ... and have the NWO by the foundation of the Bank of England ... since it is money is an ideal value and conventional: that is, spiritual: the money can not be bought or sold ... here, because we are now, under the ideological and practical Satanism: the bank seigniorage, whose function is the predation of peoples, through all the wars that are necessary to regenerate a new IMF: since the cost of money: is equal to 270%, then the destruction or the war: they are an indispensable institutional: ie an arrangements istitutional ♔
✙ money in all world? is a scam Jewish= bank seigniorage! So, everything is fake! Also the 3rd World War nuclear. is already written for stabilized at 500 million the human race ✙ nuclear war is a scam as the 11-09. there are no enemies, but only accomplices mason because the NWO is already completed ✙You will be dead in 2015 with all people because all the powerful of this world are Satanists!
I am the greatest supporter:
I am universal brotherhood the greatest supporter of: 1. Jewish temple of biblical Israel by Moses(before the Talmud); The most deadly enemy of Zionism and its bloody bank seigniorage (IMF). yes this is true we christians are jews in a way! I am an Italian who has the heart in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem Isaiah 2,1-3 / 56,6-7 says: "The Jewish Temple will be called home for all peoples", which Satanists Zionists: enlightened want to build them to celebrate Satan.
The infallible teaching of the popes was not heard:
1 -against: Masonry =
"humanumgenus" 2 -against: bank seigniorage = "quadragesimo anno""
3 -after:(a)inquisition, (b)centuries of complaints,(c)considering enormous losses of human lives, the church was closed in the sacristy. Now, the occult powers have control our institutions!
♔ 1° metaphysics Embassy of the Kingdom of God♔to do enter the kingdom of God all the atheists Bless!
♔ *"lorenzojhwh" is the King of Israel
Ethiopia Sudan Egypt Jordan Lebanon Palestine Syria Iraq Kuait. not exclude the neighboring nations who want to join for. in my reign: no one will pay taxes. ♔ *"humanumgenus" is "Rei Unius" the President metaphysical whole human race:
lorenzojhwh will give all the money that every country/nation in the world will need: gratis. ♔*"ShalomGerusalemme" is the Mahdi
✙CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB is virus deadly AMEN "Drink your poisons made by yourself"✙
I am, that door metaphysics, secular positive natural, rational justice, to open to all honest men and atheists (from first to last man) the heaven in Jesus' name. Amen Alleluia
*♛♰ *those who reject my love? They will be eternally damned because I am "The Metaphysical"! ♛♰
Don't Worship Idols -
Your Rei Unius: lorenzojhwh will never abandon you!
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Executioner Pakistan & sharia cursed! enough, enough, with your torture and death sentences! the innocent Asia Bibi, was forced by her colleagues to convert to Islam, forced to give a justification of his faith. Asia Bible said only: "Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and not Muhammad. " You are monsters, demons, and you are at service of satanallah, and not the one true God who spoke to Abraham what you know. Will be also your hour of be punished: of course! by my UnisRei3

All Muslim nations are criminals too, for not admit the genocide of the Christian people! In fact, the Turks still can not admit the genocide of all Armenians & of the whole nation. is a true miracle that the Copts have survived at 1500 years of bloodshed in Egypt
BringBackTheCross --- Muslims believe that Christians are polytheists. therefore, the Christians have no hope of being forgiven by Allah because of the sin of idolatry. Killing Christians (though held in a state of servility and contempt) is a lesser evil, because in this way, it is not infected, the social fabric and will not be damned: the whole nation. This is the strategy of double standards: if they are a political minority? they interpret the role of pacifism and tolerance. However, it is always violent fundamentalism to take control when they come to control a region because of their prolificacy: facilitated by the subjection of the woman who is married at a young age.
✙ ♥ ♔
what is written in my comments is like a medicine. has the same effect as the Word of God, for those who unfortunately do not yet believe in her ✙ ♥ ♔
Noble Quran18:29 Say, "The truth is from your Lord": Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject (it): for the wrong-doers We have prepared a Fire whose (smoke and flames), like the walls and roof of a tent, will hem them in: if they implore relief they will be granted water like melted brass, that will scald their faces, how dreadful the drink! How uncomfortable a couch to recline on!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
@Enlightened+Satanists+free­­mason: lol.You're suffering because you are stubborn. satanists and all sinners rebels are monstrously retarded they are like those fish that are killed by fishhook, because it is hidden by the worm tasty. Damn bad selfish: why, what are they doing out of the cemetery? Drink your poisons made by yourself! Amen with a mathematical calculation of averse of Revelation I can show how the 2/3 of the human race, are counted to hell with you. And the bank seigniorage, much has been written in the Bible,Revelation 6.6 here says: "I saw a black horse and he that sat on him had a pair of scales in his hand. [6] And I heard a voice in the midst of four beasts "A measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny Oil and wine are not wasted". Now go cursed. at your condemnation. Amen. BUT YOU GO DOWN While I GO ON

*`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´Proud Catholic (Cattolico fedele e fiero)!!!
{--***♥-==-♥°I LOVE JESUS°♥-==-♥***--}
I love you!"✙ ♥ ♔ Shalom-Shlomo-Shlama :)
Città natale:
[✙♥]Celestial Jerusaleml[♥✙]
teologo patriota
from 5 centuries, Jewish bankers: Satanists and murderers have:♛♰♛ ♔ ♚ ♛❤♛♰♔♛♰♛♔ 1. invented the shaped all our institutions. ♔♛♰♛♔ 2. created democracy and communism, ♔♛♰♛♔ 3. swept the Church, monarchs: only opponent, to the boundless power of the monopoly of money. ♔♛♰♛♔ 4. reduced man to an animal (relativism subjectivism), destroying the foundation of metaphysics(natural law). ♔♛♰♛♔ 5. system based on the "majority" that is shaped by their media. ♔♛♰♛♔ 6. designed all the wars from the French revolution onwards. ♔♛♰♛♔ 7.Scientism is a concept of criminal science, transformed into a religion. the ideological evolutionism is a crime against science and peoples, because the skeletons of nephillim, trees prehistoric "polistrate Fossil" vertically through all the alleged ages of our planet (are demonstrated flood uniersale), manufactured refined metallurgical: in coal etc. ... as are Satanists they who have taken control of the people? Now, are soul satanic of the world, with many organizations already have their secret NWO. but, SOS: Hon. Giulietto Chiesa: demonstrates why we are very near to the 3rd World War, Stop at pornography, vulgarity, diversions! Let us return to God that has mercy on us
A new metaphysical humanistic and personalistic: universal brotherhood, a new idea of progress should serve the needs of all people of this planet. The earth will no longer be plundered by few satanist: thieves murderers enlightened freemasons. the crime of seigniorage is too big and obvious, it makes a mockery of the constitution that does not include the sell-off of monetary sovereignty, but with government can not talk about it, why he can not destroy himself, all the politicians have betrayed the people. By day they go to church, are the Fascists or Communists, at night are all under the cabin of Freemasonry, and all adore "bafomet [✙ ♥ ♔] Light and Love from Jerusalem! [✙ ♥ ♔]-Shalom Shlomo-Shlama:) Aramic Syriac & Assyrian lol:) [✙ ♥ ♔ SALAM ✙ ♥ ♔] the logic of the NWO is hide the collapse of the IMF for 2012 in nuclear war
Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission are a small part of that structure that includes: Satanism Freemasonry SpA they have already reached the goal, but it only to will improved with the 3rd WWnuclear, of fact the French Revolutionis is been the creation of modern "assigned" or bank seigniorage or nominal money. This is been the relentless rise of enlightened for their NWO-IMF. Possession of each resource is in their hands, without the intervention of God? Their objective will be achieved Nothing in metaphysical Lawrence is excellent! he is a little man, normal. You can not have an understanding of love for him? He will love you also! is written:"mercy is beyond all legal proceedings". Who comes to me with humility? I will not cast or humiliate him. Even those who were "enlightened" ones, will have a home in Israel. lorenzojhwh is ready to weep with you. God told me recently:"The fault is not of man, the fault is just of the devil". I said:"Lord, I do not understand this, but if you say so, I believe". So, we all have a great need of: cry, cry, cry, asking to God's forgiveness and of men. Only because of its unique position in the history of mankind, This little man is lorenzojhwh is the metaphysical principle is the brother of all: universal brotherhood. He is the demonstration of justice and universal truths. If another man would have been more important to him? Then God would not have chosen him! Whether we will have nuclear war? Humanity will begin with the Pygmies of new! ✙ Here, in YOUTUBE, there are millions of porn movies and horror at the destruction of children. God asked me to prophesy Isaiah 63,1-6 against you, against the politicians and against youtube. you want to ruin the young? Since I am here with LORENZOJHWH... will end in tragedy for you. So, you're in for a hell of fire! Let us return to God who has mercy on us! God has ordered me a warning for you, because you want to be punished now?
Have you ever thought about whether the commandments of the Word of God apply to us today?God's teaching and loving instruction seemed so important in the days of the Israelites; why does it seem that it was only for that time?Do you feel yourself coming alive as the Spirit of the Living God breathes His breath into your dry bones?(Ezekiel 37:4-5).Is the Kingdom of God here and now for real? These are questions that we have asked God and He is faithful to teach. We are living in a time when we are seeing the restoration of all things(Acts 3:21) through our Savior, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) the Messiah, as we are learning to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."So He made you go hungry. Then he gave you manna, a kind of food that you and your ancestors had never even heard about. The Lord was teaching you that people need more than food to live; they need every word that the Lord has spoken." (Deut. 8:3). ✙ Rei♥Unius♔ What is below is like what is up / and what is above is like what is down / to make the miracles of one thing. / And since all things come from and, through the mediation of a, / so all things were born from this unique thing by adaptation. ✙ ♥ ♔ WELCOME in my LIVE! LOVE!✙ Rei♥Unius♔[✙ ♥ ♔] ✙ ♥ ♔ WELCOME in my LIVE! ✙ ♥ ♔ alleluia! ♛♰ ALLELUIA! ✙ ♥ ♔ Halleluja ♛♰ Halleluja ✙ ♥ ♔ سبحوا الرب ✙ ♥ ♔ аллилуйя ♛♰ Алилуя! ✙ ♥ ♔ 哈里路亚 ♛♰ 할렐루야 ✙ ♥ ♔ הללויה ♛♰ αλληλούια ✙ ♥ ♔ Haleluya ✙ ♥ ♔ Алилуја ✙ ♥ ♔ سبحان الله ✙ ♥ ♔ bài hát ca ngợi ✙ ♥ ♔ elhamdülillah ✙ ♥ ♔ אַללעלויאַ {--***♥-==-♥°I LOVE JESUS°♥-==-♥***--} "amour inconditionnel" *+* The State which has a tax levy and that it is not able to make it absolutely and completely gratis: 1. Education; 2. care:assistance health; 3. structure and administration of justice. Is a state That is a tyrannical regime, is complicit of the usurer jew of the IMF. This lorenzojhwh, the King of Israel, the Mahdi exorcist, the metaphysical principles and universal: just him is he that promises to all mankind of the world this. [✙ ♥ ♔]Light and Love from Jerusalem! l:) ♛♰♛ ✙If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior I am here to tell you that Jesus loves you. He loves you so much that He gave His life for you. God the Father also loves you. He loves you so much that He gave His only Son for you by sending Him to the cross. At the Cross Jesus died in your place. Taking upon Himself all of your sins and all of my sins. He was judged for our sins and paid the price for our sins. Therefore our sins will never be held against us. Right where you are, you now have the opportunity to make the greatest decision in your life. To accept the free gift of eternal life by truly believing that Jesus Christ died for you. So wherever you are, pause to reflect on what Christ has done for you and say to the Father, "Father, I believe that your Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins." ♥ ♔ consecration to the Heart of the whole human race ✙ ♥ ♔ I am a political ministry and of evangelization in power for the liberation of peoples from occult powers: imperialism zionism racism sharia masonry seigniorage banking. fraud of: evolution network NWO spirit guides NewAge reptilians ufo aliens extraterrestrials syncretism horoscopes superstition S.p.A. ✙ ♥ ♔ I have devoted page ShalomGerusalemme: to my Muslim brothers. I hope that they have 100 Mahdi, every year for their protection. ✙ ✙ ♥ ♔ the fact that I am a Christian is important at a personal level, for me. But, in my ministry, I have to restore: "mainly". the religion of Moses and then restore, in their purity, all other religions. I hate the proselytizing. I was not called to evangelize. Why many Christians were shocked of me? mine is a political ministry I am the king of Israel(if to someone can be useful) I am the man, because all people, even atheists, can be easily identifiable themselves, with me. The Holy Spirit of God dwells in me. only for a universal political mission. If I can not respond politically? I will sweep away any other system existing on the planet for 2012, after the massacre of nuclear war? the world will full of believers! This IS a VERY BAD TIME for all REBELS [Mene+Techel+Peres] CSPB CSSM LNDSMD VRSNS MVSMQ LIVB=drink your poisons made by yourself Amen Alleluia