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venerdì, ottobre 12, 2018

I can not prevent it!


Non appena Giosuè era morto

511Leader Iscritto 49 iscritti 5560 visualizzazioni video Sfoglia video Cerca Video caricati Attività Commenti Commenta questo canale hoosha nasseri ha pubblicato un commento 3 mesi fa TRUTH...................... !! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 7 mesi fa how are you? you my friend? CreationReal ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ المسلمين> سيأتي يوم : الصهاينة : أرباب العمل لدينا : رسوم سك العملات المصرفية، وهذا هو سيد كل العالم وNWO بهم، وهذا هو اللوبي اليهودي : أنها لا تخفي أكثر، ذكي جدا، كل ما تبذلونه من الأعمال الوحشية ، التي ، كنت ضد المسيحيين الأبرياء؟ وسيأتي يوم، ومع ذلك، أن جميع هذه الجرائم الخاصة بك ، سيظهر، لأن جميع الحكومات مسلم : وكان من المقرر، لتصبح مثل CreationReal ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa ايران والمملكة العربية السعودية، الخ... وهذا هو ، وسوف تكون جميع المتطرفين، مثل : العراق، ليبيا، فلسطين، الخ... وبهذه الطريقة ، أن اليهود غسل ضمائرهم، عن كل الجرائم التي قاموا به ضد الفلسطينيين، لأنه سيكون واضحا للجميع... كان لا بد للتو ، والإبادة ، وعلى جميع المسلمين ، وإلغاء، من القرآن في كل العالم. CreationReal ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ Freemasonry, Zionists, sharia, Satanists, enlightened, NWO, IMF, seigniorage banking, Communists: They are all racist, ie all anti-Christs! fuck! WARNING! You Have Betrayed your Creator what you're about to receive: for ever? it is more than 1000 times, all the horror movies put together! [♰] amen said: in Jesus's name. I has done: to all the wrong: Those Criminals Who Toppled the cross [MENE Techel PERES] CSPBCSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB "Drink your poisons made ​​by yourself." You are all lost "Luke19.27. I am: ♥ Mahdi, THAT IS: ReiUnius ♰: &: ♥ King: OF: Israel: CreationReal ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @-muslims> But as you can make a caliphate: to win a war impossible, if you buy the money from the Jews, for 200% of the ITS value, ie the bank seigniorage (100% of the ITS value), plus debt: public , another (ITS 100% of value), But that's the money in your pocket, That says, as you are slaves of the Jews Satanists, you are Satanists of sharia, down of other super Satanists @-muslims> but as you can make a caliphate: to win a war impossible, if you buy the money from the Jews, for 200% of its value, ie the bank seigniorage (100% of its value), plus debt: public (100% of its value), but that's the money in your pocket that says, as you are slaves of the Satanists, Jews, Satanists and other super Satanists CreationReal ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @-muslims> That this is the operation will be made​​: against you. is a winning strategy: as against: Nazi, the Catholic monarchies, etc. .. then, Garibaldi has made ​​the unity of Italy, thanks to the Freemasons, and the "corruption" of the generals of the "Two Sicilies", who Were paid to do win HIM, etc.. .. one side are the bad: that is you: and you're really bad, in fact, You Deserve to be exterminated! Because of the atrocities you do Every Day Against the innocent Christians, Which, for you are slaves, traitors, idolaters, Criminals, etc ... The Other Side? are the "good", That the Democracies of human rights, etc.. .. Too bad: that the nations and peoples? do not see: the banking seigniorage, Because then: Would see: the false Democracies, of: Zionists, Satanists and Freemasons. CreationReal ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @muslims-> enlightened are replacing all the your moderate and secular governments, with those fundamentalists ... because there is someone among you who believe that war can be won against the IMF: seigniorage banking. -NWO: enlightened ... Hitler also believed @muslims-> gli illuminati stanno sostituendo tutto tutti i tuoi Governi laici e moderati con quelli fondamentalisti... perché tra di voi c'è qualcune che crede che può essere vinta la guerra contro il NWO-FMI... anche Hitler ci credeva Chiron282 ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa الإسلام هو الخداع. humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 5/6[ReiUnius perfect of Isaiah 32] (held consistent for accounting fraud), the 3rd WWnucleare, is inevitable, for December 2012. Uniquely, the ReiUnius, ie, an extraordinarily Commissioner, may replace the current (criminal and satanic) IMF, with a new monetary system, based no longer on the criminal money, of course, but, on the one owned by the carrier. Yes, this is the only way! But, just the natural law was given by God to Adam and of course, at every man for being there, that is, rational intelligence, that it imperiously destroying the relativism and demonstrates the EXISTING of God, rational, since the existence of any universal, is the revelation of the meaning of all things, the very meaning of human existence: 1. the "truth" is: "Do not lie!" humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 6/6[ReiUnius perfect of Isaiah 32] 2. "justice", "Do not do evil to another, that he is as yourself, if do not want to receive evil. " This is the metaphysics of natural law, and it only her, can give the correct interpretation of: 1. Religions, 2. philosophical & political systems, 3. governments, and, therefore, all the sacred texts, finally the right interpretation, to set international relations, among all people of humanity, the truth of the law, which is equality, the negation of any prejudice: discrimination and racism , in the sanctity of basic human rights, starting with its most important right: the right to freedom of religion. Therefore, if you do not want to obey my authority? you all perish: very soon! ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa ciao amico mio, io ti voglio bene! lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa إذا، غير معطوب المسيحية في ذلك : لبدعة : من : الحداثة مذهب التطور، إذا والمسيحية : (هو) لم تتضرر في الخارج : عن : الإسلام، والشيوعية، الخ، اباحي، الإلحاد.. والشيطانية والأجانب، وأنها لن تفرض بالتأكيد : تجسد لنا، نظامهم المستنير، أي القوى الشيطانية على البشرية : أي ، NWO. أنا ReiUnius و أعوذ تحالفات مع جميع الناس يكافحون من أجل أن تكون حرة KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> friend, you will see of die (prematurely), many important people & rich, all over the world: leaders, elite, Masons, ex-ministers, etc. .. of course: in Jesus's name! I hope that you will be alive next week! Why, if the Holy Spirit of God does not kill for me, a lot of human excrement, as I can realize true freedom of religion: therefore, of course: the universal brotherhood? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1 / 2 [the prophet Jonah] intuitively: God speaks at the heart also of atheists, if they have a clear conscience. Today, God has told me: "see the book of Jonah prophet? is the classic religious racist, cynical and hypocritical: the Religious of any religion! they are almost all like that!" But in this book of the prophet Jonah, they understand my character! The men of Nineveh were so sinful, idolatrous, perverted, etc. .. that I should have burned: them all, as in Sodom: of course! But then, they have done all repentance, conversion and fast! because I should not forgive their repentance? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2 / 2 [the prophet Jonah] Why are people of every religion are so racist and murderers among them? I'm not so, I have not taught these things! "Why is there not still the true freedom of religion in the world? Maybe I can not punish whoever I want? But it is always the mercy, that has the best on the trial. Because what man would not be destroyed by the trial? and who could escape his trial, he do a trial unfair / violent against his brother? "Who is like a criminal? the man who seeks his own way to make a cult to me? " KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> 1/2[Giona il profeta] intuitivamente: Dio parla anche. al cuore, degli atei, se loro hanno una coscienza pura. Oggi Dio ha detto ha me: "vedi il libro di Giona? Giona è il classico religioso razzista, cinico e ipocrita: i religiosi di ogni religione? loro sono quasi tutti così!"Ma in questo libro del profeta Giona, si comprende la mia indole! I niniviti erano così peccatori, idolatri, perversi, ecc.. che io avrei bruciato tutti loro, così come a Sodoma: certamente! Ma poi, loro hanno fatto tutti pentimento, conversione e digiuno! perché io non dovevo perdonare il loro pentimento? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> 2/2[Giona il profeta] Perché gli uomini di ogni religione sono così razzisti ed assassini tra di loro? Io non sono così, io non ho insegnato queste cose!" Perché non c'è ancora la vera libertà di religione in tutto il mondo? Forse che io non posso punire chi voglio? Ma è sempre la misericordia che ha la meglio sul giudizio. Poiché quale uomo non sarebbe annientato dal giudizio? e chi potrebbe sfuggire al suo giudizio, se lui ha sottoposto a un giudizio iniquo il suo fratello?" ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa I need more faith to believe in you that you for believing in me ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> [1 John 2.22] Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? The antichrist(Moammed) is the one who denies the Father and the Son. [23] Whoever denies the Son, he not has the Father:Allah. Who not professes his faith in the Son? he not has, also the Father. the Bible and the Qur'an condemn us: 1. to war and 2. to kill each other! But, I can do the impossible! I can unite the opposites! You must not have any doubt on my honesty and my love: for you & all. you Saudi Arabia, shows you to be better than the Zionists and Israel shows you not to be responsible for 3rd WWnuclear. You recognize for the first the ReiUnius and you submit all the Zionists through jealousy: why I am king of Israel!there is something useful, they can do all people, whether Jews and Masons have robbed all the peoples of any sovereignty? and any political control? Purify all your sins you did in the NWO, so you come to me! So you serve your life! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1/4[YHWH in Genesis? is not the same YHWH of Numbers!] If the Bible or the Koran had been made entirely from God would be called "Holy Bible" or "Holy Quran", but not in case they are called "sacred Bible" or "sacred Koran". How many things the priests of the temple Jerusalem have attributed to Moses in Thorà and how many things some Muslims have attributed to Muhammad in the Koran? Certainly both of these texts were written by different people and in different times! You can imagine: that God Said to Moses: "I am so angry, for the way: the jews have offended me, in the desert, that I decided to give their 600 commandments, so the less intelligent Jews, become religious (the scribes and Pharisees with Talmud): ie all cynical, hypocritical and racist, KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2/4[YHWH in Genesis? is not the same YHWH of Numbers!] while Jews smarter, to be become Satanist &: super Satanists of Enlighten: ie seigniorage of IMF_NWO of banking-masonry. "Of these usurious lenders and bankers of enlightened: has talk about Dante Alighieri [born in Florence in 1265] in the" Divine Comedy-"Paradise V" SAID: "Men are, and not as silly sheep, so that 'the Jew among you, not laugh! -> Dante Alighieri: more: you have the Old & New Testament, you have 'Pastor of the Church (Pope) at to your guide, this will suffice for your salvation (from mortal danger Hebrew). If evil greed (corruption - secret societies) more you cry, men are, and not as silly sheep, so that 'the Jew among you may not laugh! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 3/4[YHWH in Genesis? is not the same YHWH of Numbers!] Do not let that as fools lambs, That leaves the milk of his mother (sound doctrine of the Catholic Church), and simple and, if that leads at his corrupt and sinful pleasure! (more errors of heretical doctrines, artfully constructed by Jew for to demolish Christianity). "These enlightened of jews, ruin and destroy the entire human race from to be corrupting Christianity: through the heresy of modernism and the Freemasons and also as true directors (hidden) in the world (the real creators and owners of each institution) for to make: 3 world wars , and destroy a Muslim nation: at a time: one at a time, to consolidate more and more, their power of Satan over all the human race .. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 4 / 4 [YHWH in Genesis? is not the same YHWH of Numbers!] For when the whole world will become one only Satanism of: Zionism and sharia, then I'll enjoy to destroy all mankind. This is ridiculous! it is clear that these racist priests of the temple in Jerusalem, greedy for power management of power, have permanently corrupted the Jewish religion. In the book "numbers" YHWH behaves like damn the demon of Allah, in fact, would put a man to death, only because he dared to collect firewood, on the Sabbath. Now, if I have to help the Jews to regain its original inspiration, because I can not do help, for all the other religions? In contrast, Hell will be your home forever! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1/4[JHWH di Genesi? non è lo stesso JHWH di Numeri!] Se la Bibbia o il Corano fossero stati fatti interamente da Dio: sarebbero chiamati "Santa Bibbia", invece non a caso sono chiamati "Sacra Bibbia". Quante cose i sacerdoti del tempio di Gesrusalemme hanno attribuito a Mosé nella Thoà e quante cose alcuni musulmani hanno attribuito a Maometto nel Corano? Certamente entrambi questi testi sono stati scritti da più persone ed in epoche diverse! Tu puoi immaginare: that Dio, said to Mosè: "io sono così irritato, per come gli ebrei mi hanno offeso nel deserto, che ho deciso di dare loro 600 comandamenti, così gli ebrei meno intelligenti, diventeranno dei religiosi(scribi e farisei del talmud): tutti cinici, ipocriti e razzisti, KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2/4[JHWH di Genesi? non è lo stesso JHWH di Numeri!] mentre gli ebrei più intelligenti, diventeranno the: super satanisti of enlightene: ie IMF_NWO del seigniorage banking". Di questi usurai e strozzini of banchieri enlightened: parlerà anche Dante Alighieri [nato a Firenze il 1265] in the: "DIVINA COMMEDIA-"Paradiso V": SAID:" Uomini siate, e non pecore matte, sì che 'l Giudeo, di voi tra voi, non rida!--> Dante Alighieri: continua: Voi Avete il novo e 'l vecchio Testamento, e 'l pastor de la Chiesa(Papa) che vi guida; questo vi basti, a vostro salvamento(dal pericolo mortale ebraico). Se mala cupidigia(corruzione - sette segrete) altro vi grida, uomini siate, e non pecore matte, sì che 'l Giudeo di voi tra voi non rida! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 3/4[JHWH di Genesi? non è lo stesso JHWH di Numeri!] Non fate com' agnel che lascia il latte de la sua madre(sana dottrina della Chiesa Cattolica), e semplice e lascivo seco medesimo a suo piacer combatte!(segue gli errori di dottrine eretiche ad arte costruite dall'ebreo per demolire il cristianesimo)». Questi enlightened of jews, rovineranno tutto il genere umano e distruggeranno il cristianesimo corrompendolo dall'interno: attraverso l'eresia del modernismo e la massoneria e inoltre, quali veri registi(occulti) del mondo(i veri creatori e padroni di ogni istituzione), faranno 3 guerre mondiali, e distruggeranno una Nazione musulmana per volta: per consolidire sempre di più, il loro potere di satana, su tutto il genere umano.. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 4/4[JHWH di Genesi? non è lo stesso JHWH di Numeri!] Perché quando tutto il mondo sarà diventato un solo satanismo di sionismo e di sharia, poi io mi divertirò a distruggere tutto il genere umano. Tutto questo è ridicolo! è chiaro che quei razzisti dei sacerdoti del tempio di Gerusalemme, per avidità di gestione del potere, hanno definitivamente corrotto la religione ebraica. Nel libro dei "numeri" JHWH si comporta maledettamente come il demone di Allah, infatti, farebbe mettere a morte un uomo, solo perché ha osato raccogliere della legna, in giorno di sabato. Ora, se io devo aiutare l'ebraismo a ritrovare la sua ispirazione originaria, perché non posso aiutare anche tutte le altre religioni? Contrariamente, sarà l'inferno la vostra casa per sempre! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @rrmbgpym --> @511Leader-> courage child, encourage your heart and your mind, because I think you're a good man. This you must know: the world is not the only jew who is so naive as to risk his life to talk to me! If there is anyone in this world, That does not have the brain fully occupied by demons? Then, he should tremble with fear, because "is awakened the powerful of Jacob!" --- Psalm 68 -> Yes God will crush the heads of his enemies, of who has the head in the path of crime. The Lord said: "From Bashan (U.S.) I will return them (jews), I will bring them back from the depths of the sea (enlightened). because your foot (ReiUnius & king of Israel) to get wet in the blood, and the tongues of your dogs receive the portion between the enemies. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> so the God of Genesis, is a God completely different by the God of the later books. sorry, my frind, but I have to run to school because I am a teacher ... to after my dear friend! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> dear friend, when I will show you, That something of miserable, blasphemous and offensive was made against the Torah, then you'll understand yourself, what is success of outrageous also for the Koran, because you are an intelligent man! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa Torah has been studied with scientific method, and now they realize that it is a holographic image, which is a the living book: God himself. So it is God himself who has provided (sorry: only allowed) the manipulation of the Torah: to give every man constantly of be at the junction of good and evil, even in Holy Scripture, that every man on this planet does not have some privileged position in relation at trial: for to be God infinitely just: that is fair. not only for man, in relation to God, but also in relation to each man, with every other man. Today we know with scientific certainty that thousands of people wrote the Torah, which has gone through four phases: Javista, eloista, Deuteronomic and priestly you were evil racists who have revised the whole. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> dear friend, I have today decided to lift your mood, because if a ministry terrible as mine: continually complains & constantly reproach, then what hope remains in any man? But if you're an honest man, That you really love Allah & Islam holy, not soiled it or defiled by an imperialistic ideology, why should I hurt you? I have not been designed by God to exterminate the honest men! It is not my intention to damage Islam as a noble religion: rather I want to build a mosque in every municipality on the planet! shalomn + salam = love x you & yours blessings too KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1/10[freedom of religion]@511Leader-> dear friend, according to the your specific request: of to know the Gospel of Jesus: I have prepared this article for you. Why, you do not: violence or coercion of any kind on the way of Allah:YHWH! God:YHWH is been make disgraced with your violence! Allah, YHWH is: truly glorious! So God is for Freedom of religion, everywhere! all: those that not LOVE & not want to know Allah, YHWH: the their Creator: its not know the: glory, holiness, beauty of Him. will have as a natural consequence: the eternal death. But all those that love: AllahYHWH, then, will die to this world of corruption. Greed, lust, desire of: power, selfishness, hatred, racism: to all this world of carnal: the evil, KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2/10[freedom of religion]is necessary of die in spirit, at world slowly for all those, That are on way of Allah: YHWH: The One that is only: fair, kind and Merciful. Even the honest atheist, does this spiritual journey: in an unconscious way, by denying his selfishness and: in pursuit of the most noble ideals: that is, the metaphysics of the natural law: "you do the good and avoids the bad! Do not lie Do not do violence. "All those that they not: recognize that: the main characteristic of Allah: YHWH is: the love: and then to have personal a relationship with: Allah, YHWH, in faith, and: of consequence, will not Allah, YHWH: still be a cruel demon that: kills the other for grounds of religion, KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 3/10[freedom of religion]or commit the abomination of merge with the policy the religion! That is the arrogance of the rich, with: Their all their injustice, for make slaves all the poor, and: for then, to say: "Allah, YHWH is with us? cursed children of Belzebull Baal, and you make a desecration exploitation on God, in this way, the holy name of Allah: YHWH is profaned! Now is the his love between us, the same to be lived. But as Allah, YHWH may be of the same level, of man, for to live with him a relationship of love not of fear! that is a relation Between God and you! AllahYHWH is even infinite humility. I am the ReiUnius: I have the authority for impose at any religion all this! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 4/10[freedom of religion]this is the true nature of Allah:YHWH: that is the desire of his to live with us, personally, in faith, a report of love with All the sinners! They know that: not will be rejected by AllahYHWH, simply because they were created for love of the grace! Allah, YHWH is a completely spiritual person, But also God has like any person His: emotions, tastes and specific desires, moreover, is HIM at very sensitive feeling for the friendship, as is was demonstrated by the report that: Allah: YHWH had & has with the Our Father Abraham. The our soul is conform at his love Allah, at the sentiments of Him: at the wishes of Him. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 5/10[freedom of religion]As the loving wife is to conform itself to the wishes of her husband? So the man that knows AllahYHWH, he also knows the His vibrations of love & his mercy: compassion, toward all the creatures. Bible said: "I desire mercy and not sacrifice" for this, on the street of 'love: of AllahYHWH, the man learns to: know love: that not is a love of this world, "the your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit, to all those that ask him!" - Luke 11.13. Is not a the case that: Jesus came to Jerusalem during the celebration of the Passover, for to be the completion KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 6/10[freedom of religion]of all the prophecies, fully aware of that he would by live for us: love to be the Lamb of AllahYHWH that: HIM has pay the sin of the world, for to reconcile the lost world for the sin, with AllahYHWH. as man He could represent the human race (for be guilty at place of us), But as the true God: YHWH HIM could pay the infinite offense that: had been made at AllahYHWH, that is infinite: in this way was made Justice of the infinite justice of God, that require satisfaction for the sin. But that the man with his piety and his justice's, he not will could never pay. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 7/10[freedom of religion]Jesus is the Lamb of AllahYHWH that: die for the sin of the world and destroy: with his resurrected the death, disease, poverty, oppression, sin and everything for: reconciling us with the Father. That is the meaning of the lavender: feet, that the his majesty of Master does, for doing of himself the servant: of his disciples, for to let for us: as an example to follow: "the biggest, the best between us: is the servant of his brothers: any man. "and began to teach Their, That the "son of man ", had to suffer many things and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and: the scribes, and be killed, But after three days rise again, KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 8/9[freedom of religion]for to do resurrect us too by AllahYHWH, that we were lost in our sins and were prisoners of death! Jesus was a Messiah "uncomfortable" as he denounced the report and evil: blasphemous, that: the Jews had: Their having religion together with the power politic. is for this that Jesus said terrible words against the scribes and Pharisees, Their said: "race of vipers"and "whitewashed tombs" (Matt. 23.5 to 34): in fact, the priests used the role of religion in political power. Jesus is opposed at the hypocrisy, at the submission of the rights of Allah: YHWH, to advantage of dirty interests KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 9/10[freedom of religion]of a political power. The first revelation of the law of AllahYHWH is given to Adam, because HIM is made at the image and Similarity of AllahYHWH, of course understand as that is the good or the bad (ie the natural law). Therefore the natural law is universal and is therefore: more than any religious law, That is revealed later. Therefore, the true commandment of AllahYHWH is: "you not: kill" (except the case of:aggression or of self-defense), not there is a other legitimate: to kill, because the: cases details of the various conditions and/or historical circumstances, of the history of Moses or Muhammad, KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 10/10[freedom of religion] I can not be applied today, for the changed conditions of today. However, the special rule/law, not will never be higher than at the rule/law universal: in any way! This is undeniable! God and I are tired of this world of sin and violence it will not be saved anyway! You are about to experience the 3 rd WWnuclear! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> from Morocco and Mauritania, all Christians who were not killed were expelled! Islamic militias organized: they make massacres of peaceful Christians in many nations such as Nigeria, Iraq, Sudan, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Eritrea, etc. ... The news from the Christian communities in Iran? are terrible! How can I build UniusRei universal brotherhood in this way? All those that I can kill or destroy, in faith, in a supernatural? However, this is not enough to stop the 3°WWnuclear! before ending up in hell, with your king and all the Muslims of sharia: you will have the misfortune to see: your skin that will be devoured by the atomic fire! however: the fire of anger of God is against you! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> Men have forgotten the horrors of World War II and hatred, intolerance and racism have spread all over the world, again. This criminal has been made: also, from Israel, which now, is as like every Muslim country: has linked at the sense of national identity, its religion. That's why the jew who rejects Judaism and becomes a Christian or Muslim, he automatically becomes the betrayer of his country. Since this was introduced by the degeneration of Zionism of IMF_NWO of enlightened? Here is the proof that all this is ideological, ie is not by God Allah, as well as the sharia is a form of Satanism! Since patriotism can not in any way be related to the religious feeling! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa Gli uomini hanno dimenticato gli orrori della seconda guerra mondiale ed odio, intolleranza e razzismo si sono diffusi in tutto il mondo, nuovamente. Questa operazione criminale, è stata fatta: anche da Israele, che come ogni stato musulmano: ha legato al sentimento di identità nazionale, la sua religione. Ecco perché, l'ebreo che rifiuta l'ebraismo e diventa cristiano o musulmano, lui diventa automaticamente il traditore della sua patria. Poiché questa degenerazione è stata introdotta dal sionismo degli enlightened of IMF_NWO? Ecco che questa è la dimostrazione ideologica, di come anche la sharia è una forma satanismo! Poiché il patriottismo non può in alcun modo, essere legato al sentimento religioso! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader ->Certainly, Jesus comes to you, and He shows you to be that is not a prophet,  but, that is Messiah: son of God:Allah! Then? Then you're dead! You have two choices: or 1). reject the vision for to go in the hell, or 2). proclaim the Gospel in Saudi Arabia and be killed by muslims! What do you choose? Choose to lose their lives in this world, or to lose eternal life? Well, you and your King: you must be prepared for this event, because this will certainly will! I give you time to prepare the laws for perfect freedom of religion, as well, so you can save your lives! You have killed too many Muslims for apostasy, that why, I not may of haunt your souls damned! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> if I have: envy, hatred, hate, greed, pride, lust or desire for power or to do some revenge? Certainly, the Holy Spirit could not be in me, and I could not be a man so charming: because in God there is nothing negative! In me there is only love here is because the raging anger in me for burn it all the injustices in the world! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 511Leader SAID:.. Apostasy warning of any malicious individual wanted to tell people I came to Islam, I did not find anything beautiful in it. -- ANSWER-> this is an absolute evil, against God, a violation of its sovereign rights, as you can say that God is honored only in Islam, without do blasphemy and apostasy? In this way, you claim that other religions are of Satan! But this argument could only be the thesis of a mentally ill! a man who marries a woman commits an insult against all the other women in the world? in marrying his wife, he declares that are prostitutes & are bad, all the other women? Perhaps another woman who was not married might say, "because you have not found anything good in me, and you married my friend, instead of marrying me, I condemn you to death for apostasy?! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 511Leader SAID:.. Apostasy warning of any malicious individual wanted to tell people I came to Islam, I did not find anything beautiful in it. -- ANSWER-> questa è una malvagità assoluta, contro Dio, una violazione dei suoi diritti sovrani, come tu puoi dire che Dio è onorato soltanto nell'Islam, senza fare blasfemia e apostasia? In questo modo tu dichiari che le altre religioni sono di satana! Ma questa tesi potrebbe soltanto essere la tesi di un malato mentale! Forse che un uomo, che sposa una donna commette un insulto, contro tutte le altre donne del mondo? Fose che sposando quella donna, lui dichiara cattive e prostitute tutte le altre donne? Forse che un'altra donna che non è stata sposata potrebbe dire: poiché non hai trovato niente di buono in me, ed hai sposato la mia amica invece di sposare me io ti condanno a morte per apostasia!? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> Only an evil man may request the proof of the existence of God, is like saying: "You show: demonstrate to me, to have thirsty, but you say:"Of course I'm thirsty, you give me the water, that I drink it! ". It is not fool all of this? You see a table? Then you do not need to believe that there is a joiner, you have certainty that there is a carpenter! The "scientists"- "atheists" (there are two contradictory terms) say: "the universe is the product of " intelligent design "as for the simple calculation of probability, this is a really impossible to be carried out spontaneously: the life" . They say that is "intelligent design", but are ashamed to say, "God, YHWH, " but God will be ashamed of them on the Day of Judgement KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> soltanto un uomo malvagio può chiedere la prova della esistenza di Dio: è come dire: "tu dimostra a me di avere sete", ma tu rispondi: "certo che io ho sete, tu dare a me dell'acqua che io la bevo!". Non è sciocco tutto questo? Tu vedi un tavolo? Poi tu non hai bisogno di credere, che esiste un falegname: tu hai certezza che il falegname esiste! Gli "scienziati"- "atei"(sono due termini antitetici) dicono: "l'universo è il frutto di un "disegno intelligente", poiché per il semplice calcolo delle probalità, questa è una realtà impossibile da realizzarsi spontaneamente: la vita". Loro dicono disegno intelligente: ma poi si vergognano di dire: "Dio: JHWH" KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> What I must say, during the 3rd WWnuclear? I say: "Blessed be God, who is avenging the blood of 50 million Christian martyrs of the end of the 2nd WW at today!" Since mine is a ministry "political" universal of justice? I can not tolerate any form of injustice: I do not look to religion or race of a person, for me every person is equal to any other person! Therefore, I'm just me, who constantly implore the Lord to kill all my enemies. I'm not happy, if the earthquake or tsunami, etc. .. but I approve of all this: because you are demons! You are no better than Jews Satanists enlightened: of seigniorage banking of IMF_NWO for me! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> Now the decision is yours to live or die. Since not G-d: Allah that is the most good. not the enlightened who are the most bad guys. Of course, none of them would leave in life all people of the world, why the International Monetary Fund, now exhausted, can not be brought down at outside the 3 rd WWnuclear @511Leader-> adesso è solo vostra la decisione di vivere o di morire. Poiché sia Dio, che è il più buono. come: Sia gli illuminati che sono i più cattivi. Certamente, nessuno di loro, lascerebbe voi in vita: poiché il fondo monetario internazionale, ormai esausto, non può essere fatto crollare al di fuori della 3°WWnuclear KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1/2[port] @ 511Leader-> the first part of the dream (vision), concerned me, and in fact, I watched a big door with 4 doors, that represented me, but unfortunately, this port could not be used because all its hinges were deformed, but Jesus was on the other side of the door (in atrium inside), so I could not see him with his eyes but with my spirit, I could see him equally, of course. Jesus began to make a list of my sins, was a huge list: endless sins were that I could not even imagine having. Disbelief for a lot of my sinfulness, because my life has been dedicated to the Lord God, since childhood. I look in my heart with my spirit, and I see that all the sins that Jesus had just listed, it was all inside of me. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2/2[port] @511Leader-> Immediately, I put myself on my knees and I cry, I say, "Jesus you can not go! you can not leave me in this condition. " So immediately, all the hinges of the door, are perfectly restored. From that door, what I am ? must pass all mankind, which has not been able to reach his level of holiness! is the only reason that I am the ReiUnius and no one else can replace me. Therefore, does not matter to me, if I will not be believed. not is by men the my authority, it is not a human authority, but it is perfectly rational: that is the natural law; is the decalogue of Moses, that is metaphysics, here because I can claim the obedience of all the atheists also too. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1/2[la porta]@511Leader-> la prima parte del sogno(visione), riguardava me: ed infatti io guardavo una grande porta a 4 ante, che mi rappresentava: purtroppo, questa porta non poteva essere utilizzata, perché tutte le sue cerniere erano deformate, ma Gesù era dall'altro lato della porta:(nell'atrio interno), così io non potevo vedere lui con gli occhi: ma con il mio spirito, io potevo vedere lui: ugulmante, chiaramente. Gesù iniziava a fare un elenco dei miei peccati: era un elenco enorme, erano peccati che io neanche potevo immaginare di avere. Incredulo per tanta mia peccaminosità: io guardo nel mio cuore, ed in spirito vedo che tutti i peccati che Gesù elencava erano proprio i miei. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2/2[la porta]@511Leader-> Immediatamente, io mi metto in ginocchio e mi metto a piangere, io dico: "Gesù tu non puoi andartene! tu non puoi lascirmi in questa condizione!". Così immediatamente, tutte le cerniere di quella porta, vengono perfettamente ripristinate. Da quella porta, che sono io? dovrà passare tutto il genere umano, che non è stato in grado di raggiungere il suo livello di santità! è solo per questo che io sono il ReiUnius e nessun altro può sostituire me. Pertanto, non ha nessuna importanza per me, se io sarò creduto o meno dagli uomini, poiché la mia autorità non è una autorità umana, tuttavia è perfettamente razionale: cioè è la legge naturale; è il decalogo; cioè la metafisica, ecco perché io posso pretendere l'obbedienza di tutti gli atei: anche. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> In this second part of the dream (vision), I not felt the presence of Jesus, as it was in the first part of the dream, which occurred 10 years before, simply because I was of his back to the 'inner atrium "of the Temple of Heaven, and i watching this huge square, from an elevated position it was a terrace with a few stairs, therefore, would have been easy for all those people: to come on by me, or to be able to walk or climb on the stairs, but they do not moved. Now, I do not remember exactly which side, but an invisible angel said to me: "they are your intercessors. " These two visions: are a distance of 10 years, has been swift, both lasted no longer than 2 minutes, but they have given me the opportunity to understand many things about the Kingdom of God, it has the shape of the Jewish temple! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> in questa seconda parte del sogno(visione), io non percepivo la presenza di Gesù, come è stato nella prima parte del sogno, avvenuta 10 anni prima, semplicemente perché, io ero di spalle all'"atrio interno" del tempio celeste, e guardavo questa piazza immensa da una posizione elevata: era un terrazzo con degli scalini, pertando sarebbe stato facile: per tutte quelle persone: venire avanti da me: camminando o per poter salire sopra quelle scale: ma loro non si muovevano. Ora non ricordo di preciso da quale lato, ma un angelo invisibile mi disse: "sono i tuoi intercessori!". Queste due visioni: a distanza di 10 anni, sono state rapide, sono durate entrambe non più di 2 minuti, ma hanno dato a me la possibilità di capire molte cose sul Regno di Dio. Esso ha la forma del tempio ebraico! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> for all those people? you could feel their goodness! were men and women of throughout the history of mankind, had the gray suits and were placed in the immense hall outside of the Jewish temple in heaven. they were eager to enter the hall inside: where they could receive eternal life and the glorification of their bodies, with the beatific vision of God's glory, this assembled was, without suffering, as the cells of a large body, were infinitely grateful to God, for not to have fallen into the abyss of hell. This place is the Hades or Sheol or purgatory that is the only thing that I have seen of the kingdom of God, but, all the other things I can deduct on account of the revelation of the Word of God and for speculative or metaphysical property of my mind. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> per tutte quelle persone? la loro bontà si poteva percepire! erano uomini e donne di tutta la storia del genere umano, avevano degli abiti grigi ed erano collocati nell'immenso atrio esterno del tempio ebraico celeste. loro attendevano di poter entrare nell'atrio interno: dove avrebbero potuto ricevere la vita eterna e la glorificazione del loro corpo, con la visione beatifica della gloria di Dio. erano assiepate senza sofferenza, come le cellule di un grande corpo, erano infinitamente riconoscenti a Dio, per non essere caduti nel baratro dell'inferno. Questo luogo è l'Ade o sheol o purgatorio: questa è l'unica cosa che io ho visto del Regno di Dio, tutte le altre cose le posso dedurre a motivo della rivelazione della Parola di Dio e per le proprietà speculative o metafisiche della mia mente. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1/2UniusRei--> "outside of Christ there is not salvation, because he alone is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. " But not everyone can believe this, because not everyone is so brave in order to address the martyrdom in a muslim country, etc. .. also, there are few Christians who can have a personal relationship with God but because I are the metaphysics of natural law and universal? I am the only door that will open the day of Judgement: For all those who have suffered, in doing good and avoiding evil. So to all the men, and also to all the atheists honest to who: to which will be given a hope of salvation, in that day. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2/2UniusRei--> This to me is not a merit, or superiority over others: in fact, mine is only a ministry, therefore, you should not, believe in me, but only in God, or whether one is an atheist, should believe in the most noble values, which are always the representation of God himself. Therefore, my ministry embraces the whole history of mankind. I had two short dreams after 10 years, but only after 10 years, further, I realized that are were two dreams related. I saw an infinite square where billions of people, with one voice, begging to God of help me. That is why I am the brother of all, I am the universal brotherhood. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1/2UniusRei--> "al di fuori di Cristo non c'è salvezza: poiché solo lui è l'agnello di Dio che toglie il peccato del mondo". Ma, non tutti possono credere questo: poiché non tutti sono così coraggiosi: per affrontare il martirio: in un muslim country, ecc.., inoltre, sono pochi i cristiani, che riescono ad avere una relazione personale con Dio. Ma, poiché io sono la metafisica della legge naturale ed universale? Io sono l'unica porta, che sarà aperta, il giorno del giudizio universale: per tutti coloro che hanno sofferto, nel fare il bene e nell'evitare il male. Così a tutti i religiosi, ed anche a tutti gli atei onesti: potrà essere data una speranza di salvezza, in quel giorno. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2/2UniusRei--> Questo per me non è un merito o una superiorità sugli altri: infatti, il mio è soltanto un ministero, pertanto, non si deve, credere in me, ma soltanto in Dio o se uno è ateo, dovrebbe credere nei più nobili valori, che sono sempre la rappresentazione di Dio stesso. Pertanto, il mio ministero abbraccia tutta la storia del genere umano. io ho avuto 2 brevi sogni a distanza di 10 anni, ma soltanto dopo 10 anni, ulteriori, io ho capito che erano due sogni correlati. Io ho visto una piazza infinita dove miliardi di persone, ad una sola voce, supplicavano Dio, che mi aiutasse. Ecco perché io sono il fratello di tutti, io sono la fratellanza universale. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> the holiness of God is infinite and can not be covered by the contract or reduction! for anyone who believes that his religion can save him from hell? He is totally crazy! for Since being in heaven means being worthy of God: that is to have a personal relationship with God, to achieve holiness, but this is very difficult. Indeed: the 2 / 3 of all mankind: They killed? have racism? have hurt someone? have been selfish? were liars? Well I'm safe: they are in the hell. In fact, 2/3 of the whole human race I'm in hell: and there is no hope for them. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> la santità di Dio è infinita e non può essere oggetto di contrattazione o di riduzione per nessuno: chi crede che la sua religione lo può salvare dall'inferno? Lui è totalmente folle! Poiché, andare in paradiso significa essere degni di Dio: cioè avere un rapporto personale con Dio, per giungere alla santità, ma questo è molto difficile. I 2/3 di tutto il genere umano: Hanno ucciso? hanno fatto razzismo? hanno fatto del male a qualcuno? sono stati egoisti? sono stati bugiardi? Bene sono per l'Inferno. Infatti i 2/3 di tutto il genere umano sono all'inferno: e non c'è più nessuna speranza per loro KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> I can dominate the whole human race! If I am recognized as Rei unius? If all you give me yours: trust obedience and submission? Then you live, you will not be destroyed by the 3rd WWnuclear, and I have received many promises for you from God, however, is not important for me to be the first and last, king: ie UniusRei of all mankind and bring peace and prosperity throughout the world. This is not my most important task! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> poter dominare tutto il genere umano! Se io sarò riconosciuto come Rei Unius? Se tutti mi darete la vostra: fiducia ubbidienza e sottomissione? Allora vivrete, non sarete distrutti dalla 3°WWnuclear, ed io ho ricevuto molte promesse, per voi, da parte di Dio. Tuttavia per me non è importante essere il primo ed ultimo re di tutto il genere umano e dare la pace e la prosperità a tutto il mondo. Non è questo il mio compito più importante! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1/2@511Leader-> you can not interpret the Word of God: The Bible, Koran, etc. .. outside of its historical context: the mentality, laws, etc... politically, reasons, and spiritual conditions of that time. However, it is clear: there are verses that are superior to others. We are sure that God personally wrote the ten commandments and then gave them to Moses. Now God said "thou shalt not kill!" Then Moses & Muhammad said, or someone has do to say to them: "you must be stoned. " It is legitimate to have doubts? that something is wrong, that is entered in the Word of God? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2/2@511Leader-> that there are words more important than others? I am ReiUnius! I am the best: the most just and perfect man, of all mankind! Ok, I should forgive you, your king, enlightened, all the elite leaders, Masons, governments, etc. .. or, I will make the lapidate against all of you? I have news for you: Actually, in the supernatural, I can do this massacre! If you are ruthless with your neighbor? So, myself and God, we will be ruthless against you, for the crime of bank seigniorage or your violation of any law! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa non è possibile interpretare la Parola di Dio: Bibbia, Corano, ecc.. al di fuori del suo contesto storico: la mentalità, le leggi, ecc.. motivazioni politiche, e condizioni spirituali di quel tempo. Tuttavia, è evidente: ci sono dei versetti che sono superiori a degli altri. Noi siamo sicuri che Dio stesso ha scritto personalmente, i dieci comandamenti e poi li ha dati a Mosé. Ora Dio ha detto: "tu non uccidere!", poi Mosé ha detto o qualcuno a lui ha fatto dire, poi Maometto ha detto o qualcuno a lui ha fatto dire: "tu devi lapidare!". Non è legittimo avere qualche dubbio? che qualcosa di sbagliato è entrato nella Parola di Dio? che ci sono delle parole più importanti di altre? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 511Leader SAID: Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses... Apostasy warning of any malicious individual wanted to tell people I came to Islam, I did not find anything beautiful in it. -- ANSWER-> when I speak with you? it's as if I speak with the dead, it's as if I take the stain of time to go and talk with people of 2000 years ago. This is very impressive! it's crazy to think that the world in 2011 may still exist people like you. You are crystallized: you have not had any developments! who Satan has made such a downfall in your brain? who Satan has did such a block on your soul? if you come in Italy with your suitcase filled with 100 books of the Koran? To you, nothing happens! BUT if I come at airport of Saudi Arabia, with a suitcase filled with 100 Bibles, to me what is happening to me? You are monsters! You are a threat to all mankind! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 511Leader SAID: Then proceeded to Islam severe punishment for an apostate, a murder; due to the gravity of the perpetrator did, -- ANSWER-> but as you have not ashamed to speak in this way? What do you think of me or of a jew, that we are cowards and that only you are the brave? Why do not you try to think for a moment to our values & feelings? How can you be so selfish? Why do you compel me and the jew in an endless war, against you? The real courage? is that of the hidden Christians, because sooner or later be discovered and then are tortured and killed. That's why you have cursed the holy name of Allah and we should rightly think that Allah is a demon! as you kill for reasons of conscience! You have defiled the Holy name of God! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 511Leader SAID: apostate from Islam, but is generally prohibits any coercion in religion. --ANSWER-> I'm right! In fact, I has AFFIRM: "YOU HAVE DONE (ALL MUSLIMS) blasphemy and apostasy against Islam!" Who nailed to the wall and on the trees in Sudan, all the catechists who were Muslim eight years ago(before)? Because you want to provoke my patience to draw on you a curse? 1). A women Muslim can not marry a man Christian, but the Muslim have also abducted girls girls Christian in both Pakistan and Egypt, etc. .. with whom you should marry a young man Christian? You do the same way as a genocide, since the Christian boys are forced to emigrate! Jesus and all the Christian martyrs, THAT YOU HAVE KILLED by 1400 years, (because while Christians have evolved, not you! you are been left fossilized in the Middle Ages) they pray me, of not TO make REVENGE, because when i will untangle/ explain the my mystery, who is my ministry? then you'll understand KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 511Leader SAID: And more importantly, that the punishment for apostasy is applied within the Islamic State -- ANSWER-> But this is totally criminal! You are a criminal! Who decides what is definitely a Islamic State? Because you killed all the Christians who were before you? You are in yourself that you are giving me the right to genocide against you to recover your Christianity! So you have the right to conquer and possess definitely, and others do not? You will be precipitated with Satan in an infinite despair! You are the war! Religious freedom is an absolute right and universal: it can not be questioned! I have already cursed Sharia so much, that there is only one absolute destruction for her KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> youtube has inhibited: prevented: at me: "kingxkingdom, the ability to write on his page of comments. This act is totally unfair because I was been right/good, with him!. An important stake(share) in YouTube(SpA) is owned by the Mossad, whose objective is to defend Zionism, but my goal is just the opposite: that is to completely demolish Zionism. So all Zionists are desperate, because there is nothing in the world that can fight against me: I'm always the strongest! I as the King of Israel, I have a duty to destroy the democracy of: Freemasonry enlightened Satanism: I am the reign of Palestine and of the Jewish temple! also all Palestinians, whether they are all my beloved subjects KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa youtube ha inibito: impedito: a me "kinxkimgdom", la possibile di scrivere sulla sua pagina dei commenti:. Questo atto è totalmente ingiusto perché io sono stato corretto con lui! Una importante quota azionaria di youtube è posseduta dal Mossad, il cui obiettivo è quello di difendere il sionismo, ma il mio obiettivo è proprio il contrario: cioè è quello di demolire il sionismo completamente. Così tutti i sionisti sono disperati: perché non c'è nulla nel mondo che può combattere contro di me: io sono sempre il più forte! io come Re di Israele, io ho il dovere di distruggere la democrazia della massoneria e del satanismo: io sono il regno di Palestina e del tempio ebraico! humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader --> any religion that is: peaceful: true: right: ie all of Allah, she recognizes the perfect right to freedom of conscience and religion. Yes, the perfectly freedom of religion in a perfectly secular state: all perfectly! When will this State in Saudi Arabia: Islam will finally become innocent, of the blood of many Christian martyrs. At that moment I stop I'll stop attacking Islam is all you'll see that it means to have for you a Mahdi Army to protect all Muslims in the world. There will never be more than one innocent Muslim, who will die in this world: peace is not a utopia: it is very close to us, if you know that we are brothers CreationReal ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @youtube -> XXXxThemessiahxXXX said: "I work for peace" -answer-> with you, the poor Palestinians do not even have the hope of having a cemetery! you are depriving youself, of the right to build the Jewish temple: forever! Get away from the balls and make me work: before the 3rd WWnuclear we will cancel all those & us, like the toilet @ 511Leader -> in Gaza were not Muslims to kill the innocent Christians, but the terrorists! I have shown you the purity of my heart i am unius Rei. ie, the universal brotherhood KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> If Allah is God, as you say and how I believe with all the my heart, then: "Your king is the first: blasphemous and is the first: apostate", himself, was the first party of enlightened Jews of Satanists of IMF-NWO, of Baal, ie Babylon! He has not kissed on the lips with Busch? but everyone knows that Bush is a Satanist's "skull and bones " or "322" @511Leader -> Se Allah è Dio: come voi dite e come io credo, con tutto il mio cuore, allora: "il tuo re è il primo: blasfemo ed è il primo: apostata!", proprio lui è il primo complice dei satanisti ebrei enlightened of IMF-NWO, of Baal: ie babilonia! Lui non si è baciato sulle labbra con Busch? ma tutti sanno che Bush è un satanista del "teschio con le ossa" o "322" KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> the cruelty of men, very cruel, of all religions, that each of them have made a shield of their own religion, to commit abuse, was been too great in the past. for be all of them into an hell of despair with Satan. But this situation of religious crime now: in our days, is carried out solely & cynically by Muslims and by Hindus only against Christians, who are really innocent and peaceful, because India and Saudi Arabia, etc. .. are not yet civilized countries: for not having accepted the sacred and inviolable right to freedom of religion and consequently, of to be the absolute secular state. Only in this way, for all the aberrations of the past, will finally a end! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> le crudeltà, di uomini molto crudeli di ogni religione, che ognuno di loro hanno fatto scudo della propria religione, per commettere ogni abuso, è stato troppo grande nel passato. per essere tutti loro in un inferno di disperazione with satana. Ma questa situazione di crimine religioso adesso: nei nostri giorni, è portata avanti cinicamente & unicamente dai musulmani e dagli indù: unicamente a danno dei cristiani, che sono veramente innocenti e pacifichi: poiché l'India e l'Arabia Saudita, ecc.. non sono ancora dei paesi civili: per non avere accolto il diritto sacro e inviolabile, alla libertà di religione e conseguentemente, alla assoluta laicità dello Stato. Solo in questo modo, tutte le aberrazioni del passano, potranno finalmente terminare! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> all governments around the world buy the their money at: (100%); and pay of interest, also(+:debt of: 100% ), by Satanists Jews enlightened, then all religions are silent. Therefore, all governments of the world are to buy, their money for 200% of its value, while they have the right to have it for free: gratis. What government in the world, can longer represent its people? Which religion in the world, can longer represent God? You are only a gay men, who kissed his hands and cock at those crabs of Jews after having been buggered by them. Sons of depravity: "Which of you will be able to escape the flames of hell?" KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> How can the government of Saudi Arabia being of God: Allah? if he buys his money at interest by Satanists American Jews? who did of the Saudis a nation of slaves? to give up so, in mode indecent and criminal to their monetary sovereignty? all this is: apostasy is: Top of high treason is: blasphemy. if government of Saudi Arabia were not criminals and of Satan, that is, the real traitors of the Koran? Saudis should kill them all by yourself! like every other government in the world! this is a sick world! but, only the Jews could bring to this abomination all mankind! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> this is very unfair on your part! all the faults attributed at Christians you today? is only to find an excuse, for your crimes, but today there are not more weapons in the Christian world. I'm just American Jews, by: corporations, banks, masonry, bildenberg, etc. .. who have absolute control of our nations, which are currently one only Jewish kingdom of pornography, etc. .. As Christians, we no longer have control of anything, Satanists are those who have real power. We are persecuted as Christians, culturally and politically, for a long time. How you can be smart, not to understand all this? The Government? the Vatican? is all a farce of Television, they are all puppets of the Jewish lobby! as well, also you to buy your money from Jews Satanists, here because all of us will soon: all we will killed in the 3rd WWnuclear KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> all the errors of Christianity can not be repeated! by a long time ago: it would never come back! were bad attitudes and have been repudiated: by John Paul II, that on several occasions he has asked forgiveness to the world. However, we must not forget the Catholic Church has never exercised real political power, large-scale such as Islam that has never changed, for be had always been: highly criminal. In fact, the Muslim Turks have exterminated an entire nation, with millions of people: the Armenians, but they will not even admit that crime! All Christians who were before you, in all Muslim nations? they were all killed! In fact, from the perspective Christian, Islam is identified as a true Satanism KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa tutti gli errori del cristianesimo: non possono più essere reiterati! essi sono l'analisi di un tempo molto lontano: che non potrebbe mai più tornare! sono stati atteggiamenti cattivi e sono stati ripudiati: by Giovanni Paolo II: più volte lui ha chiesto il perdono al mondo intero. tuttavia non dobbiamo dimenticare: la Chiesa cattolica, non ha mai esercitato un vero potere politico, su larga scala: come l'Islam che non è mai cambiato per essere sempre stato: sommamente criminale. Infatti i musulmani turchi: hanno sterminato una intera nazione, con milioni di persone: gli armeni, ma non vogliono ancora ammettere quel crimine! Tutti i cristiani che erano prima di voi, in tutte le Nazioni musulmane? loro sono stati tutti uccisi! Infatti, dal punto di vista di un cristiano: giustamente, l'Islam è identificato come un vero satanismo KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1/2[Islam today] Only the terrorists can be killed by the Italian military, etc. ... in Afghanistan: their action is only in self defense! I am outraged that the Vatican has given so many billions to those criminals who would kill immediately a man, who carried a Bible with him. Those who deny freedom of religion? He is also a criminal, like you, who are the first to buy with money, conversions to Islam of the poor Africans: that die from hunger. burns in you, the demon of religion: in fact the true servant of God, does not suffer to see people who change from one religion to another. All those who suffer in seeing the apostasy? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2/2[Islam today] is the sign that they are full of demons on religion. I do not suffer if a Christian becomes a Muslim or an atheist, I am suffering only if he becomes a liar, an immoral, violent one. Islam today, in opposition to the will of Allah is like a cage! a prison for the evil of human consciousness! If you open the door of the cage? it is normal for of the birds will fly away! If you keep it closed? Other birds "different", they will be eaten by other "birds Muslims", since all the constraints / restraints, Is that: is lead man at to evil, for to be become cruel and intolerant: amputation, flogging and stoning for reasons of conscience! What could be more satanic than this? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> an intelligent legislator is in can support (incentives for) everything which is virtue and suppress (not encourage) everything is a moral crime, without having to resort to violence: this is my science of government. I will not need to be violent, and yet the world will improve! God is not glorified in the violence! That's why Moses died in the desert: he was too mild and the Jews were too violent, God has punished to Moses, that instead of having a perfect faith, has often been of afraid of being killed. so the Torah is not fully spelled out: just as God would have wanted. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1/2@511Leader -> How many Muslims today will die, for accept the loss of your life and every family affection, rather than lose Jesus? Sure, you have to be radically violent against themselves, for not to lose eternal life, if God should call you right to the conversion of Christianity in Saudi Arabia! In fact, only that: "lost his life for me, only he the will find(save himself)". in any way the words of Jesus can be interpreted as a hostile act towards the next one! Very different is the case: (limited only to that historical period) of the necessary vote of "extermination" of (Joshua 6:21). KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2/2@511Leader -> Since those peoples were totally devoted to Satanism, human sacrifices and sacred prostitution (ie ierodule). Now we all know the attitude of the demons to possess: objects, animals and people, to manifest in our dimension, their wickedness, since, the faithful angels have killed the angelic body of the rebel angels, therefore, what they could use Jews, since they failed exorcism ministry? In fact, everything was haunted by demons, and they themselves were very weak spiritually. I noticed that even Muslims are weak, like the Jews, in this attitude to counter the evil of "ghosts": that is the infestation of demons. In fact, many diseases are caused by sin. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> Jesus in the Gospel has already denounced, this all errors that are in the Torah, saying , " is for the hardness of the hearts of your fathers ,that Moses was forced to write these things,but in principle it was not so ... and so on. . .. etc. " That's why a Christian could never be so wicked, as wicked could be a jew: that in fact he is just the biggest racist and satanic predator of all mankind! @511Leader -> Gesù nel Vangelo ha già denunciato quesi tutti gli errori che sono nella Thorà: dicendo chiaramente: "è per la durezza di cuore dei vostri padri, che Mosé è stato costretto a scrivere queste cose, ma in principio non era così... ecc.. ecc.." Ecco perché un cristiano non potrebbe mai essere così malvagio, come potrebbe essere malvagio un ebreo: che infatti lui è proprio il più grande razzista predatore e satanista di tutto il genere umano! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> I as Mahdi & UniusRei: I have the power to fix: correct all the sacred books, because even the Bible has some mistakes. In fact, Muhammad was only a man, as me! Muhammad was extremely restricted by the terms of his non-academic time, and violent historical events. all this violence and ignorance is over in the Koran and this is the reason why: Muslims are forced to be violent and ignorant .. but, I can deleted some obvious lies, in the historical and theological. In this way, I want to save Islam and the entire human race from further and terrible suffering. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa However, we would be dishonest if we not admit that many, many, many words, are truly divine: they are contained in the Holy Qur'an: that is he: the Holy Qur'an: who asks the Mahdi, for to be released by the human elements quotas. As it is now the Koran? it necessarily requires or the destruction & extermination of Muslims, or the extermination of non Muslims: that is sharia! and that is why the Satanists American Jews, they are happy for all this! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa Io come Mahdì & UniusRei: io ho il potere di correggere tutti i libri sacri: poiché anche la Bibbia ha qualche errore. infatti, Maometto come me è stato soltanto un uomo: estremamente limitato dalle condizioni non accademiche del suo tempo, e dalle violente vicende storiche. tutta quella violenza e ignoranza è finita del Corano ed è questo il motivo perché: i musulmani sono costretti ad essere violenti e ignoranti.. ma, io cancellando delle menzogne evidenti, in ambito storico e teologico. In questo modo, io voglio salvare l'ISlam e tutto il genere umano da ulteriori e terribili sofferenze. Tuttavia, noi saremmo disonesti, se non ammettessimo che molte e tante e tantissime parole: veramente divine: sono contenute in un Santo Corano: che è lui stesso, che implora il Mahdì, per essere liberato dagli elementi umani contingenti KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ 511Leader -> here because, it is written, the 2 / 3 of all men go to Hell! Now, the Word of God, or is it all true: either it is all false, therefore, that liar of Muhammad, had said so many bullshit like: "An impersonator died on the cross instead of Jesus. " ie, He ordered the destruction of Islam in the academic field, and this is the reason for which you are forced to be: fanatical killers, violent like jackals, and ignoran like donkeys! But we have many historical documents: of the enemies: Jews and Romans: they have done slander against Jesus, however, these documents show that Jesus himself, is died on the cross! How zeithgeist could say that Jesus did not exist? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader --> ecco perché, è scritto, i 2/3 di tutto il genere umano finiscono all'inferno! Ora, la Parola di Dio: o è tutta vera: o è tutta falsa: pertanto, quel bugiardo di Maometto, avendo detto tante stronzate, come: "un sosia è morto al posto di Gesù sulla croce". Lui ha condannato l'ISlam alla distruzione, in campo accademico, ed è questo il motivo, per cui voi siete costretti ad essere: fanatici, assissini, violenti come sciacalli e ignoranti come asini! Ma noi abbiamo molti documenti storici: dei nemici: giudei e di romani: che hanno fatto calunnia di su Gesù: tuttavia, anche questi documenti dimostrano che proprio Gesù è morto sulla croce! Come potrebbe dire zeithgeist che Gesù non è esistito? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> the majority of Catholic theologians: priests, bishops and cardinals will go to hell because of the heresy of modernism, so if Muhammad were alive today, he would again be deceived with respect to Christianity. Modernists say that human nature is good, but so frustrated all the Bible and even negate the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. In fact, everyone knows that God made the heaven: earth (the fourth dimension), where there is no predation and corruption and it is because we have betrayed all of us, that we are fallen (in the third dimension), and that animals and plants have fallen: together with us and with us, too, waiting to be freed from corruption and death. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> la maggior parte dei teologi cattolici: preti, vescovi e cardinali andranno all'inferno a motivo della eresia del modernismo: pertanto, se Maometto vivesse oggi, lui sarebbe nuovamente ingannato riguardo al cristianesimo. I modernisti dicono che la natura umana è positiva: ma così vanificano tutta la Bibbia ed anche vanificano il sacrificio di Cristo sulla Croce. Infatti tutti sanno che Dio ha fatto il paradiso: terrestre(quarta dimensione), dove non c'è predazione e corruzione ed è perché tutti noi abbiamo tradito, che noi siamo decaduti(in terza dimensione), e che anche gli animali e le piante sono decaduti: insieme a noi, ed insieme a noi, anche loro, attendono di essere liberati dalla corruzione e dalla morte. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa In The First and Second World War? Christians no longer had control of their society from many centuries, because the Freemasons, with the power of international banks, has replaced the state. Indeed, the Jews enlightened through the French Revolution and the Communist revolution succeeded in destroying the Catholic monarchies: their single, true antagonism. Then in two centuries, have completely humiliated and submissive also the Catholic Church. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa Are two centuries, that Jews can make of us all they want! All our lives are in grave and imminent danger! Christianity itself has gone corrupt! In fact, today dominates the Masonic and naturalist heresy of modernism, as in the days of Muhammad dominated the heresy of Arianism. Muhammad was a very intelligent man, but unfortunately he never known true Christians, in fact, according to the beliefs of the Aryans, also Mohammed, like them, had to believe that Jesus was not God, that was not the Messiah. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa In World War The first and second? I cristiani non avevano più il controllo delle loro società: già da molti secoli, perché la massoneria, con il potere delle banche internazionali, si è sostituita allo Stato. Infatti, gli ebrei enlightened attraverso la rivoluzione francese e la rivoluzione comunista sono riusciti a distruggere le monarchie cattoliche: il loro unico, vero: antagonismo. Poi in due secoli hanno completamente umiliato e sottomesso la Chiesa Cattolica. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa Sono da 2 secoli, che gli ebrei possono fare di noi, qualsiasi cosa! Tutte le nostre vite, sono in grave ed in imminente: pericolo! Lo stesso cristianesimo è andato corrotto! Infatti oggi domina la eresia massonica e naturalista del modernismo, come ai tempi di Maometto dominava la eresia dell'Arianesimo. Maometto era un uomo molto intelligente, ma per sfortuna di tutto il genere umnao, lui non ha mai conosciuto i veri cristiani, infatti, secondo il credo degli ariani, anche Maometto, come loro, ha dovuto credere che Gesù non era Dio, cioè che non era il Messia. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader SAID: "Who kills Christians are not Muslims: Islam does not order one death" --ANSWER--> If you had in Saudi Arabia & in all muslims country: freedom of religion? If you did not hundreds of innocent martyrs every day? I might even believe to you! But you're like Cain, in fact, you've got your hands dirty with the blood of Abel, your brother, but then you say to God: (i am UniusRei): "Am I my brother's keeper?". You are not worthy of my friendship, because you have dirty soul! in Kosovo And Chechnya is an ethnic component: very bad: ie racism! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa In Iraq and Afghanistan Hhorshima and 2°WW, is imperialism of the American corporation: ie Jewish lobby of Satan who is the enlightened of IMF-NWO! anyone can manipulate any religion for political ends, but then a man must give up hope of being loved by God! we participated with our hearts and with our bombers, to save the Muslims of Kosovo, because our owners Jews they wanted to destroy the christians, but then they Kosovars, they destroyed our churches and abandoned themselves to the massacre of innocent civilians, for the war that we had won for them: this is the destruction of any hope for cooperation with Muslims KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> I did not believe for one moment to your sincere desire to read the Gospel and for this reason that I decided to put in danger your life, Why, the curiosities, the ambition for the mysteries of God, for the man can be stronger of than his instinct for survival in this world: love for the martyrdom! @511Leader -> Io non ho creduto per un solo istante al tuo desiderio sincero di leggere il Vangelo ed è per questo, che io ho deciso di mettere, in pericolo la tua vita, poiché, la curiosità dei misteri di Dio, nell'uomo può essere più forte del suo istinto di sopravvivenza in questo mondo: il martirio cristiano! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa Dear, the Gospel or the Bible is not a book to read, not is a word of God as the Qur'an, in fact, the Koran can be read and understood by all. But if God does not give you his Holy Spirit: that is, not only for be predestined at to heaven, but for be predestined to the divine nature, like a son that him to sit on his throne, in the body of Christ, he that is the right of the Father God. Christ is the head of his body: that is the Church: ie us! You'll never understand the Bible, not even taking 100 lives. In fact, many bishops and many popes have not been able to have this gift from God, that I had. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa Therefore, the Bible is a sacrament, that looks like a book, but in reality it's like God himself, because the Word was made flesh in the womb of the Virgin Mary. But how can I explain to you these things, without endangering your life? That's why I never teach these mysteries to a Muslim. Every time I open the Bible? I always talk to God intuitively, that is spiritually, as God rarely speaks to the senses of the body KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa All Muslims holy & peacefull and all good men (ie, the glorified), they will be part of the body of the Bride of Christ: the church. ie, that all who are in heaven: in terrestrial paradises and in 5 celestial paradises. But only the Christian Bible fundamentalists: like me, will enter the throne room (ie, the deified) children of God. Christianity is actually a mystery that only a few men in the world can truly know. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 511Leader SAID: "There are words in the Gospel for apostasy. Right? "--ANSWER-> I love the clarity and rationality of your argument! In the New Testament is written: "There is no salvation outside of Christ!". and if we, in Italy, we were, also: like now to be you in Saudi Arabia? ie a nation that is, back a thousand years, to be still trapped in his middle ages? Then, also us also we, would of hurt to all Muslims because of that verse! We do not deny the absolute truth of that verse: it is only in Jesus of Bethlehem is the salvation! But we believe that God, who alone Him is truly good: He will also save all men who have been peaceful and merciful: even if they are unable to know Jesus the Messiah! However, the participation in the divine nature of God, will not happen because of the Christian religion, but because of real and personal relationship with Jesus and God personally through faith and the Bible: that this is the secret of my power & charm. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa the cancellation of some verses of the Qur'an: that are wrong, both theologically, that historically? is not a hostile act, I can do against Islam, but it is an act of love! I can only do so if they are assisted by a committee of Muslim theologians and with the writ of the government of Saudi Arabia. At the conclusion of this work, should follow the proclamation of any secular Muslim state of each in the world. this is how, who, the danger of the 3rd WWnucelar will be averted! but all this must be achieved this year : fast! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa The news of the martyrdom of Christians? these are not given by the media of the Jews (by Net Worh), but by international organizations and humanitarian organizations (NGOs, non-profit, Caritas, etc. ..). The truth about Christian martyrs so it can be known only through the counter specific, with magazines and the Internet if not will be killed by the killer of last night? I will be able to talk to you between: 7 hours! lol. but not is yet born, one that could kill me! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> How can you lie to me? You have the death penalty for the crimes of apostasy and blasphemy. Saudi Arabia does not recognize the fundamental human rights, Saudi Arabia admits slavery, it is, many Muslims for the sake of their religion: they lie and make false testimony in court, to destroy the Christians. Many people are tortured in prison for crimes of religion in ArabiaSaudita. I can beat in the face against you, many documents officially. Why, you do not have to risk more to be a liar to me. You do not know that I am humanumgenus metaphysics: ie the Rei Unius? You do not know that it is dangerous to lie against me? Saudi Arabia is one of the most criminal nations of the world: and this is one of the reasons for which will be the 3rd WWnuclear in the world KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ 511Leader -> Dear, If all the world to become one only Islam? I'd be really happy if all this was achieved without violence and without hundreds of Christians, that every day, are killed in the name of Allah and the Koran, which for this abomination: they suffer unjustly, too the desecration and many say that Allah is Satan, but I feel I suffer for all this, because this is a lie, however, something bad is entered in the Koran, and therefore in the true meaning of God's nature, in fact, Islam by so his much violence is against the peace of whole world! But a religion should never be exploited for political ends, power or social control: why all this is terribly contrary to the true nature of God KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> Dear, Se tutto il mondo diventasse un solo Islam? Io sarei veramente felice, se tutto questo fosse ottenuto senza violenza, e senza centinaia di cristiani, che ogni giorno, sono uccisi nel nome di Allah e di Corano, che per questo abominio: loro subiscono ingiustamente, la profanazione e molti dicono che Allah è satana: ma io soffro a sentire tutto questo, perché questa è una menzogna, tuttavia, qualcosa di cattivo è entrato nel Corano, e di conseguenza nel vero significato della natura di Dio, infatti, l'Islam da tanta violenza al mondo intero! Ma una religione non dovrebbe mai essere strumentalizzata, per fini politici, di potere o di controllo sociale: tutto questo è terribilmente contrario alla vera natura di Dio KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader ->I am honored by your friendship and your love for me. I definitely have been designed by God to do good to all men good & honest, and faithful to each & humble servant of the "Unius God" Almighty, wherever and however: his name shall be appointed and blessed throughout the world, and in all religions: why, I am the universal brotherhood: why I have peace and life of the world. Since the Holy Spirit of life and the spirit of love, of all peoples and of all religions is in me: in fact, I am the Mahdi. at Assisi all religions of the world, took the oath and swore several times with John Paul II: "never more kill someone in the name of God!! " Therefore to kill a man of another religion? has become a sin that can never be forgiven by God KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> the holy Koran is divine in its many attributes & too many words, but, also it is evil in his few bad words, which are used by those who want to kill in the name of God: and this is an abomination, because every life is precious to God We must punish a criminal But we can not punish those who love God, so in different from ours. If a military did apostasy in Saudi Arabia? How old will for him in prison, if he has the good fortune not to be killed? etc. .. etc. .. I can not write the Koran, but I can erase all those words which are not of God: "For all the Words of God, are in my heart I know them all" I am Mahdì for love! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> il Korano è santo nelle sue molte parole divine, ma è diabolico nelle sue poche parole cattive, che sono utilizzate da chi vuole uccidere in nome di Dio: e questo è un abominio, poiché ogni vita è preziosa per Dio. Noi dobbiamo reprimere un criminale, ma non possiamo reprimere chi ama Dio, in modo diverso dal nostro. Se un militare facesse apostasia in Arabia Saudita? Quanti anni lui farà di carcere, se avrà la fortuna di non essere ucciso?? ecc.. ecc.. Io non posso scrivere il Corano, ma io posso cancellare tutte quelle parole, che non sono di Dio: "perché tutte le Parole di Dio, sono nel mio cuore: io le conosco tutte" KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @pop771000 -> yes I love you & yiurs & holy Islam & holy koran !! But many Christians are killed every day, because Islam is also a political and social intolerance. it is essential a true secular state and the perfect equality of all citizens, no longer discriminated against on religious grounds: that is the recognition of universal law on freedom of religion! "If you do not agree to this principle? a curse will come upon you: why the innocent blood of martyrs is Too big, and is now in the presence of the throne of God! 5.5 billion people will die in 2012 for 3rd WWnucleare That the enlightened Jews of IMF-NWO have planned and planned. What I'm saying? is an order of God Almighty Allah! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> but what hope you have, that I should not must rail against you and against the Koran, if we donate the religious freedom for all Muslims in Europe and U.S. but you do persecuted Christians and not recognize their, this freedom of religion that we recognize at you? but if my conduct make hurts you: you will not be too worried for this, because soon the Zionist bank seigniorage will kill me! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> Yes I love Islam, but something bad must be entered in the Koran! and the fact that there not are more Christians, in your country is the proof! I am willing to work with your government to make amendments to the Qur'an. Because I have the Holy Spirit of Mahdì, and I also have the discernment of spirits, to help with that cultural evolution of theology in favor of Islam, as in the academic field, is not to be feared the comparison with Christianity: to be truly and finally a True Religion of peace. Unfortunately, I was forced to say bad things against Muhammad, only recently, for the many murders that Muslims are doing in the world every day: Yes, today Islam is certainly harmful to other nations for being corrupt the true inspiration originally from Allah. In fact, historically and geographically ther is things untenable that are contained in the Qur'an: unfortunately. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 511Leader SAID: Explosions that happen in Iraq and elsewhere is in the hands of a Jewish. Al Qaeda was founded by Jews And worked on the bombing of Christian churches in Islamic countries. In order to raise strife between Muslims and Christians And other and other and other. --ANSWER-> YES IS TRUE! The Enlightened want the hatred among us! But also the freedom of religion is something that must be accepted by all. in AROUND THE WORLD, AND FAST! This is a problem "of life or death" for all mankind! STOP! to make violence or racism or differences, between citizens on grounds of religion! If you accept this principle? Then you plead guilty Saudi Arabia! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> today we have the NWO of IMF! which is the establishment of the satanic world: it has already conquered the world! and now wants kill all those who believe in God. The Enlightened They want the hatred among us, for to conquer the world. But who said that one religion is more important than whether he has many more faithful? Religion that is more important than who knows how to love more. The Masonry have destroyed politically and spiritually the Christians through corruption and the infiltration and the heresies of modernism. There are no Christians, who now do harm to Muslims, they are only the Satanists NWO: ie American Jews lobby! Enough of this hate & hostility between the servants of God, or very soon, we be to die together! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> Dear, it is very serious for the pacific coexistence, between all the people that Saudi Arabia has misused for political purposes: namely for the conquest imperialist of world, of a holy religion of God: Islam. who could not get over the centuries, its theological evolution, but I can work for this: on behalf of all Muslims. I'm sorry, if i did not get to respond earlier to your questions. But I went to my school, and I came back right now. but, criminals have threatened to kill me in the street, and then followed me home for to intimidate me. this is the way of acting of the Jews! like any other totalitarian system like yours: the intimidation! But I have no fear of most of those who want to fight me against, for being paid for this, because I have God's protection! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> I am the enemy of every injustice and insult, to all & any religion. But it is in these things, That you are totally criminals! Because you have no respect for freedom of religion and of none: how then can you make a criticism of others. "Hypocrites!" - Jesus would say: "because you see the speck in your brother, but then you do not see the beam that is in thine own eye?". Perhaps others might be a reaction to your violence? But, nevertheless, I do not want anyone justify. I do not admit these insults! Of course, I has insulted Mohammed and i will continue to insult him again! But this is true: "I would not have ever done something so bad, if you not were had been the biggest killers of hundreds of innocent Christians, every day, all over the world. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> I do not want to judge: the ones who are dead, that they are already in hell for be been judged by God! I as king of Israel, i said: "not only that the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine, will not be demolished, but I have the joy of going to pray in it. why I love all the mosques. Every person must be free in case of conscience and religion. If this freedom is not guaranteed? then is the holiness of God is defiled! Because God has given us freedom? Because there is no love in fear. but the fear and coercion are the language of Satan. You're doing a big insult against God and all men, because sharia is Satanism! While the true Islam is too good and holy! But you never know still, as is the true Islam holy. you not know! I am Mahdì! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa sorry but, for the Lack of Freedom of Religion, But Perhaps i should say That your God is Satan? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa to open churches in Saudi Arabia? this is only an act of civilization: a sign of friendship between the nations, an act of justice and respect for men. But the very dignity of God, is compromised by the lack of freedom of religion, but perhaps dovrebbedire that your God is Satan? in this way, you do the desecration of the glory and holiness of God! We Christians have suffered for the Jewish domination of the "banking seigniorage, Freemasonry & Communism, all the sons of Satan as the Jews Marranos that was pretended to be Christians and are now bishops and cardinals, as Christianity has been attacked from within, also, but when the breath of the Holy Spirit comes, then: everything will return to its former glory, but we do not We have a culture aggressive: against you today. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> your evil comes to the point that, to not have problems with the embassies, you slander of theft or other criminal offense, the poor Christians, because you do not always have the courage to bring them to jail because of their religion. and incredible that in 2011, there should still be in the world: criminals on religious like you. The Sudanese have killed Christian parents, but then sold their children as slaves to you, in fact, you still creepy & the aberrant your practice of slavery: you are monsters! that's how you make desecration of the holy name of God, you criticize the Jews, but I do not know, really, who among you is the most criminal! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa yes, I am humanumgenus! All Saudis are Muslims, because they are forced to be Muslims. Now, a God who is honored by fear, or is a coward, or is a demon, of course could never be the living God of Abraham. Many foreign workers are Christian Filipinos and their often they end up in jail, because even the phones in Saudi Arabia are under control of the secret police. This is an absolute disgrace for Allah, and a shame for you! Your theocratic dictatorship? is an insult to the holiness of God! is an insult to the honor of the Kingdom! of many foreigners are converted to Islam .. because they are afraid, because there are severe penalties for those who have another religion in the privacy of their home KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @rrmbgpym for UnusRei & king of Jerusalem ->. O daughter of Zion. Shout aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your king comes to you. He is right ... and victorious, he will announce peace to the nations, his dominion shall be from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth. Zechariah 9.9 @rrmbgpym for UnusRei king of Gerusalemme ->. esulta grandemente figlia di Sion. giubila, figlia di Gerusalemme! Ecco, a te viene il tuo re. Egli è giusto e vittorioso..., lui annuncerà la pace alle genti, il suo dominio sarà da mare a mare e dal fiume fino ai confini della terra. Zaccaria 9,9 KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ 511Leader-> is for law of Sharia, that even now hundreds of Christians will be killed, nailed to trees or to the wall, like lizards, killed for "apostasy. " it is clear Sharia is a form of Satanism! How is it possible this, in violation of any Democratic Constitution & Human Rights, Sharia law has been admitted in the Netherlands, U.S. and GB? Why the Jewish lobby, which dominated throughout the West, consistent with their Satanism, they want to destroy Christianity! It is not for Allah that Islam is spreading, but they are Satanists! This is a trap for you that you are the perfect idiots for them, of which the Jews need! To extend their dominion, as it was for the 2nd WW, the enlightened need a new Holocaust of jews. I only see 5.5 billion of deaths KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa è per la sharia che anche oggi centinaia di cristiani saranno uccisi, inchiodati agli alberi o al muro, come lucertole, uccisi per "apostasia". è evidente la sharia è una forma di satanismo! Come è possibile, che in violazione della costituzione democratica & ai diritti dell'uomo e della donna, la sharia sia stata ammessa in Olanda, US & GB? Perché le lobby ebraiche, che dominano tutto l'Occidente, coerentemente con il loro satanismo, vogliono distruggere il cristianesimo! Non è Allah che sta diffondendo l'Islam, ma sono i satanisti! Questa è una trappola per voi: che voi siete gli idioti perfetti, di cui gli ebrei hanno bisogno! Per estendere il loro dominio, come è stato per la 2°WW, gli illuminati hanno bisogno di una nuova shoah KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader ->the temple of the Jews? it is just one: it can only be in Jerusalem! Dear, there is not someone who is dangerous to belong to people or to be a religion, more of how one can be dangerous to be a Muslim. In fact, while all are kindness with Muslims, But, then their lives will in danger! As has happened to all the Christians who were before you and that you have murdered and that you continue to exterminate! But Muslims do not want to accept anyone among the them: because they are: evil murderers predators! you guys are damn since your Mohammed, that is just like you for to be the greatest threat to the peaceful coexistence of all peoples, if jews are now wicked people, it is because we were bad us with them! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 1/5@511Leader -> a video of slander is was made by "Italiamia". But, this proves it instead, of how the brain each religious, is a benighted of brain demon of religion that is a racist and a devil murderess! After more than two years, that I have defended the Muslims, with thousands of and hundreds of articles In Their video Please. Their as the slew to Christians Gaza, etc... Christians killed for no reason guilty of being a Christian only, is clear, that is "of something is profoundly evil which came in Islam, for guilty of given the soul of Mohammed, that the sharia" Just Me that I have fought against the Zionists, in defense of the Palestinians, KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 2/5@511Leader -> now, myself, I must acknowledge that the Zionists are right.. namely the muslims be all bad, because with which one can not speak, an absolute threat to the peaceful coexistence of peoples. So is true that, Their have exterminated all the Christians that They were with Their. This is the Their criminal strategy by 1400 years 1). have verses from the Holy Quran, for Their trick when they are a minority, 2). But after taking power, Their are other verses of the Koran of Doom Muhammad himself, for exterminate Each children what is that Their on time and have done that they make more! But, if in all the Muslim nations will not be abolished by the religious identity documents and will not be recognized as a true freedom of religion? KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 3/5@511Leader -> Soon we'll die all together, cursing each other, "passionately" in the 3rd WWnuclear just as the enlightened Jews of the World Bank have designed! Of course, the one that of is profoundly bad in the Catholicism, is pure masochism or self-harm, But the one that is of is bad in the Zionism and Islamism? is that of to be Their real mass murderers murderers deeply "racist" In Their Genes, impregnated of original sin! All children of the devil that they have no hope of go to Heaven, for as, Their crowded the hell to of the reason Their reciprocal of corrupt religions by Talmud & by Sharia. So, for to have supported the Muslims, I have also turned in a Their accomplice, KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 4/5@511Leader -> for the Christian martyrs 200,000 (100,000 communists and Hindu), it absolutely innocent, guilty only of being a Christian, innocent that Their killed in these two years for insist to be the of satanists Muhammad that not to recognize the freedom of their religious beliefs and the Human Rights! That would be my Islamophobia? No, it is only a slander, that It can not be supported! Like of the Zionists That accusation me of being an anti Semite. God sent me to protect Christianity, as is The Most advanced but to to protect the innocent but, at first, but I'm in the Christian martyrs that No One Is Able to to protect or see I know the problem is even welcomed, KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa 5/5@511Leader -> of media monopoly of the Zionists, not so much by Being unknown. Therefore, I like to Represent ReiUnius, But how to build a mosque in Each Mahdi cities in the world of Islam a peaceful religion, and finally Become positive, and as King of Israel, I will build a synagogue in Each world city to begin from Saudi Arabia. Because if you do not leave me to work for your good? there is even with the devil his enlightened that has your Planned Destruction! when I will not see most physically threatened, Christians in the world? Then I stop to evangelize! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ 511Leader -> If Saudi Arabia can not build many churches and synagogues very soon & quickly? You will can see how many of your deaths are jumping, like rats, in a fiery hell & hot oil: very soon! @ 511Leader -> Se in Arabia Saudita non si potranno costruire molte chiese e sinagoge molto presto? Tu potrai vedere quanti dei vostri morti stanno saltando, come topi, dentro un inferno di fuoco & olio bollente: molto presto! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ 511Leader-> God's presence is so strong in me that although I speak of love and universal brotherhood, a terror that has spread all over the world, including Satanists, and the criminals and all religions: for be their, in fact, the racists that make the hurt or that they exclude from salvation all those, who are not like them. all sinners? are reduced to silence before to me! Only some Muslim, Christian, atheist, ecc.. are very few who they can be friend with me, in fact, I have few real friends, who have the consistency to be able to talk to me. In truth, my entire list of 7000 addresses, they are silent so well, that they it seems all dead, and sometimes I think too, that: lol. God has killed them for real. But it's not really possible to have a jew friend: why in the world today, there is not one jew who is not worthy of hell 100 times. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa la presenza di Dio è così forte in me: che benché io parli di amore e di fratellanza universale, un certo terrore, si è diffuso in tutto il mondo, tra i satanisti, i malfattori e i criminali e tutti gli uomini religiosi: che in realtà sono razzisti: per fare del male o per escludere dalla salvezza tutti quelli che non sono come loro. tutti i peccatori? sono ridotti al silenzio: davanti a me, certo qualche musulmano o qualche cristiano io lo posso avere per amico: ma io ho pochi veri amici, che hanno la coerenza per poter parlare con me. In verità tutta la mia lista di 7000 indirizzi, loro tacciono così bene: da sembrare morti, e a volte io penso anche, che: lol. Dio abbia ucciso loro, per davvero. Ma non è proprio possibile avere un ebreo per amico: perché oggi in tutto il mondo, non c'è un solo ebreo, che non sia degno dell'inferno 100 volte. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ 511Leader -> I did a lot of spiritual experiences: I have also had many setbacks: in the past. But I has kept pure myself, in the way of God: i am going from religion to secularism, I am not the one, that a saint should be, really. as indeed is holy the my friend: "SuperLion911," he looks to down when he walks for to not to step the ants: SuperLion911 he is my best friend! but now him SuperLion911 is much suffering, because of me. he does not understand why I have become, after two years, that I have terrified all the Jews of the world: that they are the best Satanists, ... of to be have become, suddenly, unexpectedly, so aggressive against all Muslims of the world, because he has no experience, of how they are bad and criminals, governments Muslims against the Christian minority who are the poor among them. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader ->io ho fatto molte esperienze spirituali: io ho anche avuto molte sconfitte: in passato. Ma io ho conservato puro me stesso, sulla via di Dio: passando dalla religiosità alla laicità, io non sono quello, che un santo dovrebbe essere: propriamente. come in effetti è santo il mio amico: "SuperLion911", che lui guarda a terra, quando lui cammina per non calpestare le formiche: lui SuperLion911 è il mio migliore amico! ma, ora lui: SuperLion911 sta molto soffrendo, a causa mia. lui non comprende perché io sono diventato, dopo 2 anni, che io ho atterrito tutti gli ebrei del mondo: cioè i migliori satanisti,... per essere diventato, tutto ad un tratto, imprevedibilmente, così aggressivo contro tutti i musulmani del mondo, perché lui non ha nessuna esperienza, di come sono cattivi e criminali, i governi e gli estemisti musulmani: contro le povere minoranza cristiane che sono tra di loro. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ 511Leader-> I am Lorenzo Scarola and I live in Puglia in Bari, Italy: I am a teacher & theologian, I am a normal man, with no supernatural power, I am only a man of pure faith. To me, children are not Jewish or Palestinian, etc. .. for me, all children and all mothers: they are only mothers and children. My spiritual life is very special because I was shaped by God. with my policy that is a ministry universal, I am at above of all the spirits (loyal or rebel), and are at above of all mankind. I am the ReiUnius, the Mahdi and the King of Israel: if I exist: it is because there is no other political solution: the cultural and spiritual at the destruction of all mankind: in fact, very soon you will die! shalom salam + x = love you & yours ... I believe that God is killing & ruining, many bad people, for to impose on the world my Government: that is, the universal brotherhood KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> Io sono Lorenzo Scarola e vivo in Puglia a Bari, Italia: io sono un docente & teologo: io sono un uomo normale, senza nessun potere soprannaturale, io sono soltanto un uomo di fede pura. Per me: i bambini non sono ebrei o palestinesi, ecc.. per me tutti i bambini e tutte le mamme: loro sono soltanto mamme e bambini. La mia vita spirituale è molto speciale: infatti io sono stato modellato da Dio. Con il mio ministero politico, io sopra al di sopra di tutti gli spiriti(fedeli o ribelli) e al di sopra di tutto il genere umano. Io sono il ReiUnius, il Mahdì e il Re di Israele: se io esisto: è perché non c'è un altra soluzione politica: culturale e spirituale alla distruzione di tutto il genere umano: infatti, molto presto voi morirete! shalom + salam = love x you & yours ... io credo che Dio sta uccidendo & rovindo, molte persone cattive, per imporre il mio governo sul mondo: cioè la fratellanza universale KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ 511Leader-:>. instinct of a father not is to give more love to his son meaner & nastier? The instinct of the Good Shepherd is not going to look for the sheep that was lost? If I do not save the Jews? if I did not restore the true religion of Moses, making it evolve with modern times? Then, all of us will die soon, together with the Jews in the forthcoming 3 rd ww nuclear, event that is essential, because the IMF is worn out: exhausted, spent, and for to regenerate itself into a new monetary cycle: this system of Satan, who is based on debt: ie bank seigniorage. that essential need of huge destruction and massive loss of lives: this is the solution that Satanists Americans have for resolve the overpopulation. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> l'istinto di un padre non è quello di dare più amore al figlio cattivo, perverso? L'istinto del buon pastore non è quello di cercare la pecora che si è smarrita, perduta? Se io non salvo gli ebrei e non ripristino la vera religione di Mosè: facendola evolvere con i tempi moderni? Poi, tutti noi dovremo presto morire, tutti insieme & insieme agli ebrei nella imminente 3°ww nucleare, evento indispenzabile, poiché il FMI è asurito, e per rigenerare se stesso, in un nuovo ciclo monetario: di quella moneta perfetta di satana, che è fondata sul debito: cioè il signoraggio bancario. ha indispensabile bisogno di immani distruzioni e perdite ingenti di vite umane: questa è la soluzione dei satanisti americani alla sovrapopolazione. KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ 511Leader -> only God and me: Rei unius & king of Israel, only we can know how the Jews are Satanists. Jews suck the blood of all peoples through: the seigniorage banking: of the enlightened (IMF-NWO) and will become all fat like pigs, for that matter, they think of being loved by the enlightened, of which they become complicit in them, as all the rich and Masons and governments of the world, for to destroy all people: all the rich against all the poor. But the enlightened have gave the body at aliens (golem): that they are the demons, and are in contact with Satan himself .. but when it flares burn up the wrath of God against them, to Auschwitz, etc. ..: they say "Where is God?" and play at being the victims KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa Soltando Dio ed io: Rei Unius & king of Israel, soltanto noi possiamo sapere come sono satanisti gli ebrei. Gli ebrei succhiano il sangue di tutti i popoli, attraverso il signoraggio bancario degli illuminati(IMF-NWO) e diventano grassi come maiali: è per questo che loro pensano di essere amati dagli enlightened, dei quali diventano complici loro: come tutti i ricchi e massoni e governi del mondo, per rovinare tutti i popoli. Ma gli enlightened hanno dato il corpo agli alieni(golem): che sono i demoni e sono in contatto con satana in persona.. ma quando dopo quando divampa l'ira di Dio e dei popoli contro di loro, ad Auswitz, ecc..: loro dicono: "dov'è dio?" e giocano a fare le vittime KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @ 511Leader -> therefore, the Jews from their return from exile in Babylon, they have lost the true religion of Moses, which has been lost forever, for to be their the perfect heretics, to be specialized predators and murderers. Vampires above all mankind through: Freemasonry, Satanism, pornography: that are all the sons of seigniorage banking, through which they dominate the world 5 centuries, to have formed, creating institutions such as hostile to Christianity: communism democracy . Thus, in five centuries have damaged all religions and all peoples, have corrupted with science of fraud, for imposing an ideological evolution, that is, a theory that can never be proven, because it is false lol. a theory, to our existing 150 years KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa pertanto, dal loro rientro dalla deportazione di Babilonia, la religione di Mosè è andata perduta per sempre, per essere tutti loro dei perfetti eretici, specializzati ad essere predatori e assassini. Vampiri al di sopra di tutto il genere umano attraverso la massoneria, satanismo, pronografia: tutti the figli del signoraggio bancario, attraverso cui, essi dominano il mondo da 5 secoli, per averlo plasmato, creando istituzioni ostili al cristianesimo come: comunismo democrazia. Pertanto, in 5 secoli hanno danneggiato tutte le religioni e tutti i popoli, hanno corrotto la scienza for imporre ideologicamente la truffa dell'evoluzione, cioè di una teoria che non potrà mai essere dimostrata, perché è falsa: lol. una teoria, per i nostri attuali 150 anni KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader-> As soon as Joshua was dead? Already the Jews had corrupted themselves, so far as to follow the idols of their neighbors! They began their suffering, but God for their own good, for the sake of their patriarchs , has sent: judges, prophets and heroes. But the situation of corruption of the Jews was so severe that YHWH sentenced them to exile in Babylon. The best of them, are been so assholes, racists & ignorant that to respect the Torah, were forced to hunt all their wives and children who were not descendants of the Jews. The worst of them, that are the Scribes and Pharisees, who were born in Satanism with the Talmud of Babylon: they really are racist: the biggest criminals in the history of mankind! KingxKingdom ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa @511Leader -> Non appena Giosuè era morto? Già gli ebrei si erano corrotti, fino al punto da seguire gli idoli dei popoli vicini! Così iniziarono le loro sofferenze, ma Dio per amore dei patriarchi mandava loro dei giudici, profeti ed eroi. Ma la situazione di corruzione degli ebrei continuava ad essere così grave che JHWH li ha condannati all'esilio in Babilonia. I migliori di loro, erano così stronzi, razzisti & ignoranti: che per rispettare la Thorà, furono costretti a cacciare tutte le loro mogli e figli: che non erano discendenti degli ebrei. I peggiori di loro, cioè gli scribi e farisei, che erano nati nel satanismo di Babilonia con il Talmud: sono veramente razzisti: i più grandi criminali della storia del genere umano! humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa sugerdrops SAID: i will love christians - ANSWER -> YOU LOVE THE GHOSTS CHRISTIANS? LOL. In fact there are not more Christians in Muslim nations! and those few who survived, you can easily find them in jail! humanumgenus ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa yes i love you! I am for your love, today, I'll write something of very important from my "kingxkingdom" for you & for all mankind io per te oggi, scriverò qualcosa di molto importante dal mio "kingxkingdom" إنني لأجل حبك، اليوم، وأنا أكتب شيئا من المهم جدا من "kingxkingdom" بلادي لك وللبشرية جمعاء spiritlite ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa AsalaamuAlaykum, JazakaAllah Khair. May Allah bless you , Ameen. ShalomGerusalemme ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa i am lorenzojhwh + humanumgenus but youtube is an enlightened and Go away lorenzojhwh by youtube forever! انا lorenzojhwh + humanumgenus لكن يوتيوب هو المستنير و يذهب بعيدا lorenzojhwh من يوتيوب الى الأبد! lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 2 anni fa 511Leader ♥