man is full of original sin corrupt is his nature

mmf1396 said: "Every since the evolution of life, once man walked the earth, the planet has gone to shit. If you say your god is real, your father where is he? Why are you waiting for his return? The dead can not walk, especially with out a body. Hail mary the virgin whore. -- ANSWER -- disperate, future nuclear fuel: of the motor atomic, of our planet. 1. evolution is a scam religion: only, there are not mutations in the species, from prehistoric to today. 2. man is full of original sin, corrupt is his nature! My Father JHWH, is: eternal life love: Holy Spirit. he will came to disintegrate rebels, and to re-create: the Universe that has been corrupted by sin. 3. the dead do not need a biological body to walk and burn. 4. the Pharisees have paid and bribed the guards to say that his body has been stolen! so if you find her body? then, it is true, your slander, of your Talmud

@mmf1396 -- said: "You put so much faith into a man you do not know. Why? There is no evidence of him ever existing. We've found bones, and fossils of dinosaurs from millions of years ago but where are Jesus's remains?"--ANSWER -- 1. We have 1000 times more: historical evidence of Jesus of Nazareth, that of Napoleon. 2. after he had killed the Apostle James, Herod killed: his 12 guards, because an angel had freed Peter from prison, the same angel, who also killed him, also, because he had been told: "You are a god!" but he did not give glory to God. 3. idiot: you have found the bones of dinosaurs, but, where are Jesus's remains, if he is risen? and millions of people, like me, who, have knew Jesus personally risen! " Gandhi and also many Buddhists, ecc.. saints of any religions and peoples, they put all their faith in Jesus, because it is impossible to be a celestial soul and not see that the words and the love of Jesus, are the substance of divinity

Re:mmf1396 -- dear criminal -- Then saying if you are sent to hell, then will you finally realize it doesn't matter, what you do you still end up dead. --ANSWER -- the Bible is a book legal, so even God is bound by those terms, even if: in the Old Testament, there is: the dramatic relationship: OF: divorce: between God, and, the Pharisees, who, have ruined: 1. certain verses:of the Bible, 2. Judaism: 3. put in the shit all the Jews and all the peoples, because, they are the masters Enlightened: of the IMF and of your Masonic occult powers Bildenberg .. why, without the New Testament?, the Torah can not be understood, because, it brings in if signs of a tragedy., and true, the prophets, were spoke of God seeking your love as your: Father, Mother, boyfriend, girlfriend: but, in fact the prophets were killed, and the Talmud: have them trampled

Re:R:Re:R:Re:mmf1396. I know the idea of having hope, but, 1. to pray I do not understand. What does it do exactly, show me. 2. evidence in how god will forgive you for your sins. 3. When you die he could still send you to hell if he wants because he has all power therefore he has no rules. -ANSWER- 1. Prayer is a need: if you're hungry? You have to eat, if you do not have money?Then you have to go by the bank, but there is no prayer more powerful than: to read Bible, but, you not: thinking: to a book, but, thinking that: it is a medium to get in touch: directly: with God this is something so powerful, that, I am regenerated: by the power of the grace. 2. 2. when, the blood of the lamb had covered the jamb of the door? Then, the angel of death, not killed the Jews in Egypt, could not see sin in them. and we know, like jews were perverse. Thus, blood of Christ covers all my faults: and give me: the same divine nature of God! 3. the Bible is the Constitution of the Kingdom of God

@IHateNEWLAYOUT:"Satan saves". @mmf1396: "I fuck, rape, and kill." to the tender Corporations: synagogue NWO: Bildenberg SpA, the dear children: of 322 Bush and 666 Rothschild: the two sluts: of satan.. --- [and since I am a man in conflict with my nature, because, if, in a supernatural way: I am the killer of all criminals, Masons, Satanists, Nazis, racists, the sworn enemy of all shapes imperialism]. [then, from the point of view: psychological, I am very peaceful and amiable: I am like Gandhi and Moses, that, he was the man more peacefull of the earth.] and since, I am the kingdom universal: in political mode: the law of retaliation: If: I intuit that one day, God did not kill, or ruined many criminals, then I, I get angry against God, too, but, then, I resign myself, because, I think, "Who can be perfect like God?"

[@IHateNEWLAYOUT priest voodoo cannibal, @mmf1396: rapist: all made in USA: IMF cult] -when, I received the theological teaching:of: Benny Hinn, and, his friends: to the TBN? I has: tried, of finding my position: at the Throne of God, in order to realize the Kingdom of God on earth. I was very surprised to discover, tha, with, the biblical prophecies, God gave, to me, three times, the invitation, to sit at the center, of his throne, between, Father, and, Son, because, I thought, this is certainly a mistake. but, then, I remembered, that, God is, also, infinite humility. in this way: I became: Unius REI, why, by obedience to the Word of God (of which I remember only: Psalm 110) I ordered my spirit, to sit forever on God's Throne. Obviously, God does not speak, to: flesh and blood, in fact, I'm like all. then, only in an intuitive way, I can guess, what is the work, that, my spirit is doing, too, because, if, my spirit is autonomous, however: he is: always, submissive to my will.

mmf1396 Oggetto: Data: 24/05/13 .. You're in a relationship with God ? Therefore you believe in him, which means you have religious beliefs because you do what he says. Let me ask you this, this if you do so, why do you pray ? Please tell me ? .. ecc.. -- ANSWER -- NO! I pray not, in fact, I love, I love adore, , and I am angry against God, because we have a history, we are a family! after other responses, sorry offline .. NO! IO non prego, in realtà, io adorare, amo e mi incazzo contro Dio, perché noi abbiamo una storia, noi siamo una famiglia! a dopo altre risposte, sorry offline..

@ my YHWH - it's true .. Also, if, I mistreat: so, in mode fierce, all politicians and all governments: but: they are all the good guys, who are trying to do always their best, as they can, for: the good of their people, and all ... but, is this: is the real problem, is: Rothschild IMF, and the King Saudi Arabia, Sharia law: for worldwide caliphate, which, have maleficato: and ruined: the whole human race! only, for them I have no a remedy or a solution.-- è vero.. anche, se io maltratto: in modo feroce, tutti i politici: e tutti i governi: in fondo: loro sono tutti dei bravi ragazzi, che, cercano di fare: sempre: del loro meglio, come possono, per: il bene del loro popolo: e di tutti... ma, è questo: è il vero problema, è: Rothschild FMI, e il King Saudi Arabia sharia: per califfato mondiale, che, hanno maleficato: e rovinato: tutto il genere umano! soltanto per loro io ho un rimedio, o una soluzione.

@my JHWH -- il genere umano è una sola famiglia, e, nessuno deve fare il "pezzo di merda!"

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Abu Sharia criminal Antar - in fact, I am a man very lovable and very understanding, because: I am affectionate, but, if: I'm angry, the fault is only: Rothschild IMF, and of other plug sewer, as: the King of Saudi Arabia, -- in realtà, io sono un uomo molto amabile: e molto comprensivo, perché: io sono affettuoso, e se: io sono arrabbiato, la colpa è soltanto: di Rothschild FMI, e di quell'altro tappo di fogna: del Re dell'Arabia Saudita: I am obnoxious, against you, of course! but, because, you are the secret service, and you can not talk in a fair and honest with me.

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[la miserabile condizione umana, come, via della GRAZIA DIVINA] Pascal non: sente il bisogno di credere: in un Dio della filosofia, e preferisce il Dio delle Scritture, il Dio-persona: della esperienza di Israele, certo, è un Dio esigente, ma, tuttavia, è un Dio leale! che, esprime: i suoi sentimenti di amicizia: con: Abramo, con cui si può parlare, amare, e a cui si possono rivolgere preghiere: Pascal é quindi teista, e non deista. A lui più, che, sapere, se, Dio esista o meno, gli interessa sapere quale risvolto abbia sulla vita dell'uomo, il crederci, o il non crederci. Bisogna anche: qui specificare una cosa: sulla vita di Pascal: egli, fin dalla giovinezza, é stato tormentato da mali, insopportabili, che, non l'hanno abbandonato: per tutto il corso della vita, conclusasi, in un travaglio: fisico e morale, quando egli aveva appena 39 anni. avendo trascorso una vita, tra, tormenti morali e fisici incessanti,

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[la miserabile condizione umana, come, via della GRAZIA DIVINA] é ovvio, che, abbiano elaborato una filosofia pessimistica ed esistenzialista. ma, Pascal protesta, contro, questo giudizio ingiusto, contro di lui, e dice: "tutti noi (l'intero genere umano) siamo nella stessa condizione: di: infelicità e di sofferenza, ma, non tutti: ce ne accorgiamo; solo, chi davvero soffre ( Pascal stesso ) non si lascerà distrarre, e, potrà capire, fino in fondo, come la nostra vita, non, sia altro che un'ininterrotta sofferenza, una sofferenza, che, di volta in volta, assume sfumature diverse, D'altronde, fa notare Pascal, la cosa, che, l'uomo maggiormente evita: é la solitudine, il trovarsi a faccia a faccia, con se stesso, a riflettere, sulla propria condizione; quando uno si ferma e, da solo, riflette, é preso dall'angoscia, che invece non sente: quando é indaffarato: e si diverte, insieme agli altri, ecco perché l'unico senso della vita è l'AMORE!

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Abu sharia Antar -- io sono antipatico, contro di voi, certo! ma, perché, voi siete i servizi segreti, e non riuscite a parlare in modo leale e sincero con me.

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[but if you use too many "tabs"? to say a few things? I get angry, against you] ... It all keeps adding up I think I'm cracking up ... and am I just paranoid or I'm just stoned?     Abu Antar has posted a comment 58 seconds ago Sometimes I give myself the creeps. Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.     Abu Antar has posted a comment 3 minutes ago I am one of those ... melodramatic fools ... neurotic to the bone no doubt about it.

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Abu Antar - but if you have a pain, a wound in your heart? it will be heard by me. -- ma, se tu hai un dolore, una ferita, nel tuo cuore? essa sarà ascoltata

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@Abu jihad antar sharia horror criminal for dhimmi, ie worldwide caliphate: terrorist -- all must live in the world, but, no one should: to do abuse of resources (card 10 lines), as you do, I will use the whole, card, for writing things, that, are appropriate, and which must be appropriately explained, and then, I will not argue, with, a nobody like you! nel mondo tutti dobbiamo vivere, ma nessuno deve: abusare delle risorse come tu fai, io la scheda la uso tutta, scrivendo cose adeguate,

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Pascal é importante sia come filosofo sia come scrittore e rappresenta uno dei più remoti precursori della filosofia esistenzialista. Pascal riconosce una netta differenza: tra le due dimensioni, fondamentali, quella filosofica (spirituale) e quella scientifico-matematica (materiale), non conflittualità, ma, livelli/dimensioni: completamente diversi. Ecco allora che la sua filosofia non sarà molto attenta alle questioni gnoseologiche, bensì, si occuperà di quelle esistenziali, delle problematiche, che, riguardano l'esistenza dell'uomo. La concezione stessa, che, Pascal ha di Dio, é radicalmente diversa, da quella dei pensatori del suo tempo: il suo Dio non é quello dei filosofi e degli scienziati, un puro e semplice garante: dell' ordine del cosmo e del mondo. il Dio, in cui crede, Pascal é quello, di Abramo, di Isacco, di Giacobbe:"cioè, una relazione di amore, personale ed universale"

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[spam] Abu sharia jihad Antar -- perché non usi una sola scheda invece di usarne cinque? mi stai facendo polvere! why do not you use a single comment, instead of five? you're making me dust!

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[BLAISE PASCAL] Nel 1646 era giansenista, questo, determinò quella, che, si suole chiamare, la prima: conversione: di Pascal. Continuò però i suoi studi scientifici, a Parigi si incontrò con Cartesio (1647) col quale ebbe discussioni sul vuoto. ma, un evento molto importante nella sua vita: fu la cosiddetta seconda conversione, incentrata nella "Nuit de feu" del 23 novembre 1654, e testimoniata dal Memoriale, un foglio che PASCAL portava cucito nei suoi abiti, e che: riportiamo qui di seguito: " Fuoco Dio di Abramo Dio di Isacco: Dio di Giacobbe: non: dei filosofi e dei dotti. Certezza. Certezza. Sentimento: Gioia Pace: Dio di Gesù Cristo: Deum meum et Deum vestrum. Il tuo Dio: sarà: il mio Dio. Oblio del mondo: e di tutto, tranne Dio. Egli non: si trova se: non nelle vie indicate nel Vangelo. Grandezza dell'anima umana. Padre giusto, il mondo: non: ti ha conosciuto, ma: io ti ho conosciuto"

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[Gli uomini, non avendo potuto guarire la morte, la miseria, l'ignoranza, hanno risolto, per vivere felici, di non pensarci. ( Pensieri , n° 348 )] il Dio in cui crede Pascal é quello di Abramo, di Isacco, di Giacobbe. non è Il Dio di stampo aristotelico(motore immobile, quello dei filosofi e degli scienziati é un Dio che serve esclusivamente per spiegare l' origine del mondo. Pascal non sente il bisogno di credere in un Dio del genere, e preferisce il Dio delle Scritture, un Dio-persona con cui si può parlare e a cui si possono rivolgere preghiere : egli é quindi teista e non deista. Va ricordato a proposito un'esperienza personale vissuta da Pascal: egli dice di aver vissuto un'esperienza intensissima, quasi mistica, che l' ha segnato profondamente. Tuttavia non volle pubblicare una vicenda tanto personale e allora, dopo averla messa per iscritto, se la fece cucire all'interno della giacca cosicchè, ne siamo entrati in possesso solo dopo la sua morte

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Benyamin Netanyahu sia il presidente dell'Autorità nazionale palestinese (Anp) Abu Mazen sul riavvio dei negoziati tra le parti. -- ANSWER -- perché, i palestinesi non rinunciano alla sharia ed gli israeliani non rinunciano allo Stato massonico di Israele, e poi, noi facciamo il Regno di Palestina?

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[/watch?v=fZpJ7yUPwdU] mmf1396. Re:R:Re:mmf1396. Jesus Christ is my nigga. So isn't Satan. I fuck, rape, and kill. I don't pray. When I die, I die that's it. There is no hell, and there is no heaven. Your religious beliefs mean nothing to me. Why praise a figure you will never meet, better yet why praise him not knowing if your little book the Bible is just as made up as any other fictional tale. Religion is the main reason there is so much conflict in the world. No one is higher in power than anyone else we are all equal my friend. -- ANSWER ---- ANSWER - 1. THE NATURAL LAW SAYS: "you do good, thou not doest evil." 2. I have no religious beliefs, because, in a spiritual way, intuitively, I am in relationship with God, my Father. 3. your NWO 666: 322 Masons Bildenberg Pharisees IMF, is bringing peace to the world? 4. no one can say that the bitch is equal to the virgin, my friend! 5. I'm Unius REI.

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MCMXXXIII has posted a comment 13 minutes ago world peace 2014 - ANSWER - there can be no peace, without justice, then you must remove the sharia, and the bank seigniorage -- ANSWER -- non ci può essere pace senza giustizia, quindi tu devi rimuovere la sharia, e il signoraggio bancario

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[GUINEA BISSAU. direct testimony: evolution is religion. I, PIME priest, whipped by the devil in the land of mission.] 05/24/2013. PIME - GUINEA BISSAU. I, PIME priest, whipped by the devil in the land of mission. by Piero Gheddo. On his blog, Father Gheddo talks about the experience of Fr Dionisio Ferraro, a native of Vicenza (Italy) and a missionary in Guinea Bissau. As the latter worked on a book dealing with faith, he was whipped by the devil one night to the point of drawing blood, causing deep wounds to the body. In Africa, the presence of Satan "is no surprise to anyone"; he is also present in Italy, but very "little is said about him." Milan (AsiaNews) - Fr Dionisio Ferraro, a missionary with the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME), was born in Casoni (Vicenza, Italy) in 1944. A priest since 1970, he moved to Guinea-Bissau in 1972 and has lived in the country ever since.

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[GUINEA BISSAU. direct testimony: evolution is religion. I, PIME priest, whipped by the devil in the land of mission.] He served as PIME regional superior in Guinea from 1981 to 1985 and is currently a parish priest in Bambadinca, a pagan town in the Diocese of Bafatá, the country's second diocese, established in 2001. I interviewed him in Milan on 21 May 2013 and he approved this interview. Although some may not believe in the devil's existence, Pope Francis has often spoken about him. I asked Father Dionisio to tell me about his ordeal. "In 2011, I came to Italy, and I was struck by the lack of faith in many people. That year, Benedict XVI had announced the Year of Faith (11 October 2011-24 November 2012). Upon returning to Guinea in March, I set out to write a booklet in kriol (the national language along with the Portuguese) titled 'Lord, make us stronger in faith'.

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[GUINEA BISSAU. direct testimony: evolution is religion. I, PIME priest, whipped by the devil in the land of mission.] It was needed to prepare adults for baptism, but it was also good for others, until the last chapter on Our Lady, Our Mother in faith: about 50 pages in all. After it was done and ready, I thought of taking it to Bissau for printing, but I could not find a day off. Given the state of the roads, it takes three hours and more to cover 120 km one way (and the same the other way). In Bambadinca, I normally go to bed early. We have no electricity, nor television. Outside, there are mosquitoes. So I go to bed at 21:00 hours. I tend to fall asleep right away and sleep well. At 1 am, I wake up, turn on the lamp and get up. I pray and write until about 3 am. Then, I am sleepy again and go back to sleep again until 5.30 or 6. I don't have to set the alarm clock."

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[GUINEA BISSAU. direct testimony: evolution is religion. I, PIME priest, whipped by the devil in the land of mission.] "At 1 am on 23 March 2011, I got up, I re-read the booklet. I liked it what I read and decided that the next day I would go to Bissau to the printer. I went back to bed, laid down on my left side. When I felt sleep come over me, I turned to the right and fell asleep. In Guinea, rooms are closed and without lights, so we sleep without clothes on or cover because of the heat. As I was falling asleep, I felt something lashing at my left shoulder and arm-on the left side of my body, and leg. Flabbergasted I screamed from the pain. As someone kept on whipping me in the dark, I tried to protect my head with my hands. Then, it dawned on me that I was in bed inside a room in a brick house, behind a locked door and grated windows. Nobody could have come into the room.

[GUINEA BISSAU. direct testimony: evolution is religion. I, PIME priest, whipped by the devil in the land of mission.] The devil came to mind and I shouted: 'Vade retro, Satana, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!' And, magically, the whipping stopped. I continued to scream in vain since no one else was in the house. There was blood on my left shoulder and knee, and so I prayed to Jesus and Mary. I turned on the lamp and I looked in the mirror: I saw the blood. After washing it out and drying the wound, I put some penicillin and an antibiotic ointment-the treatment eventually lasted a fortnight. I felt a lot of pain, but that did not prevent me from thinking. I checked the door and it was locked from the inside. The security bars on the window were solid and untouched. I looked under the bed, in the wardrobe, in the bathroom: no one.

[GUINEA BISSAU. direct testimony: evolution is religion. I, PIME priest, whipped by the devil in the land of mission.] At that point, I shouted to myself and to the Lord: 'It's the devil who does not want me to publish this book.' After that, I knelt and prayed again." "When I went back to bed, the Lord sent me back to sleep. When the alarm clock rang, I got up. At that point, I thought I had to show my wounds and blood to the bishop. So I went to Bafatá to see Mgr Pedro Zilli, an Italian-Brazilian member of PIME. He saw my wounds and heard my story. He told me to pray and bless the room before going to bed. After that, I travelled to Bissau and showed my wounds to Fr Davide Sciocco, PIME regional superior for Guinea, who told me to pray. Later, I told Fr Luca Pedretti about it. He is the vicar general of the diocese of Bafatà and a diocesan 'fidei donum' priest from Verona.

[GUINEA BISSAU. direct testimony: evolution is religion. I, PIME priest, whipped by the devil in the land of mission.] 'Always keep holy water in the room and bless it,' he told me. Next I thought: 'My book is incomplete.' Hence, after the last chapter on Our Lady, Our Mother in faith, I added another one on the devil, citing biblical texts from the Old Testament, Mark 1:13, in which Jesus goes into the desert for 40 days and is tempted by the devil, and Mark 4:15, in which Satan takes away the word of God, and other quotes with brief comments. I added: these are facts from the Bible that may seem far away and no longer relevant to us today. Yet, my own experience confirms them. I also wrote about what happened to me: on the night of 23 March 2011, Satan whipped me because he did not want me to publish this book."

[GUINEA BISSAU. direct testimony: evolution is religion. I, PIME priest, whipped by the devil in the land of mission.] I told Father Dionisio that his story would cause astonishment in Italy; perhaps disbelief even. In answering, he said: "I understand you because you in Italy do not have direct and personal experience with the devil. But on visiting my homeland for a month or two, I realise how the devil is present in Italian society, in families, but little is said about him. In Guinea, a country that is still pagan, Satan's presence does not surprise anyone. People truly believe that he exists and they see him wherever there is evil, hatred, violence, division, and mafias. They fear him a lot. To speak about Satan to our people is useful; in fact, since my book came out, many have come up and asked me more about the devil and are increasingly drawn to an evangelical vision of life,

[GUINEA BISSAU. direct testimony: evolution is religion. I, PIME priest, whipped by the devil in the land of mission.] i.e. they discover first hand that only Jesus Christ can deliver them from the devil, who is the only true enemy of God and man." @ 666 187AUDIOHOSTEM why do you not tell your direct testimony of Satan and demons?

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All He Wants: Is Your SPIRIT, Heart And Mind. ONLY ONE FAITH: for holy holy holy: YHWH. - Amen. alleluia! 'Thus saith Cyrus, king of Persia (Unius REI): to satanist Rothschild pharisee: NWO, to all the kingdoms of the earth hath Yahweh, the God of heaven, Given me, and He hath charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem , Which is in Judah. Whosoever there is among you, of all His people - may, Yahweh, His God, be with him - let him go there. '(2 Chronicles 36:23) - ANSWER - of course, I will pass on the corpses of all my enemies!

[ against nazi sharia talmud: for love: goym, dalit, dhimmi. ] Papa: la tratta persone, ignobile vergognosa! Bergoglio, governi e legislatori tutelino con efficacia profughi. 24 maggio, 17:49 "La tratta delle persone è un'attività ignobile, una vergogna per le nostre società, che, si dicono civilizzate. Sfruttatori e clienti, a tutti i livelli dovrebbero fare: un serio esame di coscienza davanti: a se stessi: e davanti a Dio!". Lo ha detto il Papa invitando "governanti, legislatori e l'intera Comunità Internazionale" a pensare "iniziative efficaci: e nuovi approcci per tutelare: la loro dignità, migliorare la loro qualità di vita: e far fronte: a forme moderne di persecuzione''. --ANSWER -- forme moderne di persecuzione? LA TRUFFA DEL SIGNORAGGIO BANCARIO: FMI, FED, BCE, ED IL SUO SATANISMO IDEOLOGICO E PRATICO, OVVIAMENTE.

@youtube 666 NAZI, said: Upgrade to YouTube One Channel Your new channel features cross-device branding, a channel trailer for new viewers, and better organization of your videos and playlists. 12: days left to upgrade: If no action is taken by June 5th, your account will be automatically upgraded. --- ANSWER --- NOT LIMITED TO, YOU HAVE DESTROYED, 50% of the written comments, that, I could do before, but now you destroy the images of background,, everything you do is: always to destroy the possibility communication, and democratic, so you're a violation of the Constitution.. --- ANSWER --- NON SOLTANTO, TU HAI DISTRUTTO, il 50% dei commenti scritti, che si potevano fare prima, ma, adesso tu distruggi le immagini, di fondo, tutto quello che tu fai è: sempre: per distruggere le possibilità comunicative, e democratiche, in questo modo tu sei una violazione della Costituzione

@ Benjamin Netanyahu - however, with the sharia, Islamic Muslims, they are a great threat to the survival of the whole human race, and if, your alliance with the Scythians, would the defeat of the Sunni, and you ottenessi, the 400,000 sq km, to return all the Jews of the world, this project would not stop, of: imperialism, the worldwide caliphate (which with their fanaticism, has needs, of very little capital to continue to expand itself), and therefore, would leave the Jews gathered in Palestine, getting exposed to future extreme danger! and since, the religious maniacs: not: never, will give up, to sharia and their murders of Nazism: if, they not: were forced to do so, here, that, you hit all of them, with, nuclear weapons, at the same time, it is the only winning strategy, so, they abandon, their criminal sharia .. about, Bush, Kerry, Obama? Rothschild can put: his finger in the ass: in those parrots, and make them say, everything that he wants!

@Benjamin Netanyahu -- tuttavia, con la sharia, i musulmani islamisti, sono una minaccia estrema, per la sopravvivenza, di tutto il genere umano, e se, la tua alleanza con gli sciti, farebbe sconfitti i sunniti: e, tu ottenessi, i 400.000 Kmq, per fare tornare tutti gli ebrei del mondo, questo progetto, non fermerebbe l'imperialismo, del califfato mondiale (che con il loro fanatismo ha bisogno di pochi capitali, per continuare ad espandere se stesso), e quindi, lascerebbe gli ebrei: raccolti in Palestina, sempre esposti a futuri estremi pericoli! e poiché, i maniaci religiosi: non: rinunceranno mai, alla sharia ed ai loro omicidi: di nazismo: senza, essere stati costretti a farlo, ecco che, colpirte tutti loro, con armi atomiche, simultaneamente, è l'unica strategia vincente, affinché, loro abbandonino la sharia.. circa, Bush, Kerry, Obama? Rothschild può mettere: il suo dito: in culo: a quei pappagalli, e far dire loro, tutto quello, che, lui vuole!

@ Benjamin Netanyahu - and since: the NWO, is from the point of view: political, that the IMF is from the monetary point of view, then, if you have a map of wealth per capita: the people, and, of: peoples, you can draw: perfectly: the pyramid:of the NWO of Satan, and therefore: you can discover, on its own, such as Saudi Arabia, has a place: much higher in the NWO, of: Israel, sorry: Benjamin Netanyahu, but, you: for Rothschild, and, for that sewer cover: the King of Saudi Arabia? you, Iran and Israel, you are already dead, here's why: an unthinkable alliance between the Israelis (who: distuggono: Masonic state of Israel, and Iran?) will shatter the New World Order and save the human race from world War! I am quite sure of this, God is really pissed, against all the Jews of the world: but, Rothschild obviously worked to achieve this they result, too!

@ Benjamin Netanyahu - e poiché: il NWO, è dal punto di vista: politico, quello che, il FMI è dal punto di vista monetario, allora, se tu hai una mappa della ricchezza: procapite: delle persone, e dei popoli, tu puoi disegnare: perfettamente: la piramide: di satana del NWO, e quindi: tu puoi scoprire, da solo, come l'Arabia Saudita, ha un posto: molto più elevato, nel NWO, di Israele, mi dispiace: Benjamin Netanyahu, ma, voi: per Rothschild: e per quel coperchio di fogna: del Re dell'Arabia Saudita? voi, Iran ed Israele, voi siete già morti, ecco perché: una impensabile alleanza, tra gli Israeliani(che: distuggono: lo stato massonico di Israele, e l'Iran?) manderà in frantumi il NWO: e salverà il genere umano dalla guerra mondiale!

@ Benjamin Netanyahu - the whole planet, is only one pyramid, namely: the 666, 322 NWO, that is, the new Tower of Babel, is a very fragile construction: from my point of view, for me. but, in reality, without, divine resources, you can not: fight it, with it: because, it is made ​​of demons. Since it is not possible, do not have relationships: with the IMF, and with: the stock market, or commercial, then, no one can say, "I am no part of the NWO", not even the IRAN, can say that! but, if, in a nation are: SpA, corporations, and then: there is also the Masons? then, even that nation: it was completely smitten! and how, Freemasonry is occult, too, on the inside, so, the NWO, is hidden on the inside, and feeds, nourishes, regenerates, in the, to do crushing, of lower levels, of this pyramid, which is the kingdom Satan .. that's why, I will dash: to hell all those who do not devote their lives to denounce the bank seigniorage

@ Benjamin Netanyahu - tutto il pianeta, è una sola piramide: cioè: il 666 322 NWO, cioè, la nuova Torre di Babele, è una costruzione molto fragile: dal mio punto di vista, per me. ma, in realtà, senza risorse divine, non è possibile: combatterla, affrontarla: perché, è fatta di demoni. Poiché, non è possibile, non avere relazioni: con il FMI, e con: il mercato azionario, o comemrciale, quindi, nessuno può dire: "io non faccio parte del NWO", neanche l'IRAN, può dire questo! ma, se in una nazione ci sono: le SpA, corporations, e quindi: c'è anche la massoneria? poi, anche quella nazione: è stata completamente conquistata! e come la massoneria è occulta anche al suo interno, cosi, il NWO, è occulto al suo interno, e si alimenta, nutre, rigenera, stritolando, i livelli più bassi di questa piramide, che è il regno di satana.. ecco perché, io farò precipitare: all'inferno tutti coloro, che, non consacrano la propria vita, a denunciare il signoraggio bancario

@ Benjamin Netanyahu - when in 1600: he founded the Bank of England, SpA, Rothschild: the Pied Piper, he started playing: his music of Death: above: all peoples, and since: he uses the Kabbalah, which, is satanic science, for: to spread the cobwebs on the Peoples, then, he can not say that: the Holocaust of the Nazis was a hiccup ... you see this: "187AUDIOHOSTEM" he is the true manager of youtube? he first was: "Synnek1" and, also: if, in the NWO, he is more powerful, of: politicians, actors, obliged, as wagons: to flow: established, on the rails of history and therefore, he is more powerful:of: Obama, since, is higher, to Obama, in PYRAMID MASONIC, of the NWO, however, he is a loser, that, in fact, I forced him, to do, erased by himself, his website, for shame, but this criminal: wrote on my page: of: uniusrei3, which, in his name have been deleted 1000.000 sites.

@ Benjamin Netanyahu -- quando nel 1600: fu fondata la Banca d'Inghilterra, SpA, Rothschild il pifferaio magico, ha incominciato a suonare: la sua musica di morte: sopra: tutti i popoli, e poiché: lui usa la Cabala, che, è scienza satanica: per stendere le ragnatele sui popoli, poi, lui non può dire: che: la shoah dei nazisti: è stato un incidente di percorso... tu vedi questo: "187AUDIOHOSTEM" lui è il vero gestore di youtube? lui prima era: "Synnek1", ed anche: se nel NWO, lui è più potente, dei politici attori, obbligati come vagoni: a scorrere: sulle prestabilite: rotaie della storia: e quindi, lui è più potente: di Obama, poiché, è più in alto di Obama, nella PIRAMIDE MASSONICA del NWO, tuttavia, lui è un perdente, che, infatti, io ho costretto lui, a fare chiudere, da lui stesso, il suo sito, per la vergogna, ma, questo criminale: ha scritto sulla mia pagina di uniusrei3, che, nel suo nome sono stati cancellati 1000.000 di siti.

05/23/2013 IRAN. IAEA reports "significant progress" in Iran's uranium enrichment programme In its quarterly report, the UN says Tehran has accelerated the installation of centrifuges at Natanz and is making further progress in the construction of a reactor at Arak. The West fears it could produce plutonium and enriched uranium, necessary for military purposes. -- ANSWER -- @ISRAEL THIS IS A, plot agenda, ONE :of the Pharisees: and: of its temporary allies: of the Arab League, if: you do not preventive: nuclear attack? thou shalt not exist: never more! although the ideal is for you to become allied with the Scythians

05/23/2013 NEPAL Catholics, Muslims and Hindus remember the attack on Kathmandu cathedral. Hundreds of people attended today's Mass in the Church of the Assumption. "Extremist threats do not scare us," clergyman says. "We shall pursue our mission even more." Muslims and Hindus express their solidarity. [criminal worldwide caliphate: of ARAB LEAGUE] 05/23/2013 AFGHANISTAN. Afghan university students protest against women's rights During yesterday's protest in Kabul, protesters called for the repeal of a decree that defines domestic violence as a crime, bans child and forced marriages and says that rape victims cannot be prosecuted for adultery. It also outlaws "ba'ad", the traditional practice of exchanging women or girls to settle disputes or pay debts.. [criminal worldwide caliphate: of ARAB LEAGUE]

05/23/2013 INDONESIA Mt Rokatendo's 2,000 Catholic refugees still in a critical situation. Lava flow forced islanders to abandon their homes in February. A medical team that visited them complains that they live in a situation of neglect and distress. The Central government and local authorities have failed to help the refugees. For a Jakarta doctor, eating twice a day is "a luxury" for them. 05/23/2013 SRI LANKA - INDIA Sri Lanka to build new homes for war refugees with Indian support. With the help of the Indian High Commission, the Sri Lankan government continues its three-year plan to re-house IDPs. The Indian High Commissioner and Sri Lanka's Economic Development Minister launch the project, "an unprecedented humanita

05/24/2013 09:59 VIETNAM. Vinh, four Catholic activists sentence reduced on appeal, but peaceful protest continues. Sentence confirmed for four other defendants. They are part of a group of 14 people in prison on charges of "subversion" against the state. Pro human rights NGOs speak of "scandalous" judgment. The judges state that "any request for pluralism is against the law." Hanoi (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The People's Court of Vinh, a town in the province of Nghe An, on the north coast of Vietnam, has reduced the sentences for four of the 14 activists - mostly Catholics - convicted in January on charges of "subversion" against the state. Eight of them appealed and, after several postponements, the trial was held yesterday.

@ youtube IMF 666 NWO - murderess: you did not have to change, the layout of my "lorenzojhwh", without, my consent, of course, you will be punished for it: how, for all your crimes, against, the whole human kind! [you're plotting against Israel] @ Youtube FMI 666 NWO - meurtrière: vous n'avez pas à changer la mise en page de mon "lorenzojhwh", sans mon consentement, bien sûr, vous serez puni pour cela: comment, pour tous vos crimes, contre, toute humaine genre! [vous comploter contre Israël] @youtube 666 NWO FMI -- assassino: tu non dovevi cambiare il layout del mio "lorenzojhwh", senza il mio consenso, certamente, tu sarai punito per questo: come, per tutti i tuoi crimini, contro, tutto il genere umano! [tu stai complottando contro Israele]

[you're plotting against Israel] @Rothschild 666 FMI-NWO: tu stai distruggendo la GRECIA e l'EUROPA: per fare: un favore alla Lega ARABA. Rothschild FMI-NWO @ 666: you're destroying GREECE, and, EUROPE: to do a favor to the Arab League. Rothschild FMI-NWO @ 666: vous détruisez la Grèce et, EUROPE: faire une faveur à la Ligue arabe. Rothschild FMI-NWO @ 666: que está destruyendo Grecia y, EUROPA: hacer un favor a la Liga Árabe. Rothschild FMI-NWO @ 666: Sie zerstören GRIECHENLAND, und EUROPA: um einen Gefallen zu tun, der Arabischen Liga. روتشيلد FMI-NWO @ 666: كنت تدمير اليونان، و، EUROPE: أن تفعل صالح لجامعة الدول العربية. Ротшильд FMI-NWO @ 666: Вы уничтожая Греции и, ЕВРОПА: сделать одолжение Лиги арабских государств. 羅斯柴爾德FMI-NWO@666:你摧毀希臘,歐洲:做一個有利於阿拉伯聯盟。

666 322 187AUDIOHOSTEM: CIA IMF FED, NWO, has posted a comment 12 months ago.: said: [You Are Under My Control] - ANSWER -.. --- idiot! oh, I'm so well under your control, that: you very soon become a skeleton for real. ANSWER -- oh, io sono così bene: sotto il tuo controllo, che: tu molto presto diventerai uno scheletro per davvero.

@ 666 IMF Rothhschild, 322, SpA, masonic system (for destroy Israel) Ltd. GMO: aliens abductions - I'm not tired, I'm not discouraged, I'm a happy man, all diseases: in my body: are gone, I'm a very nice man: that: all women: love me, like it because: a vital energy: lives in me and makes me look younger, while on the contrary? you are ugly! @666 FMI Rothhschild, 322 masonic system (for destroy Israel) SpA OGM: aliens abductions -- io non mi stanco, io non mi scoraggio, io sono un uomo felice, tutte le malattie nel mio corpo sono scomparse, io sono un uomo molto bello che piace alle donne, perché una energia vitale abita in me e fa me ringiovanire, mentre al contrario tu sei brutto

@ youtube 666 - I have a huge difficulty, in tracing, this page [/ theyearinreview / feed? filter = 1], please you can put, again, this link: on the youtube page? at contrary, I will focus on working, only, on my channel: the uniusrei3. but, in this way? our friendship will become even more fragile! @ Rothschild Pharisee 666 - I have noticed, like, all those that fight the NWO?. end up getting sick: and die, because: the New World Order is under the authority of Satan, occult powers: and demons, everything, that is the evil of the Pharisees of the IMF, that's why, I'm fine, ringiovanisco, and I'm getting better, because I'm an exorcist politician, political messiah of Israel .. so, I'll wear down to you until your death!

@ 666 Rothschild IMF ECB FED NWO UN NATO CIA, masonic system, for seigniorage banking: occult power - I am, indeed, a very happy man, all wickedness, that thou hast spread throughout the world? fails to give, to me, the sadness, not only because, I "see" the future of your carnage, but because, just myself: in my faith in a supernatural way, in fact: I ruin, the 'existence, of many criminals, all over the world! then, if, in your pyramid satanic occult power: the NWO, very, above: over all governments, under your all-seeing eye Dick Size of "Lucifer", there are: the Salafis and the Satanists, to which , You have given control of the world: to destroy: exterminate: Scythians, O Israel: and all the Christians, okay, all of this: it is not a problem for me because: I am always going to win, "this has been established: in the Kingdom of God, this is my faith, "in fact, I'm lorenzojhwh, lorenzoAllah, and the King of Israel, on the whole world: Unius REI

@666 Rothschild FMI NWO FED BCE ONU NATO CIA masonic system, for banking seigniorage: occult power -- io sono, veramente, un uomo molto felice, tutta la malvagità, che, tu hai diffuso nel mondo? non riesce a dare, a me, la tristezza, non soltanto, perché, io "vedo" il futuro: della vostra carneficina, ma, perché, proprio io stesso: nella mia fede: in modo soprannaturale, di fatto: io rovino l'esistenza di molti criminali: in tutto il mondo! poi, se, nella tua piramide satanica del potere occulto: del NWO, molto, al di sopra: di tutti i governi, sotto il tuo occhio onniveggente del cazzo: di "lucifero", ci sono: i salafiti ed i satanisti, a cui, tu hai dato il controllo del mondo: per distruggere: sterminare: sciti, Israele: e tutti i cristiani, ok, tutto questo: non è un problema per me, perché: sarò sempre io a vincere: "questo è stato stabilito: nel Regno di Dio, questa è la mia fede", infattio io sono lorenzojhwh, lorenzoAllah, ed il Re di Israele, sul mondo intero Unius REI

@youtube 666 -- io ho una enorme difficoltà a rintracciare questa pagina [/theyearinreview/feed?filter=1], per favore tu puoi mettere, nuovamente, questo link: sulla pagina di youtube? contrariamente, mi concentrerò a lavorare, unicamente, su un mio canale: di uniusrei3. ma, in questo modo? la nostra amicizia diventerà ancora più fragile! @Rothschild fariseo 666 -- io ho notato, come, tutti coloro, che, combattano il NWO?. finiscono per ammalarsi: e morire, perché: il NWO: è sotto la autorità di satana: di poteri occulti: e demoni, tutto quello che è il male dei farisei del FMI, ecco perché, io sto bene, ringiovanisco, e sto sempre meglio, perché, io sono un esorcista politico, il messia politico di Israele.. così, sarò io a logorare voi fino alla vostra morte!

SYRIA [criminal sharia, and, his worldwide caliphate:Bishops abducted by treachery from Saudi Arabia, when: trying to get their priests, for have paid the ransom ]. 05/23/2013. SYRIA - JORDAN. Jordan's Catholics march in silence for release of Syrian Orthodox bishops A candlelight vigil yesterday in Amman. Initiative was attended by hundreds of people. The march is a message of solidarity with the Patriarchate of Antioch of the Greek-Orthodox and the Syrian Orthodox Church. The kidnap of Msgr. Yohanna Ibrahim and Msgr. Boulos Yaziji afflicts not only Christians, but also secular society and Muslim. Amman (AsiaNews) - With a silent candlelight vigil bishops and leaders of Christian churches in Jordan and lay Catholics have condemned the kidnapping of Archbishop. Yohanna Ibrahim and Msgr. Boulos Yaziji, exactly one month ago and remembered Fr. Michel Kayyal (Armenian Catholic) and Fr. Maher Mahfouz (Greek-orthodox),

SYRIA [criminal sharia, and, his worldwide caliphate:Bishops abducted by treachery from Saudi Arabia, when: trying to get their priests, for have paid the ransom ]. the two priests kidnapped in February last. In a statement, the religious leaders affirm that "the permanence of the two prelates in the hands of their kidnappers is unacceptable not only because it is an attack on their lives, but especially for the shock and pain caused among the faithful under their care". For the representatives of the Jordanian Churches both prelates are "persons of high intellectual ability who love their country and who carry out their spiritual mission with a spirit of moderation." These two bishops did not limit themselves to the work within their diocese, but have also written books where believers and intellectuals have found spiritual nourishment and stimulus for thought.

SYRIA [criminal sharia, and, his worldwide caliphate:Bishops abducted by treachery from Saudi Arabia, when: trying to get their priests, for have paid the ransom ]. "Their permanence in the hands of their kidnappers - continues the statement - also halts the activity of two of the most important Christian Arab personalities of our time." For the bishops, the march is a message of solidarity with the Greek-orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch of the, represented by Patriarch Yohanna X Yazij, and the Syrian Orthodox Church, represented by Patriarch Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, expressed in the invitation to prayer for these two Sister Churches and for Churches worldwide not to cease in their advocacy and prayers for the release of the two bishops. (S.C.)

Code Pink's Medea Benjamin Interrupts Obama Speech. The Code Pink activist confronted the President on drones, Gitmo. by John Glaser, May 23, 2013. Media spoke up again when Obama failed to more fully address the killing of Abdulrahman Awlaki, the 16-year old son of suspected terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, in a 2011 drone strike in Yemen. What about him? Benjamin asked, as Obama paused to wait for her to be escorted out by security. "Can you tell the Muslims that their lives are as precious as our lives?". "Can you take the drones out of the hands of the CIA?Will you compensate the families of innocent victims you have killed?" "I love my country," she said. "I love the rule of law. The drones are making us less safe." --ANSWER -- the drones are a monstrosity, for international relations! Sharia law is to be abolished: all over the world because it is this that Rothschild wants to do through his World War.

187AUDIOHOSTEM has posted a comment 8 hours ago Report spam PSA: [I have a business proposition] - ANSWER - OK! prostate cancer: in Jesus's name! was established: now: all my enemies, all over the world, they're going to do: PSA stands for prostate-specific antigen. It is a protein produced by prostate cells. This article discusses: the blood test to measure: the amount of PSA in a man's Information: about the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test: that is used to help detect prostate cancer

NEW YORK, May 23 -'' America is not at war with Islam'': it was said the U.S. president, Barack Obama, emphasizing, as'' the real threat today is domestic terrorism.'' - ANSWER - Obama you're a disgrace! if it were true what, you say, the 50 Islamic nations, would not become: the Islamists, for the worldwide caliphate, they would not have imposed: the most absolute, criminal, and murderous religious intolerance! Boko Haram and all Islamists: it is in the name of Sharia law: that: they commit their massacres! Obama, with your worldwide caliphate? you are a Freemason criminal, a threat to all mankind! Obama you are a liar, traitor, since, Islamists would not say never, that Islam is a religion of peace! and all the massacres that occur every day? belie you, because you're the traitor

NEW YORK, 23 MAG - ''L'America non è in guerra con l'Islam'': lo ha detto il presidente Usa, Barack Obama, sottolineando, come ''oggi la vera minaccia è il terrorismo interno''. -- ANSWER -- Obama tu sei una vergogna! se, fosse vero quello, che, tu dici: le 50 nazioni islamiche, non sarebbero diventati: gli islamisti, del califfato mondiale, non avrebbero imposto: la più assoluta, criminale: ed assassina intolleranza religiosa! i Boko Haram: e tutti gli islamisti: è in nome della sharia: che: commettono i loro massacri! Obama, con il tuo califfato mondiale? tu sei un massone criminale, una minaccia per tutto il genere umano! Obama tu sei un traditore bugiardo, visto che, gli islamisti non direbbero mai, che, l'Islam è una religione di pace! e tutti i massacri che avvengono ogni giorno? smentiscono te, perché tu sei il traditore

[It is certainly a wise decision] NEW YORK, May 24 - Historical turning point in the U.S.: the openly gay guys can do the scouts. After years of debate, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have decided to lift their ban which has so far prevented openly homosexual who was part of it. A difficult decision, taken by about 1,400 delegates gathered in the National Congress of Grapevine, Texas. The reform also driven by Obama, maintains the ban: for gay adults who want to be the leaders of the organization. - ANSWER - who said, that: I'm homophobic? no true Christian can be racist! I am the enemy of the lie: and then: I am the enemy of homosexual ideology: why the perversion against: nature: it can not be raised: to be the symbol of God same, to give: gay marriage

[è certamente una saggia decisione] NEW YORK, 24 MAG - Storica svolta negli Usa: i ragazzi apertamente gay potranno fare gli scout. Dopo anni di dibattito, i Boy Scout d'America (BSA) hanno deciso di eliminare il bando che finora impediva a chi era apertamente omosessuale di farne parte. Una decisione difficile, presa dai circa 1.400 delegati riuniti nel Congresso nazionale di Grapevine, in Texas. La riforma, spinta anche da Obama, mantiene il divieto: per i gay adulti che volessero essere i leader dell'organizzazione. -- ANSWER -- chi ha detto: che: io sono omofobico? nessun vero cristiano: può essere razzista! io sono il nemico: della menzogna: e quindi: io sono il nemico della ideologia omosessualista: perché la perversione: contro: natura: non può essere elevata: ad essere il simbolo di Dio, per dare: ai gay il matrimonio

187AUDIOHOSTEM and his: mmf1396. Re:mmf1396: "eat my shorts" - ANSWER - of course, when, I say: we will kill, someone I move on the supernatural, only, [indeed, it is always born from sin death, and hell, all the death, and that desperation, that, as cries inside of you: already] because, I on a political level, I avoid in a radical way, all forms of violence: in fact, I'm so strong, that, I transform enemies into friends. this is my revenge! --ANSWER -- ovviamente, quando, io dico di uccidere qualcuno io mi muovo sul piano soprannaturale, soltanto, [infatti dal peccato nasce sempre la morte, e l'inferno, tutta quella morte, e quella disperazione, che, grida dentro di voi] perché, io sul piano politico, evito in modo radicale, ogni forma di violenza: infatti, io sono così, forte che trasformo i nemici in amici. questa è la mia vendetta!